Lose 7 Pounds Every 7 Day While Cheating? How It Can be Done Using This Natural Diet Called EODD.


Cheating sounds so cheap and it’s really a bad thing in most subjects, but in dieting, there are ways to cheat and lose weight that actually won’t come back. 

I’m not talking about fat burners, diet pills or those starvation diets. Those things are more dangerous than they are healthy. I’m talking about something completely natural and it’s called the EODD diet.

EODD means every other day diet and that’s exactly what you’re doing with this plan. Eating in a specific way one day and completely cheating the next. That means that yes, on cheat days you’re going to be allowed to eat fast foods, cakes, cookies, whatever you can imagine. 


So many ways to do it, but one way works better than the rest:

There are many different versions of the EODD, but the one created by Jon Benson in my opinion holds the most benefits because it provides not just a great way to do this plan, but also offers other resources for all your needs (Fast fat loss, an exercise plan and more). 

About 3 years ago, I decided to check out Jon Benson’s EODD plan and I will have to say, if I were to list my top 3 favorite diets in terms of effect, short/long term results and flexibility, this would easily be in the top 3, if not #1. Just to answer the most immediate questions you may have:

Can you drop 7 pounds every 7 days? Yes.

Is it an easy diet? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being effortless and 10 being impossible, I’d give this a 2-3 which is very easy.

Is the workout optional? Yes, but if you do it in combination with the diet, you will get better results (there’s also a another fat loss guide).

EODD really is as simple as it sounds:EODDbook

This is one of those diets where you don’t have to play any guessing games. It works just as it says: You diet every other day and eat what you want in between.

There is a system to it and this is where the actual plan becomes important. The basis of the diet itself is divided into 2 parts: Burn and feed days.

On burn days, you eat less calories in total and focus on eating foods from what’s known as the “SNAPP” meal plan. This stands for: Shake, nuts, apples, protein and produce. You get meal plans for burn days with EODD.

Feed days are going to be the very next day where you get to “cheat” by eating anything you want. Typically the idea is to eat no more than twice the caloric amount you had overall on burn days so if you eat about 1,500 calories on burn days, you’d want to keep it to 3,000 and under for feed days.

See official EODD site.

3 reason this diet plan is genius:

1. Eating this way actually makes you eat less calories overall. Consider a person who consumes about 4,000 calories a day. In a week, this would equal to 28,000 calories. As soon as they start implementing the EODD approach, on burn days, they would consume about 2,000 calories which means if they were doing this 3 times a week, they would now be eating 9,000 calories less for a total of 21,000 calories weekly and if they were doing this 4 times a week, that would be 12,000 calories taken out with a total of 18,000 calories consumed weekly.

This means by eating less calories, you’re going to be experiencing weight loss right off the bat and while it may be difficult to do at first, understand that this is only every other day which makes it much easier to deal with rather than going on multi-month diets.

2. You’re eating healthy on burn days and already preparing your body for long term results. Healthy eating is one of the most obvious ways to get results and this is what you’ll be doing (part time basically).

3. This way of eating is called interval eating and it only adds to your weight loss. 

You’re hitting fat from 3 angles and losing weight because:

  • There’s less caloric intake OVERALL.
  • There’s healthy eating every other day.
  • You’re interval eating.

All 3 methods attack the weight and help you lose it quickly. This and other details are mentioned in the EODD ebook which is 119 pages long. It’s a great read.

Optional, yet powerful additions to the EODD program:

These are OPTIONAL, but in combination with this book, there are also a few other ebooks you get. I only  focused on one in particular which was called: The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint.

The title alone is what struck me especially when it said you could lose 21-30 pounds in 21 days. The idea behind it is that it combines some elements of EODD, but adds a little bit of fasting with a very strict workout schedule.

On the food end of things, you’re supposed to eat a combination of very healthy foods and take supplements that Jon recommends. These are natural. Things such as fish oil, liquid L-carnitine and a few others. As for the foods eggs, chick, tofu, vegetables, lemons with water, and other types of foods are listed, all of which help with fart burn.

The supplements are meant to sustain you while you do intermittent eating/fasting which is a part of this diet. They are meant to help you maintain energy during your workouts. 

It is very important to understand that this side of the diet is optional and not something to be done over and over again, at least not consecutively. Jon Benson says this is a fast approach to losing weight which shouldn’t be done more than 3-4 times a year. The EODD diet itself can be used for that, but not the Radical Fat Loss Blueprint.

Learn about EODD & the Radical Fat Loss Blueprint.


  • Pretty flexible and easy diet.
  • There are fast weight loss results from it and also long term.
  • You can do this diet until you reach your target weight and even keep going after.
  • You can eat what you like every other day (yes anything).
  • No complex supplements 
  • No need for expensive meal plans. Just use regular foods you’re already eating.
  • Working out is optional.


  • In terms of typical diet problems, this one doesn’t have any of them.

Every Other Day Diet Score:

5 stars

5 out of 5 stars. I don’t know about perfect, but this is a diet most if not all people will like and it delivers great, fast results. There’s nothing traditional about it either which makes it that much better. See official site.


Conclusions on EODD:

I’ve rated EODD #1 because it suits pretty much everyone, but specifically the general public which wants fast, healthy results, but don’t have the time to try long diets. I doubt you’ll find a faster more flexible diet than this one. 

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  1. Really fascinated by the possibilities of the EODD. Losing a pound a week is very appealing. I like that on this diet, I can ‘burn then feed’. I already am considering changing the language to “fast and Reward’.
    I don’t have a particular weight problem, but the EODD could be used to help shed a few pounds, and for occasional maintenance.
    Excellent information on a topic that everyone wants to know techniques that work!


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