How to Burn Fat While You Sleep. The Simple Secret Revealed.

Here is the secret: Go to bed hungry. You’re not going to believe how awesome this trick works. But allow me to explain it:

Believe it or not, every single day and night, even while you sleep, your body is already, actually burning fat. During the day it does it faster, because you move around more, you’re more active and this requires more energy to be used up, thus it only makes sense to assume that during the day or whenever you’re active, your body is going to work more, and once again, this will require that it uses more calories and fat for fuel.

However, during night time, the body is in rest mode, but still burning fat, just in a much lesser level. It just doesn’t need to do as much when you’re relaxed, that should make sense too.

Given these 2 scenarios, one would think that they don’t need to do anything to burn fat while they sleep, but they would be wrong. Very wrong in fact, because most people make a terrible mistake which actually piles on the weight during this time.


What is this mistake? They eat before bedtime…

If you want to gain weight, there’s really no better way to do it than to eat before bedtime. But hold on Vitaliy, didn’t you just say that the body burns fat already, even while you’re sleeping?

Yes I did, but here’s what you need to understand:

Imagine that you ate a big meal right before bedtime. Now your body will be spending the majority of the night if not the whole night and even the following day burning off that food you ate, and most of the time, it won’t be able to finish ridding itself of that one meal before you’re already onto your next, which means you’re now going to have excess food in the body.

Here’s a quick numbers example:

  • Let’s say the average person burns 300 calories a night.
  • But before bed, they ate a big meal that amounted to 1,000 calories. 
  • By the time you wake up, that’s still 700 calories worth of food in your body that hasn’t gone away. 
  • Then before you wait for those 700 calories to get used up, you eat another meal, one that has another 1,000 calories.
  • Now your body will have to burn off 1,700 calories altogether.
  • And on and on this issue is going to pile up.

With this simple formula, it’s easy to see how excess weight piles on over a short period of time. Now let’s take that example, but exclude the bed time meal.

  • Again, we will use the same person who burns 300 calories a night.
  • Before bed, they don’t eat anything. Thus they will drop 300 calories and if they have excess weight in the body, those 300 calories will come off that existing weight, so you will be losing a part of that.
  • Repeat that for about 12 days and you’re going to lose 3,600 calories, which equals 1 pound of fat, doing something as simple as sleeping.

See how differently that went? And all because you didn’t eat at night. It makes a huge difference, and a lot more quickly than you think…

How many calories do you burn when you sleep? You’d be surprised…

You’d have to determine your BMR for this, but it’s somewhere around several 100 calories per 7-8 hours during bedtime, and it’s also determined by your starting weight, so someone who weights 200 pounds or more will get rid of more calories during their sleep than someone who weights 150 pounds.

But in any case, it’s a serious parameter to consider if you’re already having trouble with weight and need to drop it. Also consider the fact that it’s hard enough to not eat, but when you sleep, you’re not going to care about it, so it’s a way of putting your body on autopilot, letting it work for you, and you don’t have to suffer from cravings.

But if cravings arise before bed, here’s what you can eat:

You need to eat small snacks that are basically neutral foods and won’t cause weight gain. Here’s some personal options I use when I have this problem:

  • Walnuts with a cup of water.
  • A tablespoon of flaxseeds and a cup of water.

It’s not exactly a fine dish by any means, but it doesn’t have any carbs, and it will only aid my body in burning fat because it has high fat to begin with. So if you suffer from having major cravings before bed, try these foods and see how you feel. It may take 15-20 minutes for you to feel their effect, but by that time, you should already be in bed, trying to get some shut eye. 

Believe me, the other option in eating what you want is only going to cause a problem that can easily get out of control if you use the above reference I did.

And in the worst case scenarios, if you succumb to your cravings (it happens to us all), eat what you want, then the only 2 options would be to sleep later and feel hungry again OR burn off the calories the next day through an exercise and/or skip a meal through something like intermittent fasting.

You have to try and avoid falling for that craving, because the alternative is just worse in every way imaginable. If you fall to it:

  • You will fall for it more and more, and this will only cause weight gain to happen more quickly.
  • You will lose extra sleep trying to wait until you get hungry again to go to sleep.
  • You will skip a meal the next day and feel miserable doing so.

And that’s because you couldn’t hold on. It’s just not worth it. Do your best to go to bed hungry and make it a discipline. On just that alone, you’re going to see some remarkable weight loss results and in a much faster time frame than you think.

The ONLY time you can get away with this is if you have medical conditions or health issues that require that you go to sleep with a full stomach. If that’s the case, then you have to follow through with that, but I would highly recommend you speak with your doctor and try to change your diet around with their supervision.

So really, the whole key to this article and question is just to go to bed hungry, that’s it and just let the body do the rest. I have a whole eBook on these types of tricks to help you lose weight and you can find it here.

And the next day, when you wake up, I promise you, that craving is going to be gone and you’ll be proud of yourself for sticking to it!

Additional tip…

If you’re NOT allergic to it, take a teaspoon or tablespoon of coconut oil OR flaxseed oil. This is something I learned from this awesome dieting book.

These oils contain healthy fats that raise metabolism, so while it won’t add to your calorie count before bed, it will help speed up metabolism while you sleep, thereby helping you lose even more weight during that period.

8 thoughts on “How to Burn Fat While You Sleep. The Simple Secret Revealed.”

  1. This makes perfect sense. I do intermittent fasting from time to time. I often have a 4 or 5-hour eating window. This means that most of the day and night I don’t eat. When you go to bed hungry, you are simply stretching out your fasting hours. It sounds like a good strategy. I eat between 3 pm and 8 pm. And I go to bed around 11:00. Would it be better for me to move my eating window earlier?

  2. Great article on how anyone can lose fat just by simply not eating. I’d imagine in my case for someone who wants to gain weight they would simply eat a BIG meal before bed to help pack on some pounds

    I have a quick question though. I’ve heard intermittent fasting is also an excellent way to burn fat as you limit yourself from any food for around 12 hours — allowing the body to burn calories then get to the fat.

    Have you done any research on this, and if so do you think combining both that method and this would make losing weight even easier?

    • Intermittent fasting works as long as it’s supplemented by a good diet, otherwise, you’re just staying in the same spot, meaning if you eat bad one day, the intermittently fast the next, you haven’t really gotten any results.

      As for gaining weight, you have to be careful with what food you eat. I would recommend more protein, high fat foods mixed with lifting exercises, otherwise if you eat bad things like massive carbs, you will pack on the pounds, except they will be in the belly.

  3. Great article. Breaking things down really sets the tone for the entire post. 

    Here is another method that has always worked for me: place some hot sauce you enjoy on a plate and dip your fork in it with a cup of water. For me, it is that I just want to eat something, but I trick myself with the hot sauce.

    Hot sauce has an added benefit of releasing a good amount of endorphins into the system; this makes it less likely you’ll start snacking on potato chips to achieve the same effect.

    • Wow, awesome tip on the hot sauce! I had no idea that doing this could make your brain think it’s fuller. Great stuff Ernest, thanks!

  4. Great article! I didn’t know that our body is still burning fat when we sleep. Your observations about eating before bedtime is an interesting one – and makes a lot of sense too. You mentioned walnuts if we need a little supper before bed – do other types of nuts work as well? Thanks for this info!


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