Day 5 of Master Cleanse: End. 14 Pounds Lost!

mastercleanseendThe cleanse comes to an end today and I’ve got to say, my initial predictions of 4 pounds lost by day 3 was highly under par! I just weighed myself today. Originally I was 180-183 and the scale showed me 2 indications: 169.8 and 168.3. That’s anywhere from 13-14 pounds gone.

What’s even more amazing is that these pounds aren’t water weight. They are actually pure fat that I’ve lost in the mid section. My stomach is much less noticeable. My fat around my waist has also lessened. When I first started the cleanse, I said weight loss wasn’t my biggest goal, it was to lose fat around the waist, and in the end I got both. 

I just finished eating my first light meal after the cleanse. Prior to doing so, when I woke up, I drank my last 2 liters of salt water. I decided not to continue drinking the lemon mix because I didn’t know how it would mix with the food/drinks I’ve had later. Plus coming off the cleanse, it’s better to not do anything (other than drink water) before you get back into eating. 

My first meal consisted of a bowl of oatmeal with a teaspoon of coconut oil (a little bit of sugar too), about 5 tablespoons of flaxseeds mixed with hot water and a hot cup of tea with raw honey and an organic lemon. I’d say I consumed about 400 calories for my first meal back. I ate the flaxseeds to help with digestion which is what they’re known to do.

I obviously want to maintain the results I’ve gotten up till now and flaxseeds and healthy eating will do that. Next week I resume my training (martial arts) and I know that with this cleanse, I’ve made it much easier to get toned faster and get six pack abs. 

I also want to note that when I started eating, my appetite wasn’t even that big. I could have honestly gone without it and continued the cleanse, but because I have a restaurant get together tomorrow, I decided to warm up for it today.

Coming of the cleanse is very important. You can’t just start to stuff yourself. You need to ease back into it. What I did is acceptable, but most places/people recommend only drinking juice on the first day off the cleanse or at the very least a light salad or oatmeal, then the next day something similar, but in slightly larger potions and on day 3 or 4, you can begin to eat the same old way again.

Now that this cleanse is done and I’ve experienced 5 days on it, I wouldn’t mind doing it again for the whole 10 days next time when I get a chance. I hope the opportunity will come up this year as cleanses should be done once a season or at least once a year based on certain resources I’ve read. That is if you’re healthy enough to do it.

If you have been reading my blog entries for the past 5 days and also want to do the master cleanse and are healthy enough to do it, I know it will be of great benefits to you. I mean just look at me. I wasn’t even aiming to lose weight and I dropped 14 pounds rather easily. No hardcore workouts. And even though I was fasting, I didn’t feel all that hungry after day 3 so it’s an extra thing to keep in mind.

Imagine what a master cleanse can do for people who are 10, 20, 30, 50 or even a 100 pounds overweight? Do it right and you can put yourself on the road to a healthy life.

While I wouldn’t mind eating a big mac right about now, my cravings are pushing me more towards healthy foods like grilled salmon, salad. At this point, anything that is fried seems disgusting to me and as I’ve said in previous entries, a master cleanse rids you of cravings for unhealthy foods which pushes you even more so towards a healthy lifestyle.

That’s one of the biggest benefits of a master cleanse. It’s not a yo-yo diet because after the cleanse, you basically want to live and eat healthy. Your body craves it! 

Before you decide to do a cleanse, I recommend reading a full post on it as it will help prepare you for it. Also if you haven’t read my previous blog entries, I know they’ll also help you throughout your experience. Remember, the first 2-3 days are the most difficult, then it gets pretty easy! Thank you for reading about my master cleanse experience!

2 thoughts on “Day 5 of Master Cleanse: End. 14 Pounds Lost!”

  1. Thanks for your story, today is my first day of the MCD. I have done it a couple of times before the first time I lasted days and lost 10 pounds…the second time I able to do it for 5 days and lost 15 pounds. My goal this time is 10 days and if I feel good I want to keep going to 15 days. I am getting married in June of this year so I have a little over a month to lose 20+ pounds.

    • Hi Vania, it’s great to hear you’ve done the cleanse a few times and had results, but are you making sure to eat healthy post cleanse? It’s not healthy to go back to a bad eating lifestyle and expect the cleanse to be the solution each time. It is more important to eat healthy and live healthy to make the cleanse unnecessary.


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