How to Cut Sugar Cravings Without Losing Your Mind!


Ever tried to lose weight by doing something like cutting sugar out of your diet? How did that go? Chances are you probably quit very quickly because without that rush and satisfaction of eating something sweet, you felt like you would lose your mind! Nevertheless, if you want to reduce the health risks associated with… Read More »

What Does it Really Mean to Lose Water Weight And is it a Bad Thing?

Many reviews on diet plans often have people saying that “You’re only losing water weight” and that often “implies” that it’s a bad thing but what does it really mean? Well there is a substance in the body called “glycogen”. What this does is it holds carbs and when a person begins dieting, these are… Read More »

Grain Brain Review: Lose Weight by Nourishing The Mind.


Grain Brain is not just another diet plan which demonizes wheat and grains as being harmful and eliminating them to lose weight, but it also gives a lot of science to suggest that when you correctly feed the mind with proper foods, you will improve mental health and at the same time burn calories and this review… Read More »

Whole30 Review: It’s Not Actually a Diet, It’s Something More.


I’ll admit, originally I though the Whole30 wasn’t just a diet, but something that had to do with eating or not eating grains, yet after reading the book, it turned out this plan was something completely different and really more, it was a plan to help people get healthier. Well if it’s not a diet,… Read More »

The Day Off Diet Plan: How Much Weight Can You Lose?


The Day Off Diet Plan was created by Dr.Oz and brought to the public in early 2016. Today you will learn what you need to know about it and how much weight it can help you lose and if this plan has any flaws. How does the Day Off Diet Work? 6 days out of… Read More »