Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Really Work? A Real Review.


Let me start this review by saying a few very important things:

1) I’ve purchased and read the Lean Belly Breakthrough eBook twice to get a comprehensive understanding of the program.

2) I will give you an inside look into this program. Most of the reviews I’ve seen on it are not thorough. This one will be.

3) I will explain exactly what this “mystery” 2 minute ritual is that it pitched on their page and if it’s truly real.

Now that I’ve gotten those 3 things out of the way, let me say that I very much enjoyed reading this eBook.

Just when I though I could not be surprised by any new diet plan, this eBook really made me rethink a lot of the current lifestyles I live and I will share the things this program showed me.


-It’s a pretty simple plan to follow. Just eat certain foods, avoid others and try to implement certain “rituals” I’ll talk about in a moment.

-You can absolutely lose a lot of weight through this plan. Several pounds of fat a week may very well happen depending on how well you follow through with the plan.

-Very thought provoking plan in the sense that it really drives home the idea of how important it is to get rid of fat and improve your lifestyle.

-Bruce, the author of this plan gives some interesting insight as to why people who look and feel healthy may still be at risk of serious diseases (and how to stop them from happening).


-You may have to read through certain parts a few times. In my case, I had to re-read the section where he explains which blood tests you can take to see if you’re at risk of major diseases (they are not common tests).

Getting to know the plan: What is the Lean Belly Breakthrough? 

It is a diet plan which lasts anywhere from 14 days and up (depending on your weight loss goal) in which you basically eat certain (yes) foods, exclude certain (no) foods, do particular exercises daily (takes 2 minutes) and focus on overall mental health such as reducing stress and medication, as this actually increases fat in the body.

These 3 main goals are what make up this diet, attack your belly fat, help you drop several pounds of it weekly and live a healthier lifestyle.

The author of the eBook, Bruce Krahn shares some personal details about how he overcame a serious health condition, which only 1 doctor was able to correctly diagnose, that ultimately led him to create the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

Bruce explains in his eBook how belly fat is one of the many indicators of more serious conditions such as heart disease and heart attack and how modern day blood tests simply cannot determine these risks. He also explains which exact symptoms to look for as well as which particular tests to take to see if you’re at risk. This part of the eBook was what I found to be most interesting.

In addition he also includes a list of health issues for you to check out to determine your risk for health conditions that he lists. The more of them you check out, the more you’ll likely need to change up your eating and lifestyle habits to ensure those issues don’t happen. I was surprised to know that things such as hair loss, muscle loss, pain and other factors (including obvious ones like increased blood pressure) are all potential indicators of health issues!

Overall, the point of the diet isn’t just to eliminate fat, it is also to reduce and frankly, eliminate your chance of getting heart disease, stroke and heart attacks via following his plan. 

The 2 minute ritual explained:

So you may have heard about this 2 minute ritual and wondered what it was. Allow me to explain:

The Lean Belly Breakthrough as I explained combines an eating plan with exercise and mental well being to help you lose weight fast, but those 3 things are actually broken down into 10 different “rituals” you should be doing daily.

These 10 different rituals, each take about 2 minutes to complete. They aren’t difficult to do at all, and when combined have a drastic effect on ridding you of your stomach fat and improving your health.

Following these rituals not only helps you drop a lot of weight, but consequently also reduces the risk of the major disease I listed above. 

Here are 5 of the 10 rituals as an example:

1) Eating 3 meals a day within 8-10 hours. The science here is that the remainder of time, your body is left with a calorie deficit and is burning fat as a result and most of that time will be while you’re sleeping, so it’s not hard.

2) Getting better sleep (you are shown how to improve it and which supplements to take if you have sleeping issues). Sleep affects stress. Stress affects your weight.

3) 5 mobility and fat burning exercises, which take 2 minutes to do (you can pick out which of the 5 you like most). These improve metabolism drastically. 

4) Eating within a certain caloric limit (you are given a chart with your weight and how many calories to consume). Being that I weigh 175, I saw that I should consume no more than 1,800 calories per day.

5) Eating from the list of approved (yes) foods to improve energy, metabolism, stamina, reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

And there’s 5 other rituals. While it sounds like a lot, like I said before, those things are easy to do, you just have to adjust to it.

Getting to the heart of the diet (A sample list of yes & no foods):

So as I said earlier, in this diet plan, you are actually making up your own meal plans. Bruce doesn’t believe everyone is the same, that they have different tastes and preferences and thus provides a large list of good foods you can eat according to the allowed number of calories you can eat a day.

Now the list I am providing is short and there are more in the official eBook, but this will give you ideas on what you’ll be eating should you decide to follow the plan.

Yes foods: 

On the protein end: Duck, eggs, different types of fish (a list is provided), chicken, quail, sirloin, bison, ect…

On the carb end: Spinach, cabbage, onions, carrots, green beans, kale, turnip, ect…

On the starchy end: Quinoa, rye, brown rice, buckwheat, ect…

On the healthy fat end: Avocados, walnuts, olives, fish oil, coconut oil, flaxseeds, ect…

No foods: 

Hot dogs, refined meats, refined drinks (sodas), white breads and baked goods in general, cereals, cookies, packaged foods in general, processed cheese, fast foods, none organic dairy, ect…

As someone who has tried various different diet plans, I can tell you that these yes and no foods fit very accordingly to a proper eating plan that will result in making you lose a lot of weight and improve your health.

Extra eBooks that come with the Lean Belly Breakthrough that I loved:

So if you get the regular eBook, it actually comes with bonus health eBooks. Here they are:

Libido boosting foods.

There’s only 3 pages, but it has 5 major foods you should eat for increased libido: Dark chocolate, beets, pomegranate, watermelon and walnuts. 

Body fat hormone:

An 8 page eBook which links fat gain with a hormone unbalance and what foods to eat to balance it out. Hormone imbalance can cause stress and as you know that can cause weight gain.

Emergency fat loss:

My favorite out of all the bonus. It’s 8 pages long and provides a list of recipes and specific meal plans to eat in order to get even GREATER fat loss results. Some of them include shakes you take in the morning to increase metabolism and thus speed up the results of losing stomach weight.

Now these 3 bonuses are not part of the main plan, but rather optional supplements you can add to it if you wish. You can also elect to do one of them instead of the main plan, but the main plan will be the one to give you the best results. 

There’s several other bonuses offered, but those 3 eBooks were the ones which interested me most. Here is the whole package:

Lean Belly Breakthrough Score:

4.5 out of 5 stars

The conclusion on Lean Belly Breakthrough:

On the diet end, it’s fantastic. On the healthy, long term end, it’s actually even better. I learned a lot and recommend this plan not just for the way it’ll help you drop a lot of weight, but also the unorthodox health tips it provides to help you avoid serious health problems in life. I will personally be implementing many of them. 

Having read through it twice, if you have any questions on this diet plan, the rituals, ect…, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Really Work? A Real Review.”

  1. Greetings Vitaliy! Sounds like you are really excited about this plan. It is awesome to put together a system that combines some principles of food combining, intermittent fasting and interval training. I am sure many people are going to find this quite helpful. I have always believed that losing weight and staying in shape is a combination of many factors, similar to what this plan suggests. Good Luck! Thanks!

    • You’re right Jackie and I would say this plan is more than complete in that sense because it talks about unorthodox reasons why people suffer from serious conditions when they look healthy. This explanation of why these “anomalies” happen is one of the reasons I recommended this diet.

  2. I thought I had heard of all the diets based on intermittent fasting, but I hadn’t heard about this one yet. The eating window of eight hours is a basic intermittent fasting strategy, but it sounds like this plan gives a lot of additional guidelines to maximize the health benefits. I think that’s an excellent idea for anyone trying to lose weight! So many people use intermittent fasting as an excuse to binge eat or consume a lot of junk food. It’s still so important to eat healthy foods and watch your calories! I may read this ebook, so thanks for sharing.

    • No problem Theresa! Excellent point on people using intermittent fasting as a back door to cheat and eat unhealthy foods!


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