How to Lose Weight Fast in 2019. Do These 5 Things Right Now.

If there’s a top 10 list of what people want to achieve as their New Years Resolution in 2019, it’s to lose weight. But 99% of them are doomed to fail. You won’t be in the 99% after you read this (and do these 5 things I’m about to explain)…

In 2018, I learned how to lose weight in very unorthodox ways and have kept it off. I went from weighing 186 to 170 using these 5 things, and to be honest, I wasn’t even using them to their full potential. Had I done so, I would have dropped even more weight.

In 2019, I will be using these same 5 methods to their fullest, to reach my goal of 160 pounds, which can be done (in my case) in 30 days or less.

Here are the 5 methods (countdown):

Now you can use all 3 methods together or separately. But I will also recommend an optional diet plan that incorporates all of them together for the best results, if you’re the sort of person who prefers following a specific plan:

5) Just walk.

I can’t begin to tell you how much walking does for fat burn. It literally raises your metabolism and keeps it high, burning away calories, and fat (even after you finish walking). Just start walking for 30 minutes a day at least.

I literally force myself to walk to places I would usually take an Uber to now and it adds up to weight loss benefits. Walk more = lose more weight, it doesn’t get simpler than that.

Consider that your body burns 2,000+ calories a day if you do nothing. Now if you add a 30 minute to an hour walk to that, you may end up burning 1,000 calories, not from the actual walk itself, but from the calorie burning that’s going on during the walk and AFTER that adds up to that. Do that ever day, and guess what, you will have lost several pounds in a week (no gym required).

4) Cut the sugar (not cold turkey, just by 50%).

Anyone who does research on weight loss knows how cutting sugar helps in that regard. But the problem is most people can’t do it due to it’s addictive nature. Now I’m not telling to cut it cold turkey, but I am telling you to cut it by 50% for starters. 50% less means you will lose weight.

And if you intend to eat sugar, make it raw honey, not actual sugar and eat it BEFORE you go for a walk or workout, that way you will be burning the energy in the walk and not letting it set in and turn to fat, which is what happens when you eat sugar and do nothing.

3) Intermittent eating (once a day).

Only do this if you’re healthy enough. If you’re taking medication or have specific medical conditions that REQUIRE that you eat throughout the day, do not do #3. 

If you are healthy enough, then you can definitely get amazing results from eating once a day, which is known as intermittent fasting.

This was one of the ways I personally went about losing weight in 2018 and I managed to drop several pounds a day in the process, yes I said several pounds.

The idea is this: If you have excess weight (fat) to lose, intermittent fasting is going to have you burn that excess weight and fat on the daily, since you won’t be eating, so you won’t be starving because the energy is going to come from the existing fat, weight in your body.

I recommend that if you decide to intermittently fast, to start at night, before bed, so you can sleep through most of it.

Another option is to only have 1 big meal a day and then not eat for the remainder of that day. Also no sugar will help a lot.

One awesome thing I noticed regarding intermittent fasting is how much more FOCUS I have for work. I type and sit a lot, and I notice with 100% certainty that I work faster and better when I am hungry.

If I eat a meal, good or bad, and then try to work, I literally feel like there’s an anchor holding me down. So this method stretches across just weight loss benefits.

2) Go to bed hungry.

A BIG cheat to my weight loss results (and anyone who does this too) is to never eat before going to bed at night. I make sure to time my sleeping patterns such that I am very hungry before bed (or my stomach is just plain empty).

Most people take 4-6 hours to burn a meal they ate in their body. So if you eat a regular meal, time it at least 4 hours before bed, so by the time it comes around, you’ll be hungry, then just hit the hay and you WILL be burning fat while you sleep.

Do this for a week and you WILL be dropping SEVERAL pounds of fat and because you’ll be sleeping through it, you won’t be suffering.

And if you eat a big meal, give yourself 6 hours to burn it before you hit the hay.

1) Do the 2 week diet (the best of all weight loss worlds).

If you’re the sort of person who loves to follow a diet plan, you’ve got to try this one, mainly because it not only combines the above 4 methods to give you their added weight loss results, but because it’s also very short and incorporates other, unorthodox ways to drop weight that I’ve also used throughout my experiences.

Here is how it works:

You go through 4 phases:

Phase 1: For about 4-5 days you only eat low carb meals (no calorie counting, eat until you’re full). So you eat a combination of vegetables, protein foods and drink water. You can drop several pounds in this time.

Phase 2: 1 day fast. Consider this an intermittent fast and it will add to the weight loss results you got from phase 1.

Phase 3: 2 days of eating high fat foods and this is where I can lose people, but this is NOT what you think. You are eating omega 3 foods (considered HEALTHY fats) that literally raise metabolism and add to the weight loss.

I’ve been using this cheat throughout this whole year to eat delicious foods knowing that I’m throwing gasoline on my metabolism fire.

Bottom line: You eat the foods in this phase, you will increase metabolism and lose weight, not gain it.

Phase 4: The last few days of the 2 week diet are the EASIEST you will ever find in ANY diet plan. This is because you can eat whatever you want, but you simply maintain 1 rule: Eat under your daily caloric limit.

This phase has a formula for you to use to determine what you burn daily. Once you do, just eat less calories than that and you will continue to lose weight. It literally doesn’t matter what you eat during this phase, as long as the calorie count is lower than your daily amount.

5 methods in 1 diet plan, that’s the 2 week diet:

Furthermore, this plan already incorporates not eating before bed, walking daily and the other methods above to just put it altogether for one major weight loss plan to truly jump start your New Years resolution in 2019.

You can definitely follow the guidance I put above, and even do the individual methods on their own, but I would recommend getting the official 2 week diet plan so you get the best possible weight loss results, a specific list of foods and better understanding of why this works so well and naturally, get the best results from the plan altogether.

 Happy New Year and may 2019 and these tips help you reach your weight loss goals!

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