My Master Cleanse Success Story: Day 1.

I have tried doing the master cleanse before and saw great benefits from it. Starting today (1/19/15), I will begin a 5 day journey. It has been one of my goals early on in this year and I will be writing up a success story everyday. 

Now for those of you who know about the master cleanse, there’s one thing you may have noticed that was missing:

It’s that I mentioned I’m doing it for 5 days. The usual is 10 days. Unfortunately, given the schedule I have, my only open days are this week. And even though I won’t be getting the full, 100% benefits of the master cleanse, I will be getting a majority of it if I can stick to it for the 5 days.

Right now as I sit, getting ready for bed, I know tomorrow is going to be difficult, as will day day 2, so I decided to write this post right now before I start to get cranky. Just know that if you are doing this cleanse, I want to right away help you figure out a few things:

First, the master cleanse ingredient list:

There’s really just 5 things you need:

1. Organic lemons (not juice). I purchased about 30 of them. Might be too much for 5 days, but it’s ok, I’ll just use the rest for tea. Notice I said organic lemons. Since this diet is focused on detoxing, you will need every ingredient to be natural. 

2. Purified water. This may be difficult to get for a lot of people. I do have a water filter installed in my place.

3. Cayenne pepper. I purchased a small bottle of it and it’s more than enough to suit me for the 5 days. Cayenne pepper is supposed to help speed up metabolism and increase body temperature. It should also help with the detox. 

4. Pure organic maple B syrup. Why B is needed is still something I have to research, but for now I’m just following the rules. The normal syrup we get in supermarkets is usually grade A. So if you plan on doing this cleanse, keep in mind: B!

5. Non-iodized, non-refined sea salt. This will be used in combination with water and I will be drinking this in the morning. 

That’s really all there is when it comes to the list. The total price I paid for all this was about $50, but I did overdo it on the lemons so if you try this, you should expect a slightly lower price. All of the ingredients can be purchased at an organic store or if you don’t have one nearby, order online.

Next we have the master cleanse recipe:

I like to prepare all of my ingredients at once so the recipe I’m going to give applies for each and everyday. First we must drink the salt water with warm water when we wake up. Here’s the recipe for that:

  • It is recommended to combine 1 teaspoon of salt with about 30 ounces of water (about 3-4 cups). I’m going to be drinking this within a 15 minute time frame. 

This is going to help flush out the toxins and undigested foods in my body. I expect to be running to the bathroom a lot and if you’re doing this too, expect the same thing! 

Once this is done, then begins the actual master cleanse (lemon diet). What we’re going to do here is combine the remaining 4 ingredients together and keep it handy for the entire day. I will have to drink this 6 times throughout the day. Some people prefer to prepare this one drink at a time, but I’m going for all 6. So here is the recipe for that sum:

  • Combine about 7-8 glasses of water (60 oz) with 12 tablespoons of lemon squeezed from the organic lemons. 
  • Then add 12 tablespoons of the maple B syrup into the drink.
  • Then finish it off by adding 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. 

You can mix up this recipe anyway you want.

Now this drink will have to be consumed 6 times throughout the day. 

Optionally, if you want, you can drink a laxative tea every night before bed. I will instead focus on just drinking water if the urge to drink arises. 

Then the next day, the same thing will repeat, starting from the salt water drink, to the same lemon juice preparation and all the way through day 5. 

What can help you make it through the cleanse:

It’s not going to be an easy process, but most importantly, it’s going to be hard mentally. I’ve prepared a lot of work for myself to keep my mind off things for the first 2 days (the most difficult) while I go through this cleanse. You may want to try the same thing.

I’d avoid doing anything involving exercising because we’re not going to be making up for lost calories. The cleanse itself will be more than enough to help you lose weight if that’s what you’re going for. 

Occupy your mind with productivity or something entertaining like a movie. Anything to keep your mind off hunger. 

Hunger cravings will happen. There’s just no escaping it. But when it does hit, make sure you don’t allow yourself to fall of the wagon. You can do this by ridding your refrigerator of anything that will make you fail. Unfortunately for myself, I have left a few things there so I’ll just try to avoid opening the fridge for a few days…

This isn’t easy, but again if you can make it through the first 2 days, you’ll feel great on the third. The first 48 hours aren’t going to be impossible to handle, but they will be difficult. Focus on the outcome and believe me, in the end, it’ll be worth it.

I recommend you consult with a doctor if you’ve never tried a master cleanse before or if you have any medical conditions that can impact it. 

The outcome I want reached from the master cleanse is:

1. I want to get rid of some of my waist fat. I’ve been trying to do that for a number of years to no affect. 

2. I want to get into shape faster and doing a master cleanse will really catapult me in that direction.

3. I want to have more energy, stamina, clearer skin and more focus. This is what a master cleanse will absolutely do.

4. I want to try to see how it will affect my hair. I know it helps it grow, but I’ve been balding for a few years. Now I have a few things in mind I want to try (supplements/products) and a master cleanse will make these products have an even greater effect.

That is day 1 of my master cleanse success story (well not exactly a success just yet), but tomorrow, I’ll let everyone know what happens.

See what happened on Day 2!

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