How to Lose 1 Pound a Day Effortlessly. These Methods Really Work!

If you’re wondering how to lose at least 1 pound a day, there are a number of ways to do this, but only a few of them are actually effortless.

One such way is through a method of eating which allows you to eat pretty much anything you want, but at the same time causes your body to raise it’s metabolism. If done right you can lose weight, even while you sleep.

This method is called calorie shifting.

Though it goes by other names, the technique remains the same. Through it you are basically consuming a different amount of calories for each meal you eat. At the same time, you must never eat until you’re full. As a reference eat every meal until you’re 80% full, then stop. Utilize this for every meal you eat and you’ll essentially be calorie shifting.

How can this method of eating actually get you to lose 1 pound a day? Well if done correctly, calorie shifting causes your body to raise it’s metabolism by tricking it into doing so. When we mix up the way we eat, we essentially prevent our body from ever expecting how much we’ll be eating the very next time.

This uncertainty makes the body naturally raise metabolism and keep it high. The result? Weight loss. And in some cases, more than 1 pound a day. Take into consideration that you’re not really making any changes to what you’re eating and you’ve got a weight loss approach that’s really one of a kind and not really a form of dieting, yet you ARE losing weight.

Sure you can try exercising or going on some sort of calorie restrictive diet and those work, but the main issue with those traditional methods is that they are really unsustainable in the long run, hence why most diets end up failing. They put the body through an ordeal it isn’t used to and since most people jump into a new diet without preparing the body correctly, there will be a backlash from it.

Now with this method as it was mentioned earlier, there are NO major changes. Of course it’s important to strive to be healthy and avoid those foods which are obviously bad for you (fast foods, fried, ect…), but nevertheless the secret to losing 1 pound a day lies with how you eat, not what you eat.

And that is why calorie shifting is really the way to go, especially if you live a busy life. I’d certainly recommend using a professional guide if you’re going to try this approach to weight loss to make sure you get it right the first time, but you can also try it on your own and see how it works out for you.

There are certainly other ways you can lose pound a day, but effortlessly? Unlikely. 


Update: More methods of losing a pound or more a day!

So after reading an interesting diet book called the 2 week diet, one thing I learned about was a topic of dieting known as BMR. Now the full explanation of this “eating technique” is explained in that link, but how does it relate to dropping that extra pound everyday? 

Well it’s very simple, you’ve heard of eating less calories as one of the easiest ways of dieting right? Well that’s what BMR is, but it is a much more precise calculation of it basically. 

To drop that pound or extra pounds you don’t need, you can simply eat less of what you normally do daily and as a result have less calorie intake, which leads to more weight loss dropping.

But it’s easy to mistake this and eat say 1 portion less out of 5 daily portions that you eat. To be more precise and make this work, you need to identify the BMR you personally have, then eat about 10% less.

While I recommend you read up on BMR to have a number attached to your weight loss goal, all you really need to do is eat 10-20% less than you normally would daily. 

One way to make this work better is to spread out the amount of meals you have, so rather than having say the normal 3 meals a day, make it 6 or more, eat less overall throughout the day than you normally would, but what this method will do is it’ll prevent you from every being SO hungry that you force yourself to binge eat and feel bad afterwards. 

If you can do that, than losing weight is going to come much easier and faster than you can expect and that extra pound you didn’t need will melt off. 

Of course if you need to lose more, then there will come a time when you need to either eat even less or resort to other natural ways of dropping the weight. If you require something like that, then I can only recommend you try the 2 week diet as it’s one of those natural, yet extreme weight loss methods that work rather well. 

And here’s another good method (eat fat, I’m not kidding):

After reading Eat Fat, Get Thin, I discovered that there are many HEALTHY fats that exist in the food we buy and eat and if you properly know which of these to consume, what is going to end up happening is that your metabolism is going to get raises, thus causing more weight loss.

I’ve had times that where by employing the strategy of eating healthy, fatty foods, I’ve lost weight, and I didn’t have to cut calories or anything like that. The method of eating fat to lose weight is legit folks and this book shows the proper way it’s done.

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