Can The 2 Week Diet Help You Melt Away 16 Pounds of Fat? Here’s The Evidence it Can.

There’s a lot of diet plans that like to make crazy weight loss claims, but once you really “dig” into them, you find out that there’s some insane regiment involved that if you do, you will lose weight, but at the same time, it’s just a quick fix and you’re destined to gain all that weight back. I don’t like those plans and I doubt you do too…

And that’s really how I felt when I first heard about the 2 week diet. But that was before I actually had a chance to read the book and fully understand it.

Now 16 pounds of weight loss in just 14 days is quite a crazy number to aim for, but there’s a few reasons I am sticking to recommending this diet:

1) It actually does work. I’ll be honest though, 16 pounds CAN happen with this plan, but it’s more like 10+ if you follow the steps. 

2) I’ve tried parts of this diet in my own personal life and dropped nearly 10 pounds in 14 days so I know what it recommends does work.

3) This weight loss plan is actually an update or “evolution” to a previous plan that lasted 3 weeks so you can consider this version shorter and just as good. 

4) This isn’t a crazy plan nor is it’s formula for weight loss. In fact, doing it is very realistic, as is finishing it and then living a life where you don’t gain the weight back. In short, this plan is both a short and LONG term fix.

5) A realistic and optional workout plan is included here which is easy enough for just about anyone. It will only help you drop more pounds.


But anyway, let me fully explain how this plan works and let you decide:

So the 2 week diet (14 days) as I said is based of another, longer version of it which was 21 days. I very much liked that latter plan because it was very realistic and the creator of it, Brian Flatt is a guy who knows how to help people drop the pounds and keep them off.  He is himself, a fitness expert.

But when this updated version came out, I found that the same principals Brian used in the 21 day version were also here, just that they were a tad more condensed and I liked it more because I would rather do this type of plan for 14 days, than 21 and I’m sure you’d agree.

But anyway, that’s the history and here are details on HOW this plan works:

There are 4 “mini” diet phases that make up this plan and here’s why it’s genius:

Each of these “mini” phases lasts anywhere from 1 day to several, but the idea is that each plan it itself a proven way to lose weight already, but what happens is when you switch from one phase to another, you disallow your body to become used to a particular way of eating and by doing so, you keep the weight loss effect going.

Think about any weight loss plan you’ve done in the past. I can speak for myself and have seen that the longer you are on a specific plan, the less effect it has.

This is one of the reasons most diets are popular in the beginning, because their effect is most powerful then, but as you go further along, the effect is lost. And that’s really because the body adjusts itself and re-adjusts it’s metabolism. When it does that, the effect lessens more and more and eventually you may hit a “plateau”.

The bottom line is there’s no slow down with this plan, the weight keeps coming off:

With this plan, there simply isn’t enough time for the body to get used to adjusting the metabolism, it’s always kept in high gear because you keep switching to a different mini plan every few days.

By doing so, the weight loss effects keeps on going and naturally, you lose more pounds. This is why in MOST cases, you can absolutely drop 10 pounds with this and possibly even reach the 16 pound goal in just 14 days.

So what are these mini phases and how do they work?

The first phase is 5 days long and it’s just you eating in a low carb style, meaning mainly vegetables and protein rich foods. Here’s a sample list from the book:

The second phase is a simple 1 day fast, also known as “intermittent fasting”. You don’t eat for 24 hours to keep the weight loss effect going. It’s not a difficult task. If you have medical issues, obviously speak with a doctor.

Then the third phase is honestly my favorite, though most controversial. It is 2 days long and you eat high fat foods.

Now when I say high fat foods, I’m not talking fast foods, I’m talking about HEALTHY fats, the ones which IN FACT speed up metabolism and help you drop weight, the ones which come from fish, avocados, eggs, and other foods that are healthy for you.

Remember when I said that I dropped around 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Well it was because I tested out this way of eating and sure enough, it worked. There’s plenty of case studies of people dieting this way to show that high fat dieting really does work.

Not only does it help you lose weight, but it’s also healthy for your overall health in that it helps the skin, regeneration of cells and much more. The only unfortunate thing I’d say is that inside the 2 week diet, this phase of the plan is only 2 days long.

I wish it was longer so people can understand it’s power and stop being scared of the word “fat”. There’s good fats and bad fats and what you eat in phase 3 are good fats, period. But anyway, onto the final phase:

The final phase is 5 days long and it is the easiest of them all because you literally can cheat it by eating whatever you want. The only real key to sustain your weight loss and keep it going is to eat under your daily caloric limit which in the book is known as BMR.

Let me use my example: My daily BMR is a little over 2,000 calories. This means if I eat UNDER 2,000 calories a day, I will have a caloric deficit and this deficit will just lead to more weight loss. And you will find your specific BMR inside the book.

Furthermore, any daily calorie deficit is made up by the body burning existing fat in itself so that’s another way you can look at this. While you do get to eat what you want, ideally you will want to regulate it so it’s under the BMR to lose weight. I honestly don’t even look at the final phase as a restrictive plan at all because you still eat what you love, just less of it.

So there’s the formula for dropping up to 16 pounds in 14 days.

After reading and trying out aspects of this plan, especially phase 3, I’ve reconsidered the 2 week diet and now hail it as being the best one I’ve seen and recommend it HIGHLY to everyone and there’s dozens of plans I’ve read through. This plan is without a doubt the most diverse and effective (and flexible).

The people who are more likely to drop the 16 pounds are the ones who need to lose a lot of weight, while those who need to drop 10 or less will proportionally lose less, but overall, Brian’s plan is almost full proof and that’s because each phase it itself a proven way to drop pounds. 

But because they are mixed and used in mini phases that you switch to every few days, like I said, it keeps the metabolism spiked and going high. 

If you want to get the book, it’s here.

Once you finish the plan, Brian recommends continuing to follow the BMR rule I pointed to in the last phase and as long as you eat under it, you will not gain the weight back. Should a scenario happen where you start to gain weight, simply redo any of the phases on their own, or the diet as a whole and you’ll be back to your target weight. 

I personally enjoy eating the high fat way. I don’t limit myself to the foods I eat from those that are categorized as high fat and I am always full and never gaining a pound from that. You can certainly do this too, or just adhere to the BMR rule, it’s up to you.

If you try this plan, do let me know how much you’ve dropped and if there’s any questions. I love this plan for it’s versatility and results and I’m certain you will too.



12 thoughts on “Can The 2 Week Diet Help You Melt Away 16 Pounds of Fat? Here’s The Evidence it Can.”

  1. Hello, I bought the book back in 2017, it helped me a lot with my weight, now I tried to use it again, the link they send on my email at that time and it is not working, I tried emailing back and the email address says is no longer available. is anyone else having this issue? if some one still has access to it, can they send it to me please !!!

    • Hi Mayra, if you can visit the main website for the 2 week diet, there should be a support page with an email. Contact them there. If you can’t I would contact Clickbank, the main vendor of the 2 week diet and explain the situation.

  2. I have been fighting my weight most of my life so I have tried a lot of things. I tried one of those 7 lbs in 7 days. I didn’t get the expected results. But from everything I have learned this just might work. I think I am going to try it especially since it has a money back guarantee. Thanks for this important information. Our weight affects so much of our health. Lulu

    • Yes I think this diet will be good for you. Depending on your age, I would talk to a doctor about the 1 day fast part, other than that, I think you’ll be fine.

  3. Time passes very fast. I say 14 days should be pretty easy to go with. There is only 1 day of fasting. After which, healthy high-fat food is the reward. Well, am sure this weight loss program will work wonders. Now, I will head on to their site.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • High fat eating is actually quite nourishing as I personally found out Sharon. I still make sure a huge chunk of my daily food comes from high fat. I’ve never gained a pound from it, this approach to dieting does work.

  4. Healthy fats are where its at! I’ve lowered my carb intake and bumped up my healthy fat intake and have lost about 10 pounds without even trying.

    What is the best way to figure out your BMR? Can I just use a simple calculator online or do I need to go to a Dr. for that?

    • Glad to hear you also agree with me on how awesome high fat dieting really is Katie! As for BMR, you can calculate it with an online calculator, although in the 2 week diet book, Brian has his own formula which I would cross reference with just in case.

  5. Cool post. I am wondering, do you know if you lose fat or just water weight on this diet? Would this be an appropriate diet plan to follow if you’re an athlete looking to gain some extra muscle? What are your recommendations in terms of who should & shouldn’t be following this plan?

    • You will lose fat, not water weight because in at least 2 of the phases, one being the low carb and the other being the healthy fat phase, you are not feeding any actual fat in your body, those 2 phases actually burn that away.

      For extra muscle, you should utilize those 2 particular phases in accordance with a strength training regiment that involves lifting and/or other means of muscle building, they will act perfectly to help your muscles grow. 

      In terms of who I would advise it for: Anyone who needs to lose weight. In fact, ANY phase on it’s own will help in that regard. Put together, like the 2 week diet makes it, it just works much better.

      And for anyone who I wouldn’t recommend it for: I suppose anyone with medical conditions that prevent them from going on any particular diet regiment. This is why if you have any doubts or medical conditions, always talk to a doctor or nutritionist just in case.


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