Raspberry Ketones. Do They Really Work?

raspberriesA lot of misconceptions surround raspberry ketones. The biggest questions people have is:

  • Do they really work?
  • Are they safe?
  • Any side effects?
  • Is it just another hyped product?

Sparing any suspense, the answer is yes they do work, but most of the benefits marketers claim they have are exaggerated, by a lot. So are raspeberry ketones worth your time? I would say no and there are a lot of reasons for this as you’re about to find out.


Raspeberry ketones: What they are, how they work & more…

Raspberry ketones are found in raspberries. It is said they can help you lose weight because when eaten, they help the body produce a protein which helps improve metabolism and get rid of fat.

In small amounts, raspberry ketones aren’t enough to provide substantial results, but if taken in pill form, where there is a large amount, you can get results, although studies haven’t really proved this.

To put it into perspective, in order to get the benefits of 1 miligram of raspberry ketones, you would have to eat  a little over 2 pounds of raspberries. Though there isn’t a set amount, it is said in order to get the most benefits, you would have to consume about 200 mg a day, which is over 400 raspberries. I doubt anyone can do that.

Weight loss results:

This actually varies, but one of the people who made the product famous, Dr.OZ said that in addition to healthy eating (Close to 1,000 calories a day) as well as exercise, you would be able to see results.

Truth be told, this doesn’t prove that you can get great weight loss results from using raspberry ketones because everyone knows healthy eating & exercise will lead to a large bulk of results, plus eating 1,000 calories a day will do it, so what’s the point of the raspberry ketones if that’s the case?

Well this is where the argument of them helping break down fat comes into play. And this is where there is evidence to back it up, but it’s not very concrete…

When they first came out, the only hard evidence of them working were results based on mice studies. 2 groups were given the same amount of meals in order to make them gain weight, but one was given the raspberry ketones supplement. The mice which received it did not gain any weight, while the group that didn’t, gained weight.

And it’s a well known fact that studies done with mice do not exactly mean the same results will happen for humans. The only thing we can go by in addition to this is results from people and that gets mixed reviews as well.

  • Some report seeing great results.
  • Some report seeing mild results.
  • Some report not seeing any results.

In fact you’re reading this and have already used raspberry ketones, I’d love to hear your results and what you think about it. 

Are there any health benefits?

It is said that in addition to weight loss, raspberry ketones also help provide more energy, they contain a lot of vitamins A & E as well as antioxidants. For the most part this is true, since raspberries do in fact carry these properties.

What about side effects?

There are a number of side effects you may experience. Some include:

  • Increased body temperature. This happens if you overdose on raspberry ketones. Stay within the suggested usage to prevent this.
  • Nausea. 
  • If you are taking any medications, ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to try it.
  • It’s not yet been proven to be safe for breastfeeding/pregnant women. 

Other than the slight health benefits which you would get from eating normal raspberries, this isn’t a good product for losing weight. It’s really hyped just like Garcinina Cambogia Extract. 

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  • Does have good health benefits. 
  • Endorsed by Dr.OZ.
  • Helps block fat.
  • Some say it did help them lose weight.


  • Weight loss results vary. 
  • There are side effects.
  • Not enough studies done to prove it’s claims.

Raspberry Ketones Score:

2 stars

2 stars out of 5. Raspberry ketones do work, but nowhere near as advertised. Better alternatives available. See #1 rated diet.

raspberry ketones score

Conclusions on Raspberry Ketones:

I honestly can’t recommend them. There’s way too many unanswered questions. In theory, a lot of what is claimed about this product is true. In fact raspberries do carry a lot of health benefits. 

But time and time again the same formula for weight loss “miracles” repeats itself:

  • Feature a weight loss approach as a miracle on popular TV shows.
  • Tell the audience how amazing it is, how it’s from another country, special/super food, ect…

This is usually enough to trigger millions to buy it. But as I investigate these products more and more, many times I find the same things…

  • They don’t have a lot of research to back up it’s claims.
  • You don’t really lose that much weight. It’s really more hype than not.

Such is the case with Raspberry ketones. I’ve seen it happen before as well, most recently with Garcinia cambogia extract. And people without doing much research on it just buy it over and over. All of these products have 1 thing in common:

They are expensive. Buying them over and over which is what happens most of the time will end up costing you a lot in the long run. It can definitely work for you, but from the research I’ve done, there’s a huge difference between what’s advertised and what’s real.

This is why I gave it 2 stars. There are better alternatives which have more evidence to back up their claims. I would strongly recommend in the future doing a lot of research on products like raspberry ketones and anything else that’s out/will be out. 

You can try them out and see how they work. That will likely be the best evidence you need, but I would instead say save your money, do research prior to buying products that are said to be miracles and uncover the real truth on your own. Most of the time products that are hailed as being amazing are done so be sold to you. And even those people who don’t see results from them eventually forget about it, then a new product comes out and the same cycle repeats itself. This is what I’m trying to prevent.

Do you think Raspberry Ketones are hyped or the real deal? Leave your thoughts below!

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