How Did Rob Gronkowski Lose Weight? His Approach Explained.

Rob Gronkowski did an impressive job losing weight, so much so that we decided to explore the method/plan he used. And that is what we’ll be going over today.

Here you have a guy that is huge and is faced with serious health problems without making some major changes and changes he did make!

Let’s get started and see what this is all about!

On March 29th, 2019, Rob Gronkowski tweeted that he was done playing football and would be retiring from the New England Patriots, a team he had played for his whole career after being drafted by them with the teams 42nd pick of the 2010 NFL draft.

He is a champion three times over in the Superbowl and has been to five pro bowls as a tight end.

To say he was the best at what he did would not be an exaggeration by any means as The Gronk (his nickname) was a very driven football player.

Well, this has bled over into his after football life as he has done some amazing things since his retirement as far as weight loss and making the transition from full-time football player to full-time retirement from the game.


Major Changes

The Gronk of old was at a playing weight of roughly 270 pounds and easy one of it not the most dominant tight end in football sand his lifestyle was a bit on the fun side as he would revel at hosting booze cruises and the likes but that has all changed since his retirement.

Rob has dropped down to a slim looking 245 pounds and is shedding what he calls the “crap weight” he needed to carry when being an active football player.

He is now starting to look ripped and his entire career he always wondered why even though he was exercising and working out daily he never had that ripped look.

Well, he does now and how he did it is a classic story!

After the Superbowl win…

When Rob woke up after his last Superbowl win he was in severe pain to the point of tears and he just could not take any more abuse that the game of football delivered on a daily basis.

He was swollen and in so much pain it took over 3 weeks to be able to walk any distances at all and he could not do any workouts at all and so in March of this year, he decided it was time to give up the game he loved so much.

The Change

He realized that in order to slim down and get the results he was really looking for with his workouts, that ripped look, he would need a complete lifestyle change starting with the foods he was eating.

When playing football, he needed carbs, carbs and more carbs to maintain his weight and strength, but without all that physical activity he would need to start eating differently.

Gone would be all of the cheeseburgers, rich foods, and fatty foods. No more subs and extra sauce laden plates of pasta.

He was quoted as saying that one of the hardest dishes to give up was his favorite, Chicken Parmesan.

He soon found himself experimenting with fasting and hitting the organic foods heavily. He used shakes and cut out sugars unless they were organic cane sugar, and he was heavy on eating plant-based foods.

He ended up using bits and pieces of several diets including the Atkins, The Keto, and the 16/8 fasting diet to name a few. Some of the other more popular diets that would do what Rob was out to accomplish are The South Beach and The Paleo, along with the Noom diet.

While there were different plans involved, when you look at the core of each plan, they have a lot of similarities.

This was an excellent start to dropping and keeping off the extra playing weight he was carrying when he started this adventure but this was only half of what he was looking for, he also wanted to be working out the right way to get that ripped look that he could not obtain training for football.

He went back to the basics and started more light lifts and balancing exercises which include medicine balls and core exercises.

Now will all football players take this route when they leave the game, probably not, but a good many of them are thinking differently about their health than they did in the past.

Former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is a perfect example of someone leaving the game in their prime siting future health issues they would love to avoid!

Our view

Here is a guy who made a living out of being big and being the best at what he did and this took mega work and mega discipline along with eating the not so healthy foods required to maintain his weight and strength, but when the time came to make the change he did exactly that.

He went on low carb high protein plant-based organic foods and adjusted his daily workouts to reflect his lifestyle change and the results are one very ripped looking body that is in excellent shape.

We should all use Rob as an example of how to make the lifestyle change and start eating healthy and being a more rounded person.

In closing, while The Gronk does not rule out a return to football anytime soon if ever, and if he does go back he does realize he would have to go back to his old way of eating to bulk back up, he now knows what it will take to take it back off!

He is enjoying his newfound ripped look and is feeling better than he has in years and he can thank a good diet and workout program for these results and his approach will work for anyone who is really serious about a lifestyle change, and that is really what it boils down to, changing your lifestyle!

We give The Gronk two big thumbs up and wish him nothing but sweet success in his future endeavors!

We hope you enjoyed our article on The Gronk and hopefully, we can use his story as inspiration for our own healthy lifestyle changes!

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