About me.

Hi there, welcome to my site on weight loss and wellness. You can call me Vitaliy (not Vitality :)). For over 11 years I have been been fascinated with dieting, health and wellness.

Since I was very young, I was exposed to a great deal of knowledge on health from my grandfather who was a doctor in physical health and therapy to my father who is a certified naturalist. My interest in this field peaked around the age of 18 when I was Kevin Trudeau’s book called “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”.

When that book first came out, it caused a huge stir in the health community and being a very naive young man at the time, I believed every single word I read there. If you have read that book and have heard about Kevin Trudeau’s troubles with the law, you may have a different opinion of him.

I became involved with dieting when I was 19 and wrote a book called Natural Enigmas which compiled everything I had learned about health with my many years in it. Most of the things I had learned is that there is no need to take pills or get surgeries for problems that are completely treatable naturally.

It is why I have created this website on how to lose weight right now. Dieting for me isn’t just about losing weight, it’s a way of life that can lead to so much promise and great benefits: Longer life, more flexibility, more adventure, more romance, more of everything.

Dieting doesn’t have to an ordeal. It doesn’t have to make you suffer. It can be a fun and great experience we look forward to because through the right kind of dieting, we can rise higher in life.

If you have any dieting questions you’d like to ask me or would like to share your personal knowledge on weight loss and health, please do so 🙂

4 thoughts on “About me.”

  1. I am very interested but have chrons disease – anything I must look out For?
    I am not really into meats, veggies with pits ext because of the arthiritis

    • Hi Trudie, chrons disease is something I do not know about. I do know there is a special diet for it, but you need to speak with a doctor to have a proper diet set for you.


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