Are There Any Real Dangers to Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

Although it carries a lot of health/weight loss benefits, apple cider vinegar does have certain “dangers” to it which you should know of before you try it. Having personally used it in the past and seen it from both the good & bad ends, I’m going to share with you the right ways to use it.


Firstly the dangers…

There are really 3 conditions under which you should be careful when using apple cider vinegar:

1. You have a sensitive stomach. This is really when apple cider vinegar is NOT recommended. It may give you heartburn or hurt your stomach. This can last for hours or days depending your stomach’s condition. 

2. If you have ANY doubts or health conditions for which vinegar (apple or anything else) may affect, consult with a doctor. It is not worth the risk.

3. Over usage. This is really the #1 danger I notice. A lot of people hearing about the benefits of apple cider vinegar rush to get it and then use in larger than recommended amounts. This is absolutely wrong and can lead to major problems if you’re not careful. Remember that apple cider vinegar is very acidic. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you consumed too much of it, drink plenty of water to help dilute the acidity.

If you have no conditions for which apple cider vinegar can negatively affect you and you’ve never tried it before, you should start from the recommended dosage. Usually bottles of apple cider vinegar (I prefer the ones with pulp as they maintain all of their nutrients) have directions of use, but as a rule of thumb, start with a teaspoon mixed with a cup of water, twice a day, before breakfast and anytime after that. If you drink apple cider vinegar during/after meals, it can help with digestion. 

Now that we’ve gotten the dangers out of the way, let’s analyze how you can positively use this product:

Weight loss:

Since this site is all about losing weight right now, you can certainly get off to a good start from using this product. As I mentioned earlier, drinking the recommended dosage with a cup of water is certainly a great place to start. Here are other ways. 

In general, one of the many benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it greatly helps with digestion as well as providing essential nutrients to help the body improve it’s metabolism, digestion and other related conditions. 

If you are too busy to go on a “traditional diet”, you can actually keep going about life and just add apple cider vinegar into your daily regiment and see a difference. Simply drinking apple cinder vinegar twice a day can help greatly. Although it is recommended to do more than just that, you can gradually see/feel results from just using apple cider vinegar and not doing anything else. 

How much weight you can lose varies on your current weight, size, what you’re currently eating/drinking, but in general results are across the board. Ideally you’d want to try and diet while adding in the product. One thing I’ve personally been doing is drinking apple cider vinegar (with a lot of water…) in combination with a high fat diet and I’ve been loving it. 

Health benefits:

There are many with apple cider vinegar:

  • Weight loss benefits.
  • Essential vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Greater energy/stamina.
  • Great for hair.
  • Excellent for skin usage (be careful with this one as you need to mix it first).
  • Helps detox/cleanse the body.
  • Great for digestion.
  • Burns fat.

Apple cider vinegar score: 

3.5 stars

3.5 stars out of 5. Great product. Many benefits, but follow the safety guidelines. 

apple cider vinegar score

My recommendation:

If you have no problems with using apple cider vinegar, I would strongly advise taking the most pure version of it where there is pulp. Generally “Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar” is the best one you can get. It’s fairly cheap and it’ll last you anywhere from 6 months to a year, granted that you’re following it according to directions.

As a substitute you can also use apple cider vinegar in drinks (not alcohol). I personally use with tea. It’s basically a substitute for lemon. Although it sounds disgusting, it actually tastes a lot like lemon and it’s easy to get used to.

For the most part, apple cider vinegar is something that most people shouldn’t have issues with. Again if you have ANY doubts/concerns, always consult with a doctor before trying. Then if you get the green light, start off by using it as directed on the bottle. 

If you’re aiming to get weight loss results from it, also use it as directed (For starters), then as you get used to it, you can increase the dosage, but make sure not to go overboard. Here’s an example:

If you have no issues taking apple cider vinegar twice a day, then you can increase it to 3 times a day. The third time can be added in during a meal, like dinner. Try to keep the amount of times you take apple cider vinegar to be spaced out between the day to avoid the body having to digest too much of it. 

Other than that, if you wish to use it for other aspects such as hair/health, also use it as directed. It carries many benefits, but the biggest danger is really overdoing it so make sure (if you’re certain it’s safe for you) to start with a regular dosage, then slowly increase it. If everything is done right, you should see results in multiple areas: Weight loss/health benefits. 

If you’re going to use apple cider vinegar for just dieting, it will work, but slowly and you will have to add in healthy eating and exercise to get better results. This isn’t a powerful tool for weight loss. It’s better for overall health, but if diet and weight loss is what you want, try these 10 fat burning cheats I’ve developed.

If you have ANY other questions regarding apple cider vinegar, ask away. And once again if the question is regarding, health, I would strongly recommend consulting a doctor just to be on the safe side.

7 thoughts on “Are There Any Real Dangers to Using Apple Cider Vinegar?”

  1. Is it true that apple cider viniger can reduce acid reflux? I been suffer from it for a long time. And been wonder if it can help that problem. Thanks

    • I have heard this as well Zep, I actually drink apple cider vinegar (with lots of water) daily so I can say I haven’t had a bad case of acid reflux, nor have I before I started that regiment. I would say you should try drink a teaspoon of it with water in a large cup of water and see how you feel. If it works, you can keep doing it, if not, drink more water.

  2. I’ve just started using acv. I would dilute about 1 tblsp with other water. I began to notice menstrual bleeding. Is this my body getting rid of toxins or am I in danger should I stop taking this?

  3. I’ve been on a micro biome diet for 5 days. I had such an upset stomach and bowel I had to come home from work. I’ve been in pain for 6 hours. I think it is the apple cider vinegar maybe my stomach and intestinal tract are a bit sensitive. Or should I keep going.

    • I don’t know about the diet you mentioned Tracey, but if this is the reaction, then you need to stop it immediately and focus on drinking more water.


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