What is The Dubrow Diet? Everything Explained.

There are so many different diets to choose from and today we ask the question, what is the Dubrow diet and does it work? Yes it does, and we’ll explain how.

First, we will take a look at what it is, then we’ll examine where it came from, what the diet claims to do and how well it actually works.

We will also look at how safe it is to use because as we know people can get carried away with this type of thing and actually cause more harm than good to their bodies.


What is the Dubrow Diet and where did it originate?

This is a new diet that has hit the market and taken off in popularity in less than a month!

It was created by a couple of celebrities who have released the book explaining how it works and why.

Dr. Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon who also stars on the hit TV show Botched and his wife Heather of Real Housewives Of Orange County TV fame has created this program and it has taken off across America!

The name of the book is The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless is already at the top of the bestsellers list at several major bookstores and is gaining in popularity daily.

The diet is a mixture of fasting and food choices that occurs around a 12 to 16 hour fasting period.

It is really all about three things, what you eat and when you eat it and finally how much of it you eat!

They point out like many low carb programs by eliminating carbs and sticking to the least processed foods mixed with healthy fat and plenty of veggies combined with the fasting period will result in weight loss and a much healthier body and mind.

They also point to the body not only losing weight and getting healthier it is also kick-starting the process of autophagy or cell regeneration or in essence, the fountain of youth.

The fountain of youth?

Well, what they mean is you will look younger and healthier as you continue on this program because of the process of autophagy, and they claim they are walking proof that this does work and work well!

How do you use the program?

They break down the program into 3 phases of eating that happen around a 12 to 16 hour fasting period each day.

Phase One:

Starting with a 3 to 5 day period called phase one you will be eating during an eight hour period after fasting for sixteen hours.

You can eat a variety of different foods including lean protein, veggies, and one complex barb. Seeds, nuts and small servings of fruit are also allowed.

Drinks can include water, coffee, tea but no alcohol during this period.

Phase Two:

After the first three to five days you start what is called phase two.

This is the phase that will get you to your target weight. It is very similar to phase one as far as foods but you can drop the fasting down to 12 hours instead of 16 but the longer you fast the quicker you will see weight loss and reach your target weight.

You may also add more complex carbs and even drink small quantities of alcohol.

Phase Three:

Once you achieve your target weight you will stay on this phase indefinitely.

The foods are all the same as the first two phases with the addition of what they call a cheater meal.

You will fast five days a week for 12 hours and then fast two days for 16 hours.

Following this process will keep the anti-aging from the autophagy process happening and you will maintain optimum health and weight!

It sounds like a pretty good plan and one that is presently being proven to work throughout the country.

Is this program safe?

As long as one follows the advice for the types of foods to eat it poses only good health benefits.

One concern that is legitimate is by following the food recommendations one should also be taking a multivitamin daily due to the chance of not getting your daily requirements from the smaller portions of foods.

Simply by eating the healthy whole unprocessed foods recommended and not consuming unhealthy fats and sugars you can not go wrong, you will be able to get to and be able to maintain your desired weight and feel great while doing it!

This coupled with the fasting, which in essence suppresses one’s appetite, which in turn makes food portions small and easy to digest which is essential for overall good health all add up to a pretty healthy program in our eyes.

Any negative thoughts?

The book really does oversell the thin body ready for the beach look and many people know they are never going to look 18 again, but just want to be at a healthy weight and look good, and this seems to be lost in the intent of the book.

Our recommendation?

Overall it gets a big thumbs up!

It is exciting to listen to the doctor’s beliefs and see them actually playing out with the science of autophagy and it’s anti-aging effects on the body.

While this program is short on actual controlled studies real-time results are being experienced by people who are giving it a try and so far the reviews of this program look pretty good.

With more and more programs flooding the market every day it can get very confusing when it comes to which ones to try and which ones not to get involved with.

We like this one and hope you have success with it if you should decide to give it a try!

In summary, we hope we have covered this new diet and answered any questions you might have had about it but we know there are always more to ask!

Please leave us any questions or comments about the Dubrow diet if they come up 🙂

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