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how to lose weight right nowIf you’re tired of endless Yo-Yo diets that promise big, deliver little and want to find a permanent solution, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Just as the name of the website states, you are going discover the exact methods and diets that do exactly that.

I’m not going to bore you with useless facts you already know or beat around the bush so with that in mind, if you’re wondering how to lose weight right now, here’s how to start:


How to lose weight right now using 5 VERY simple methods:

1. From this point on, whatever it is you’re eating, eat until you’re 80% full, never 100%!

Have you ever eaten a lot and felt exhausted, sleepy and drained afterwards? This is probably because you overate. Some people consider this normal, but real dietitians and by that I mean people who don’t get paid to promote horrible diets & habits say this bad for the body and the way to correct this is by simply leaving a little space when you eat.

The rule of thumb here is very simple: Don’t let your hunger make you order/make big meals. Eat until you start to feel close to full, then stop. I promise you this will make a huge difference.

  • You won’t  feel drained after eating. 
  • Your body will be able to work more efficiently and burn off the calories.
  • Your body will function and digest the food much better. 

I’m not asking you to quit eating whatever it is you’re eating cold turkey. I’m asking you to change how you eat what you’re eating and that’s something anyone can do! One of the biggest proponents of this technique is Steve Maxwell, one of the biggest authorities health & fitness in the world. 

2. Avoid eating anything that has the following: White flour, white rice & regular white salt.

Think of these as the 3 W’s. They are ingredients that damage your body and hurt your health. And there many foods/drinks which contain them: Cookies, cereal, pizzas, sodas, white bread, french fries, ect… The best way to spot if these ingredients are in the food you’re eating is just to look at the ingredients label.

At the same time, it’s understandable that it’s difficult to completely avoid foods with these ingredients whatsoever, thus comes the next step: Substituting.

  • Instead of eating white sugar, try to eat brown sugar or raw honey (regular honey has tons of sugar).
  • Instead of eating or making anything with white flour, use whole flour or buy whole wheat bread. Anything with the term “whole wheat” is a yes.
  • Instead of eating white salt, try to substitute it with sea salt. In large amounts, it’s still not good for you, but at the same time, it’s nowhere near as unhealthy as regular iodized or not salt. 

What about cheat days or periods where you just have no choice but to eat those bad foods? Certainly this can and will happen. A night out, a party, ect… it happens to all of us. In those cases, you can certainly cheat a little bit, but your primary diet, your bread and butter (no pun intended) should be the substitute foods.

3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

This is more traditional, but it does help a lot in weight loss. Drinking more water helps with digestion, circulation and hydration of the body, all key factors to a higher metabolism, healthier you & weight loss. 

What about if you workout? Should you have energy/protein drinks instead of water? It’s recommend to stick to water entirely. Most energy drinks contain unhealthy ingredients which do more harm than good when ingested. Stick to drinking regular water in your workouts and during your daily life.

4. Eat more often everyday. Up to 6 times! 

Now hold on just a second, how can we lose weight via eating more? It’s actually very possible. A technique known as calorie shifting makes it possible to not just eat more and lose weight, but the more you eat, the more weight you’ll lose. Yes you heard that correctly. 

By eating smaller portion meals (as you should be doing if you follow step 1), you’ll actually be helping your body raise it’s metabolism. By eating so often each day, it’s more than likely each meal will contain a different amount of calories and by changing how many calories you consume every meal, changes, but more importantly raises your body’s metabolism. 

This is a technique that’s recommended to be done via a special guide. Here is that guide. It’s actually the #1 recommended diet on this website which utilizes the calorie shifting technique and can help you lose 15 pounds in 10 days doing so. It’s a natural, healthy, short/longer and safe approach to losing weight. It’s also ridiculously easy to do 🙂 

5. Eat foods with a high satiety index: 

Have you ever eaten something and felt fuller for longer? Have you ever eaten anything that seemed like a big meal, but felt hungry shortly after? This is because the satiety (how satisfied you are) after the first meal is higher than the second! 

There are many high satiety meals that have a low calorie count, but make you feel fuller than ones with a high calorie count, but make you feel hungry soon after and by eating high satiety foods, you will be in essence limiting calorie consumption, but not going hungry due to the high satiety number! In fact, the same diet cheats recommended here utilizes the calorie shifting technique with nearly 150 high satiety foods for an even greater weight loss effect. 

Important Guidelines:reach your weight loss goal

The above recommendations work. Even if you just do 1 of them, you’re already heading in a positive direction to losing weight. Ideally you should try to do all 5.

For maximum results or beginners to this way of dieting, it is recommended to try the 10 Fat Loss Cheats eBook I’ve written which implements all of above things, including the satiety foods and eating up to 6 times a day & more. With this diet you can lose 10 pounds every 14 days, naturally, safely and the results are long term. 

You can also certainly do all of these things on your own. For the most part they are very simple. Most diets fail because they force people into a lifestyle (even it’s healthy) they aren’t prepared for right away. The body is very transitional, meaning it takes time to make changes. 

Even though you should always strive to be the healthiest you can be, it’s very difficult to quit cold turkey and stay that way, which is why most of these diets and lifestyle changes aren’t sustainable for people. However the tips above are very flexible to implement and you should start right now. You came here to learn how to lose weight right now. Well now you have the tools needed to make it happen. Get going! 

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  1. Can I eat ham. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. I have the book but looking up a specific meat is almost impossible

    • Well I personally stay away from anything pork. I don’t know much about how good or bad this food is, but I have heard from at least one credible health coach that eating anything pork related is usually a bad thing since pigs eat anything and that assimilates into their system, thus you can technically be taking in good and bad things when you eat it too.


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