Mag 07. Is it Good For Weight Loss? How Much I Lost in 7 Days.

Mag 07 is said to be a great way to detox the body, but what about weight loss? How much can you lose if you go on it? This is what I set out to try for 7 days. 

Before I did however, I read reviews on Amazon about Mag 07 and most people were saying that the biggest change they notice is how often they run to the bathroom, especially in the morning.

That’s how these things are supposed to work. They stimulate the digestive system to help you get rid of more waste in the body. When you get rid of that, you’ll naturally lose more weight. Also with a cleaner body from the inside, you will also have better metabolism. 

Why I decided to try Mag 07:

What really made me try this cleanse was my mother. She tried it for about 10 days, lost between 5-10 pounds. She is a very active person when it comes to working, but when it comes to exercising, she doesn’t do it much so all of that weight she lost was because of Mag 07. 

My weight and other details:

I am 5’11. I weight anywhere from 182-186 pounds. Usually when I weight myself in the morning, it’ll be around 182-183. 

I live an active lifestyle, do sports and about 50% of my daily diet is eating healthy, while the other 50% is not. For the healthy portion, I eat cucumbers, salads, carrots, eggs, drink a lot of water everyday and generally try to eat something from the sea (fish, kelp).

For my unhealthy side, once a week or so I’ll eat a burger with fries and drink soda. The other days, I’ll eat waffles with syrup and drink tea with honey. Sometimes I’ll make pasta with cheese, eat a lot of potatoes and fry meat. 

Usually foods I stay away from are: Bread, white flour, white salt (I only eat sea salt) and white sugar. 

My Mag 07, 7 day report:

To do a Mag 07 cleanse, you have to take up to 5 pills before bedtime on an empty stomach. The more you take, the more bowel movement you will have. You should do this cleanse for 7-10 days. I did it for 7.

My advice is to start with 2 or 3 if you’ve never done this type of detox before because if you’re not prepared, it’s going to hit you very hard and you’ll be running to the bathroom several times. You should use your first day to see how your body reacts to it. Amazon reviewers also warned about this.

Day 1: Officially the detox starts at night when you take the pills, but the detox starts to happen in the morning. I woke up and went to the bathroom (didn’t run). I weighted myself after and saw I was at 184.2 pounds. I took 4 pills the night before.

Day 2: I took 5 pills the night before, but this time, around 6 a.m woke up to a painful feeling in my stomach. Horrible churning and I ran to the bathroom this time. After, I weight myself and noticed I was at 185! 

Day 3: Took 4 pills again because I was going to be at a gym most of the day and I didn’t want to have an accident! This time, I didn’t have any churning pain and the scale said 184.

Day 4: Took 5 pills again. Weight went down to 183.5.

Day 5: Weight dropped to 182 pounds. No major problems. In fact, I actually didn’t have a big urge to go to the bathroom this time.

Day 6: Went back up to 183 again. Nothing noticeable and it was just like on day 5. I took 5 pills by the way the night before.

Day 7: My last day, I weight in at 182 in the morning. Again, just like with days 5-6, I did not feel a major urge to run to the bathroom. I was disappointed as I though I’d be losing more.


I might have lost little weight, but how much will you lose?

So overall, I lost about 2 pounds. Before you think that this is how much weight you’ll lose, you need to understand my body is probably very different than yours. Everyone is actually different.

  • I didn’t go on this detox to lose a lot of weight. 
  • I have done detoxes before. People who do them every few months generally have more bowel movements everyday and are cleaner from the inside. So when they do a cleanse like this or any other, they usually won’t have noticeable results. So I wasn’t surprised that I only lost 2 pounds.
  • I eat pretty healthy generally and work out.

People who have never done a cleanse before or have weight issues are going to be the people who experience the most results. I really want to warn that if you’ve never done a cleanse like this, to start with no more than 3 pills for your first day. 

You can add more pills the next day or reduce them depending on how it felt the first day. If you didn’t see that many results or bowel movements weren’t far from the way they usually are, add more. 

Do not look at this cleanse as a permanent solution. Most people are too lazy about taking control of their health and look to things like Mag 07 as though it were some magic pill, live very unhealthy lives and just use that detox from time to time. That’s not a smart way to do it. You’re just going to be going in cycles and still overall being unhealthy.

If you need to use Mag 07 to lose weight, make sure you’re eating healthy after and taking care of yourself. Don’t expect this detox to help you lose a lot of weight though and if it does, a lot of it will come back. 

If you need to lose major weight…

Follow one or more of the following tips in this free eBook I made where you can lose several pounds every week quite easily. Mag 07 is great for cleansing, but not really weight loss. You should do the detox first, followed by the diet and then from then, slowly begin changing how you eat to something more generally healthy. 

Have you tried Mag 07?

How much weight did you lose and what changes did you notice? 

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  1. Hi! I am wondering if this is safe for me, I have Gastritis, GERD, Gastroparesis and I take 60mg of Dexilant daily for control of these issues. Thank you!

    • Hi Kim, when it comes to medications and serious conditions, I always suggest you speak with a doctor about taking any supplement or even things like Mag07.

  2. I usually take birth control at night before bed. For the few days I take Mag07 will it interfere with the effects of birth control? I am doing 10 day green smoothie cleanse as well as Mag07. I wait about 30 minutes after I take the pill to take Mag07.

    • When it comes to mixing this type of stuff with diets, I can’t really give you a definitive answer Wendy. I would recommend asking your doctor about how your diet and the things you’re taking will affect the actual effect of the birth control.

  3. Do you just have to take it before bed or can you take it in the morning? Cause I work 12 hrs a day a get off at 7pm at night?

  4. I tried the Mag07 and follow the instructions on the label. The Mag07 label stated to take 3 capsules before bedtime. I followed the instructions on the label and it didn’t work me. All it gave me was gas and that only last for a few minutes. I will try 5 capsules tonight.

    • Well it acts as a laxative so it’s no surprise you had gas. Let me know how it works if you take 5 capsules. But do remember that I did say this was not exactly an “all across” solution to losing weight.

      • I’m on 3rd day nothing much happening, taking 5-4-5. I’m hoping to cleanse but it doesn’t seem like it. How long until it works?

        • I don’t know Karen, as I said, this product affects people differently. I don’t even think of it as a cleanse to be honest with you, it just helps you digest food better, otherwise I don’t consider it to be a good weight loss option.

        • Drink at least a 16oz bottle of water when u take the pills that will help you have a better bowel movement in the morning.

          • True, but let’s be honest, even if it helps, it’s really the water doing the job, so why bother with the Mag 07 Olivia?

  5. I am wondering if it is safe to keep taking Mag 07 daily? I find it helps keep me regular and not have problems with constipation. Wondering if it is healthy to take one or 2 tablets a evening.

    • I would not go beyond the prescribed time frame Judy. I think taking any supplement beyond it’s recommended period is a bad idea. You may need to pause for a month before retaking it again.

      You should consider changing the diet and eating more stomach friendly foods (flaxseeds are great) and less bad foods (fast foods for instance). This will be a true long term solution.

  6. Abusing laxatives will damage your health. Relying on them for weight loss is a binge/purge eating disorder. You will unbalance the electrolytes in your cells. This will have body-wide health consequences.

    • I agree with the general point Kitty, but I would think the damage would come from prolonged usage of this laxative, for a week long cleanse, as long the person doing it is relatively healthy, they should be OK. However, on the question of weight loss, I agree, this is not a miracle product by any means and people should pursue regular ways of weight loss.

  7. If you work 3rd shift what time should you take it? I want to try to keep it at a set time so even on my nights off I can take it at the same time without being trapped in the house all day the next day by the toilet.

      • Hello. I am having trouble with my weight, as stated in previous comments, I drink detox tea every once in a while and I am satisfied with the results as far as numbers dropping but I’m trying the green smoothie challenge and I keep eating things that I shouldn’t and when I drink the tea you can eat whatever with or without exercise. I have wanted to get a colon cleanse but didn’t. So my question is would this be good for me and how much will I lose?

        • Hi Brittany, it sounds to me like the weight issue is really in how you’re eating and no detox tea or Mag 07 will help. I think a good detox may be the right solution because it may “restart” your cravings to want something more healthy. Unless you address this main issue, it doesn’t matter what magic pill you take.

          Mag 07 is only really a supplement to good dieting and I would not depend on it as a way to cheat in eating badly and expecting this supplement to carry you all the way to your target weight.

  8. I take 2 capsules of mag07 daily at bedtime. It helps me stay regular. I eat healthy 90% of the time. I checked with my doctor before I started taking it and he said it was safe to take. I don’t take it to lose weight.

    • Nice Lee, I’m glad Mag07 works for you, but you’re right that you aren’t using it to lose weight, it is more of a preventative, health booster, not really a long term weight loss fix.

  9. I think that is a very good point with most health and wellness products. There is not silver bullet. Yes some are better than others. And everyone is different. Because it seems like your mom lost some sizeable weight without exercising. 5-10 pounds is nothing to sneeze at.
    Losing weight is hard. But safe and good products like this can help us!

  10. I’ve never heard of Mag 07! … Happy to know about it, but I agree with you that losing weight has to be a bigger lifestyle adjustment if you’re serious. I like the 3 day diet idea. Awhile back, I was fasting from sundown on Sunday night to 6pm on Monday evening. I loved the way my body felt and I definitely lost weight. I loved the discipline of it

    Anyway, I’m curious to know what the ingredients of Mag 07 are anyway? Thank you

    • My old bottle is long gone now Jackie so the ingredient list is something I’ll photograph and put up at a later date, but you can always check the Amazon page I provided which should have an image of the ingredients there.

      As for your weight loss approach, I would say what you did was intermittent fasting which is great once in awhile and recommended for a jump start in weight loss results. It’s one of the power strategies used in the 3 week diet, which I think you mistook for the “3 day diet”.

    • Bad breath could be a result of a number of things Kesha, what you eat before bed, a “clogged” body from the inside, ect… For example, I have found that if I drink milk before bed or eat ANY dairy, then in the morning my breath will smell bad.

      Certainly a cleanse will help, but if you eat bad foods, you’re really not getting anywhere. I have heard before that apple cider vinegar helps with bad breath.

  11. Hello I was wondering if I need to take this detox. I go to the bathroom when I wake up like clockwork and most of the time will go to the bathroom twice before I even leave for work. And that is without eating anything. I normally go at least 3 times a day or after each meal. Thanks for your response.

    • Sounds like you have a very fast metabolism Nichole and are possibly very young. If you are under 20, I wouldn’t recommend any type of cleanse, you already process everything fast enough. If you need to lose weight and have bad eating habits, Mag 07 may help get rid of some of that.

  12. I have used Mag 7 and got great results. I have been doing a lifestyle change since February and I gone from 259 to 210. It wasn’t easy. In the beginning I did a green smoothie 10 day detox. That was just awful but lost about pound a day. Then slowly introduced a low calorie diet and 4 weeks later I was another 12 pounds lighter.

    Now in the meantime I was working out at 30 min a day, 6 days a week. Either walking or fitness video training at home. So around May I hit a plateau so I tried Mag 7 and it worked great, I didn’t experience cramps or anything. The first couple of days, it was like clock work at 6 am. I did notice if I ate fatty foods during the day ut would run right through me. So I continued a low calorie diet and to this day I am seeing results. Losing from 1 to 3 pounds weekly depending on my week. I don’t restrict myself but I learned to make better choices. So with a great diet and exercise you will get the results needed.

  13. Ok I must confess that I have not heard of Mag 07 but it does sound intriguing. So it is more of an overall body detox/ cleanse right? 5 pills before bed does sound excessive. Does that mean you can not get off the toilet for half of the time? I think whatever people find to lose weight it should be something that they stick to. It sounds like Mag 07 gets them off to a flying start!

    • It is a detox Ben. After trying these pills, I found that in rare cases, I had to wake up at night to run to the bathroom and usually I wouldn’t have to do it until morning.

  14. How much magnesium is in this?

    This sounds kind of dangerous to me. I only need to lose about 10 pounds but I don’t think I would like to do it all in one go. it would be like having gastro!

    Do you have to eat less solids and more fluids at the same time as doing the detox as well?
    Thanks for the info!

    • The back of the bottle says there’s over a 1,000 mg. You will not have to drink more or eat something different, just take 4 or 5 capsules before bed.

  15. Hi there Vitaliy (if that’s your name? haha)!

    Good review post on Mag 07. You made a great point about how diet is a huge factor in determining how much weight someone will lose. I also think that exercise is very key as well… I personally never was able to lose much weight if I didn’t do some form of exercise.

    It says mag, I’m guessing this is some kind of magnesium pill?

  16. I have to say I’m rather skeptical. We want to avoid reactive oxygen species and ozone – and anything else that releases reactive oxygen species. That’s why many people take antioxidants and why fruit and veg which supply antioxidants are associated with better health. The upper safe level for long-term use from supplements is 400mg magnesium per day. Much more than this and you get a laxative effect – this supplement is similar to high dose Epsom salts in that it has a laxative effect (which will empty the colon and make you feel lighter) but costs significantly more. Having said that, there are an unbelievable number of positive 5-star reviews on Amazon so perhaps I’m wrong!

  17. I am looking into the mag 07. I think that a detox is great but in order for anyone to get real benefits from it shouldn’t your eating habits also change? I would think that the more weight you lose from this would mean that you just had more build up that needed to go. Is that correct?

    • Hi Gloria, you are 100% right about Mag 07! These cleanses will help if people do not change their eating habits. Although the effect of Mag 07 will be greater for unhealthy eaters (more will come out), if they don’t eat well after, they will just accumulate the same problem.

  18. Hello. I started my diet by eating very healthy. No bread, no soda, no fried greasy food, no pasta, no sweets, no pork. I drink Water and detox drinks,
    sometime green smoothies. Will it be okay for me to take Mag 07 to help cleanse and lose belly fat? I was 203 now I’m 196 so now I decided to try Mag 07. I want to lose 25-30 pound by May, 2016.

    • Hi Shelly, I don’t think you need to try Mag 07 because you’re already dieting correctly. Mag 07 will not do much more. How long have you been dieting since? The other things you can do is stop eating at night and go to bed hungry. I’ve lost weight this way too. Also start exercising and eating healthy after.

  19. Thanks for the info on Mag07. Two questions. First I’m wondering if you experienced any cramping from taking the detox pills? Or did you hear of anyone else having cramps? I’m leary of the discomfort that might come from a program like this. Second question is what happened after you finished the detox program. Did it seem easier for your body to lose, or just maintain your weight, after the detoxing?

    • I haven’t done this exact cleanse Roxy, but I did do a few other similar ones so I can answer both those questions. I’ve never really heard of cramps happening from this. The only way I think it may happen is if you decide to workout during this cleanse, sweat a lot and lose a lot of salt in your body. That can cause cramps, so to avoid that, just don’t exercise while you’re cleansing. For the second part, yes I felt a lot more energy after finishing a cleanse. I wasn’t even hungry, but maintaining the weight was the tough part and eventually it came back because I didn’t follow a healthy eating plan. It’s something I am soon going to do once again (detox), but this time make sure that I stick to a healthy regiment after.

      • Hello,

        I’m on day 8 of the GSC I am eating raw veggies & smoothies. I did the SWF twice during this time but it had me going to the bathroom like crazy so I ordered Mag07. Tomorrow is day 8 I still haven’t gotten the mag07. I want to begin taking it because I always had a problem moving my bowels. I may go once a day or every other day but it’s not good movements. Do you think taking mag 07 for a few days along with eating healthy will help? Weight sits in my belly please advise.

        • Hi Felicia, there’s a few things you can do besides just using Mag07. Firstly, that supplement will help, but it’s not an end all solution. You need to address your diet:

          1) List the foods you eat on paper over a day/s (no more than 7 days). After each meal, see how you feel. If you feel bloated after the first meal, change up the first meal. This will help you determine which foods are impacting your bowel movements.

          2) Start eating foods like flaxseeds, drinking more water, eating plums and less foods with pastry, white flour and white sugar. This should help you improve your condition within a few days.

  20. Hello the 3 week weight loss program seems like a good way to start losing weight quickly and safely. I weight over 200 pounds and would like to lose about 10 pounds and the program you recommend is the right way to go. I checked some of the details and the price seems reasonable. Thanks Vitaliy.

    • The 3 week diet is going to help you drop way more than 10 pounds Sonny, so if that’s what you want, go for it. But if it’s just 10, you can just focus on losing about 2 pounds every week with simple reductions in calorie intake, more healthier food choices and simple exercises like walking on a daily basis.

  21. Hi, I am reading your site now, and I feel this is good for me. I am too fat, lazy to do some exercise, and I like to eat. I really enjoy such chinese cuisine, or thailand cuisine. The problem is some of those foods are too spicy, and after eating, I feel very sick in my stomach. My questions is, is mag07 safe for my stomach and is it safe to lose 5-7 pounds in 7 days? Thanks.

    • Christian, the only way to test out Mag07 is to try it. Give it a go for one day and see how your body reacts to it. But your underlining problem is that you said you’re lazy and enjoy eating. You can’t expect Mag07 to cure this problem. You need to fix the eating and start exercising. As you age, you’re going to suffer from major health problems if you don’t take care of this.

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