Sea Vegg: The Benefits it Provided my Mother, Grandmother And I.

I tried Seavegg (it is called Sea Veg now) almost a decade ago after I saw an infomercial where a man named Scott Kennedy was talking about it. The way he explained the benefits of seaweed and his product was enough to convince me to order a bottle.


Sea Vegg. What is it?

This is a supplement in a capsule which contains over 10 different blends of seaweed. Seaweed is known to have regenerative components and also grows and feeds of the suns rays and the ocean. These 2 things which make it grow also give it a high potency of vitamins and minerals. 

It is said that one of the major foods in the diets of the healthiest cultures in the world is seaweed as well as other foods which come from the ocean.  

When I took my first capsule, I was about 17 years old (male), but I also told my mother and grandmother about it and they decided to try it with me. Although each bottle contained 90 capsules and you were supposed to take 3 a day (morning, day and night), we decided that if we would see good results, we’d order more. 

How Sea Vegg affected me:

After taking it first for a few days, then re-ordering and taking it for a few months, I didn’t actually experience any major changes. However, I did notice that I got sick much less often and the only thing I could think of that might have been responsible for this was the seavegg. I didn’t lose any weight, being 17 at the time, but I didn’t feel any worse. 

What sea vegg did for my mother:

I was very surprised by how this affected my mother (and grandmother). After just a few days, my mother noted that she felt much more energy and stamina. She did not experience any side effects from this supplement. 

What sea vegg did for my grandmother:  

The same thing happened to her. More energy. More stamina. When we started all taking it, I was living with my grandmother and grandfather at the time, on the third floor of a building without any elevator. 

Taking sea vegg helped raise her energy to a point where she could climb the stairs with much less difficulty than before. She was in her mid 70’s at the time.

I had also given the supplement to both my grandfather and my father, but the results with them were the same as they were with me. Why did sea vegg affect the women in my family more than the men?

Looking at the ingredients on the bottle, seavegg and seaweed in general has organic iodine in it. Both my mother and grandmother have problems with their thyroid which was the reason they had less energy.

Organic iodine is said to help regulate the thyroid. Also Scott Kennedy in his infomercial said that women notice the difference right away.

Sea vegg benefits:

  • It helps the skin look clearer because it contains high levels of vitamins that help hair grow better and skin look clearer. 
  • I felt an improvement with my immune system after using it.
  • You will have more energy. 
  • For weight loss, this is not a supplement that you’ll see big changes with. You’re better of dieting, but one that’s fast: The 3 week diet.

Sea vegg side effects:

I have never felt or seen any side effects from this supplement. You should consult with a doctor and show them the bottle especially if you are taking thyroid medication. 


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