How to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau Once And For All.

A lot of dieters encounter a weight loss plateau and want to know how to beat it. This is exactly what you’re going to learn to do here. Utilize these tips and you’ll be able to get over your current diet predicament easily. 

Most commonly, a diet/weight loss plateau occurs due to this reason:

You were doing a diet, seeing good results, and then it just stopped and no matter how much you followed through with the diet plan, no more weight could be lost. Though there are many explanations as to why this happened, here’s an unusual one which may hold much more weight than any other theory to date: 


Why the plateau happened: 

Your body simply returned back to it’s normal ways. Allow me to elaborate: Before you did the diet, odds are you were living a life where many things, including the food you ate and how you ate were based on a specific routine. You ate an X number of times during the day, usually around the same time/s. 

Then when you decided to go on a diet, you immediately switched to whatever the plan forced you to do. This means you forced your body to readjust to a whole new lifestyle of eating it likely wasn’t used to. 

At first these changes will usually yield results. You’ll see the weight start to drop. This is usually because the body still hasn’t had time to get used to the new way of eating, so while it’s adjusting, it’ll raise metabolism to keep up with this change, but as time goes on and the body becomes more and more used to the diet, the effects will start to lessen until you reach the plateau.

Eventually the body will basically put a stop to this diet’s effects and go back to the way it functioned before you started dieting. This is because your previous way of eating was the dominant regime your body was used to. The body eventually balances itself out and becomes “immune” to the effects of the diet and the only thing it’ll do is return to the way it functioned before you started dieting.

This means metabolism will “reset”, as will fat burning, your cravings for your old eating habits will return and only get stronger with time and and this will slowly begin to show on your results. This is why so many diets end up leading to a plateau. They force the body to do things it isn’t used to and when it does reset itself, the weight will come back. 

So if the problem with plateaus is that it’s caused by the body resetting itself, what then is the answer? 

How to get over the weight loss plateau:

Start doing what’s known as calorie shifting. This is a method of eating where you basically keep changing your eating routines on a daily basis to prevent the body from ever getting used to any kind of specific routine.

Remember, as we start diets, they will initially work because they will surprise the body and while it’s getting used to the routine, it will go along with it which is why you’ll get results. But remember this will happen at first. Then as it gets more and more used to it, it will begin to reset itself. We don’t want that. 

Enter calorie shifting. By changing your eating routines on a daily basis, you will prevent the body from ever getting used to any particular routine. This will not only cause initial weight loss, but prevent any plateau from ever happening. The results will be continuous, until you reach your weight loss goal.

This is a natural way of dieting which many people use without even realizing it. If you’ve ever met someone who eats a lot but is very slim, you can either trace the reason for that to them having great genes or using calorie shifting. Odds are many people who eat a lot but look very slim eat in very unstable ways. 

Obviously you’d want to make sure what it is you’re eating is healthy. Calorie shifting can work with pretty much any food you eat, even fast foods, but ideally you don’t just want a quick result, but also something that you can maintain permanently. This is why this technique is one of the best ways to beat the dreaded weight loss plateau.
If you’re aiming to try calorie shifting, the best way to experience it’s fullest results is through a special guide which utilizes this technique. This is that guide. It’ll make the process of calorie shifting very simple to understand and do. All that it really comes down to is just choosing what you wish to eat and then following a specific meal plan for 11 days, which is the length of the diet.

How much can you lose with method of dieting? Results do vary, but 1 pound or more a day is the average result, if you do calorie shifting correctly. Here is the best way to do that.

I also realize that many of you reading this now may have your own personal story on how you beat the plateau and if that’s the case, please share it below!






3 thoughts on “How to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau Once And For All.”

  1. I always am hesitant to try diets. As someone who is not overweight, I try to help people understand that its all about the calories. Although this calories shifting is new to me, it seems to make a lot of sense the way you explain how it works. I want to look into this more. Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi,
    At last a diet that is not a diet.
    Bonus being it is only 11 days long. It sounds like the best diet ever.
    I have tried quite a lot of different diets in my time and got the best results from the 3 day diet. I used to do 3 days then 4 days normal eating then back on the 3 day diet but those 3 days were really harsh and you just lived your hours away until the next morsel you could eat.
    This 11 day diet sounds much easier eating stuff you like and at decent portions.
    Great stuff. Like it.
    Andi Tointon.

  3. That is interesting. I don’t diet like most people do so I had never noticed that. As I have gotten older I hit points where my weight starts going up and then I look at what I am eating and make adjustment and my weight drifts back down and I am good for another 5 or 10 years. So currently I drink water at each meal except for special occasions and no salad dressing. It is amazing how many calories there are in drinks and salad dressing. And no more ice cream floats on Saturday afternoons 🙁


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