Can Flaxseeds Help You Lose Weight or is This Just a Myth?

As someone who has experimented with eating flaxseeds for many years, I can tell you that it can absolutely help you lose weight. The only thing that you really need to identify is what method you’re going to use since different methods bring about different results. Some more. Some less.

I do want to say that when I use flaxseeds, the ultimate goal isn’t weight loss even though it does happen. My main reasons for using flaxseeds have been to provide myself with proper nutrition, particularly vitamin E to help my hair grow better. I’ve also used them after eating any kind of meal, big or small to help it digest better. 

Speaking from personal experience, it really helps. There’s less bloating, constipation and overall I don’t feel as “weighted down” after a big meal.

There are many different ways you can use flaxseeds, whether it be for weight loss or whatever other reason, but I want to stick to one particular method which is just eating them on their own. No sprinkling them onto salads or other types of foods, just the plain old way and there’s 4 ways I do this. 


4 different ways I have used flaxseeds:

I’ll start with the first and least effective one which is eating them in their complete seed form. You can start off by eating a teaspoon or tablespoon of it everyday, usually after or during a big meal.

Even though it provides the least results (because it doesn’t digest as well when it’s in it’s seed form), there’s still some decent results you can get from it. I wanted to add this option because some people in spite of the better methods still prefer this one because to them it tastes better.

The second method involves grounding the seeds. You can really do this one of 2 ways:

You can either buy grounded flaxseeds which are available in most health food stores or you can buy the seeds in their complete form and ground them on your own.

I prefer the second option because when seeds are freshly grounded, they retain more of their nutritional benefits, but you have to eat them right away after you ground them. I find this method provides much more benefits and results than the first option.

The third option involves buying flaxseed oil. It has to be kept refrigerated and it’s taste is an acquired one. Though it may not taste good for a lot of people, I believe this one contains the best benefits out of all 4 options because it is in it’s purest form and the oil itself is the easiest for the body to digest, thus making it easier to absorb all of it’s benefits. Flaxseed oil may provide the best benefits, but it is also the most expensive. You’re looking at around $20-$30 a bottle which may last you about a month.

The fourth and last option I use is taking fresh flaxseeds, pouring boiling water over them and letting them absorb the water. This causes a oily like substance to come out and while it too is an acquired taste (feels like oatmeal), I find this too provides great benefits and is probably the cheapest of all 4 alternatives. 

Now remember, these are just 4 of my personal options and there’s many more, but if you want to choose which one works best for you, I’d say stick to 2-4. Try out each of these options after a meal and see how you feel. The one which makes you feel the best is the one you should use. 

As for how often you should use this, I personally stick to eating a teapsoon or two after every single meal. This is really beyond normal limits, but it works for me. 

Combine this with a diet or go without it? 

If you’re currently on a diet plan, adding the flaxseed element can certainly help improve your results. When I did a master cleanse, what helped me get through it was eating flaxseeds. 

If you’re not on a diet, they can still help with your digestive system. I would add them into your everyday routine. It’s not hard to prepare them and it doesn’t take long either.

Do flaxseeds have side effects?

The benefits flaxseeds bring can also be interpreted as side effects. For example, improving your digestive system which flaxseeds do can cause you to go to the bathroom more often so a side effect may be diarrhea. And more need to go to the bathroom may make you feel more bloated, even though in my experience, it’s the opposite.

I will have to be honest though, with all the “Side effects” I’ve read about with flaxseeds, I have never experienced them in my personal life. The “worst” thing that can happen in my opinion is you will go to the bathroom more often and that is good since you’ll get rid of more waste in your body, help it function better and lose weight.

There are many studies showing that we have undigested foods in our body and bowel movements for many people aren’t nearly as often as they should be. If this is the case, then flaxseeds should be added into the diet to help regulate that balance.

How much weight can you lose with flaxseeds?

That would depend on what you’re doing while eating flaxseeds. I’ve lost close to 5 pounds in 1 week by just adding them into my diet. At the time I was in my early 20’s and I would say those results came about not just because of the flaxseeds, but also because of fast metabolism which flaxseeds will also indirectly help with.

Can more weight be lost? I’m absolutely certain of it and how much will depend on if you’re dieting, exercising or doing both. One thing I am certain of is that flaxseeds greatly help you in many health areas which will lead indirectly to weight loss happening.

While looking for this product, you may also find golden flaxseeds as well. From what I understand, they hold the same properties as regular flaxseeds (brown).

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