40 Hormone Reset Diet Review. Does it Work?

Today we will tell you about the 40 Hormone Reset Diet, give you the information you need to know about, including if it does work or not.

This particular diet has many different books written about it and we decided to go with the diet created by Shaun Hadsall.

Shaun is a renowned fitness guru and a celebrity on many TV networks. His exercise programs are known around the world and he is the creator of Over 40 AB solution.

Let’s start by taking a look at the diet.

The over 40 hormone reset diet.

This diet has been designed for people who are over 40 years old and are having problems losing weight and maintaining that desired weight long term.

Not only is it not any fun being overweight it is also unhealthy and as we get older it gets more difficult to both lose weight and keep the weight off for any length of time.

We became excited when we read that this diet is claiming by resetting your hormones you can do just that!

This is a concept that we feel could very well work and that is why we are taking a good look at this program!

So, let’s dive in!

What is the over 40 hormone reset diet?

Well, the name tells it all in one sentence. This is a diet for people who are over 40 years old and want to lose weight.

It is designed for older people and it uses the theory of resetting your hormones to help with not only weight loss but many other things people experience as they age.

According to the creator of this program Shaun Hadsall, hormones are responsible for many things we experience such as stress, aches and pains, premature aging, hunger cravings, lower libido. and poor sleep to name a few.

A breakdown of the over 40 hormone reset diet

  • The Manual

This manual is provided with this program and is the heart of the whole process. It breaks down everything you will need to know and follow to reset your hormones and start burning fat right away.

What you eat as you age has a different effect on your body than it used to have when you were younger and by changing food combinations and amounts of food we eat and when we eat them we can reset your hormones to burn fat like your body did in it’s younger years.

This guide is based on eating plans that are provided and it is set up for you to eat the right kinds of foods in the right amounts at the right times of day to burn a pound of fat a day!

Eating what you did the way you did in your earlier years simply will not work as your body ages and it can have a reverse effect on you and by following the eating plans provided you will be well on your way to getting rid of all that weight.

And the best part is you do not have to give up any of the foods you like, they will all work if eaten in the right amount at the right times of day!

  • Diet Success tracker

This tracker will help you keep track of your progress as you work the program and can be used online or you can download it and use it as a notebook.

It will track not only your menus, but it will also keep track of your daily weight loss.

  • Diet training Guide

This is just as the title states. This guide will teach you how to use this program to achieve the best results along with an exercise program, but this is just for those who want to go in this direction.

This diet will work without daily exercise so this choice is strictly up to you.

By following this guide you can accelerate your results and let’s face it, some people love to exercise!

  • Diet Quick Start Guide

This guide will teach you how to jump-start your metabolism and start burning fat quickly. Here’s another good diet program for that.

Does this diet work?

According to the many reviews we have read it not only works it works so well many people who have used it have not only lost and kept off the weight they desired to lose, but they also overcome other ailments simply by regaining their energy and overall health which gave them the ability to fight off other ailments!

One of the biggest compliments of this diet is how easy it is to use, and the fact that is is ok to exercise with this diet to speed up your results or you may choose not to exercise, This is up to you, and it is OK either way, the diet will work!

The ease of changing your diet using this program makes it a simple fix for a complicated problem of weight loss.

Our View:

This diet is affordable and works well for most people and it is a fairly easy diet to follow!

It will boost your metabolism and eliminate hunger cravings which are usually the downfall of most diets!

You will sleep better and feel better and that is always a plus in our book!

You will also be given 8 fat burning drinks that work and a list of substitute foods for those on special diets!

Sounds to us like they have it all covered and we have to give The Over 40 Hormone Rest Diet a big thumbs up!

As with any life change please keep in mind you must follow the diet the way it is designed and not all people have the same results as no one diet will work for everyone but we suggest you give this one a chance by following the diet for the recommended time period to see if you can achieve the results you are looking for!

Thanks for checking out our review of the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet and we hope this helps you on your journey to that perfect weight!

A Review of The Super Shred Diet

super shred reviewRecently Ian Smith released a new book called the Super Shred which is said to help you lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.

While this is for the most part true, this review is going to help clarify if this plan is worth your time.

How Super Shred works:

There are 4 phases to this plan.

Each phase lasts 1 week in which you are provided specific meal plans as well as shopping lists. The diet is set up in a way which incorporates both  eating around 1,000 calories and exercising for about 40 minutes each day. 

The kinds of foods you eat while on this plan range anywhere from snack bars, to nuts, vegetables, lean meats and other various proteins. The plan is meant to provide short term results and isn’t meant to be used for the long haul. 

Although results vary, most people lose around 5 pounds every week while on this plan.

It is less restrictive than most other plans and does have a lot of positive attributes. There are also some great health tips you can implement while on this plan as well as when you’re not on it. Here are some examples:

Drink a glass of water before every meal: This helps with digestion and hydration of the body.

Eat even when you’re not hungry: There is a rising trend in intermittent eating or skipping meals and while it does have it’s pros, in this particular plan, it isn’t recommended and the main reason is because of the exercise added in.

In fact, even though you aren’t really going to be eating that much daily, you should focus on eating mostly before/after your workout. This will help fuel the body for the workout as well as aid it in recovery. Generally speaking, a high fat meal and/or protein enriched meal post workout is GREAT for burning fat and growing muscles (it burns fat to grow the muscles). As for high fat meals, if you’re skeptical, read Eat Fat, Get Thin to see why it’s an awesome method.

There are a number of other tips provided in Super Shred, but these 2 are ones you can use in the short/long run. For the most part, this diet is as I said earlier, meant for quick fixes. And if you think about it, 5 pounds a week is good, but it’s not amazing either. 

Want to know about the one diet which surpass Super Shred in every way?

Super Shred is actually based on a previous plan Dr. Smith has written called Shred: The Revolutionary Diet. This version doesn’t provide the same type of speedy results, but is more intended for long term plans and helping beat plateaus.

The basic idea between both diets is the same though.


  • Good healthy diet.
  • Contains detailed shopping/food list for each day/week of plan.
  • Designed to get quick results.
  • Incorporates exercise.
  • You can lose 5 pounds every week.


  • Not a long term solution.
  • You can lose more weight in the short run using other alternatives.

Super Shred Score:

3 stars

3 stars out of 5. Good short term approach to dieting, although pretty strict and not meant to be used for the long haul. See #1 rated diet.

super shred diet score

Conclusions on the Super Shred:

This diet is pretty good for those who want to get fast results as well as people who like to have everything laid out for them in a detailed step-by-step approach. Certainly in some aspects this diet is strict, but the good news is that the author is very upfront about these things including that it’s really meant to be a short term solution.

Ideally it would best if you could implement this diet on a long term scale, because frankly what eventually is going to happen is the yo-yo effect and I don’t think you can follow this plan for much longer than it’s designed for.

You can certainly do this diet off & on and see results, but I’m more of a person who likes to see consistency and not the same repetitive cycle. Not to say the Super Shred is a bad plan. I’m just saying there are better alternatives, like the one diet I mentioned earlier. It’s called the 2 Week Diet and it takes 21 days to do and you can lose way more.

Personally if I had a choice, I’d recommend that option above Super Shred since you could experience faster results, more flexibility and most importantly long term results. That in my mind is something everyone who is looking to lose weight should strive for, because after all what’s the point of going through the endless back n forth dieting, wasting time and money when you could get it right the first time?

Who wouldn’t want that?  Just my 2 cents though and if your opinion differs, I’d love to hear what you have to say on the subject.

How Does The Optavia Diet Plan Work? What You Need to Know.

Today’s article will cover the question, “How does the optavia diet plan work?” as this question has been one of the most asked questions we have been hearing lately.

With so many diet plans available today, we like to take a good look at each plan and give you our opinion on whether or not we believe they will work or if they are just another fad created to take your money.

There have been many similar diet plans throughout the years that involve pre-packaged meals and many of them worked quite well but were loaded with artificial everything, but this one is different when it comes to this as you will read below.

Before we get into how this diet plan works let us first define what it is and where it came from and why it is a healthy alternative to many diets on the market today.

What is the Optavia Diet Plan and who created it?

This program is a new creation from veteran diet specialists from Medifast. Medifast is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and its main focus is nutrition and weight loss. It also owns a pharmaceutical company and several other businesses not associated with the health industry.

The company claims this is the newer and vastly improved version of their Take Shape For Life program and it has a very loud supporter in The Food Network celebrity Buddy Valastro, who claims his incredible weight loss was due to this diet plan.

This plan they have created is set up to use what is being called “fuelings”. These fuelings consist of pre-packaged meals that are purchased along with the diet plan and are eaten in small five to seven meal servings throughout the day.

The plan is based on eating these fuelings throughout the course of predetermined levels along with eating a mix of homemade lean and green meals.

The lean and green homemade meals are pretty simple to define. Just think veggies and proteins and you are in charge of creating them yourself, but they do offer guidelines to follow.

The fueling packages are a bit different as they are all pre-packaged and they are really the heart of the diet.

Having been scientifically designed for this diet, they are completely free of artificial sweeteners or coloring and their select line of packaging is completely preservative-free.

They are also loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Also supplied with this diet are probiotics, omega-3’s and digestive enzymes.

This gives a whole new definition to pre-packaged meal plans as in the past they were loaded with all kinds of unhealthy chemicals and could not be called healthy, but not anymore!

Because of new technology in packaging and the likes the company can now offer much healthier versions of pre-packaged foods than were ever available in the past, opening up a whole new version of this plan!

Now, on to how it works.

Just how does this diet work?

There are three levels of this diet available and they are labeled as:

  • Optimal Weight 5&1.
  • Optimal Weight 4&2&1.
  • Optimal Health 3&3 Plan.

Let’s break down each level and see what they are all about…

The Optimal Weight 5&1plan…

This plan consists of consuming five pre-packaged fuelings and one lean and green meal throughout your day.

The Optimal Weight 4&2&1plan…

This plan consists of consuming 4 fuelings, 2 lean and green meals and one snack of a healthy nature.

The Optimal Weight 3&3 Plan…

This plan consists of consuming three of each, or three of the fueling meals and three of the lean and green meals.

This is a general description of how the different plans work and as one digs into the actual diet so many cool things are revealed.

One of the best parts of this diet is the kinds of foods that are available and OK to eat in the fuelings. They cover everything from Mac and cheese to pancakes and everything in between!

How about support?

This is where this plan stands pretty much alone by offering all the support you could ever want while working this weight loss plan.

You can choose to use all of the online support or actual one on one phone support or a mix of both.

They have support coaches that you can access online or on the telephone, and you can also take advantage of their online forums, weekly support group meetings and they even offer in-person meetings with support coaches depending on your area you live in.

How about exercising and this program go together?

It is recommended to exercise but at the beginning, people are encouraged to do so with caution as whenever people change their eating habits they put stress on our bodies and extra stress can have a negative effect on our overall health.

If you are already on an exercise program it is asked that you cut that program in half for the first couple weeks and if you are not currently on one to postpone starting any for at least two weeks after you begin the diet program.

What do we think?

After checking out this diet and seeing results by people who have used it to lose weight, having explored all of the support offered when using this program, and seeing the large array of choices in the types of foods you can eat, we have to give this a big thumbs up for sure! 

But as usual, there are 2 specific diets recommended on this site that are pretty awesome:

Both are also recommended.

As with anything we are starting that is new to our daily activities there are a few rules that always apply.

Please remember with any diet you must follow the whole program and not just the parts you like, and you must also stay on it as long as recommended before expecting the results you are looking for.

It is also wise to consult your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program. it is always a good idea to make sure your health is up to what you have planned.

Thanks for checking out our article on the question: “How does the optavia diet plan work?” and check back for more information on what works and what does not work in the weight loss world!

Dukan Diet Reviewed And Explained. Does it Really Work?

dukan diet reviewAs popular as the Dukan diet is, does it really work or is it just hyped like many other plans? This review of the plan will explain.

Yes you can lose weight with it, but there are a lot of misconceptions about this plan you have to know before doing it. And this review covers all of that.

The quick summary of the Dukan Diet:

This is a long term plan (months) which takes you through 4 phases, each becoming less restrictive than the next, but ironically also longer as you’ll find out shortly.

Most of this plan centers around eating low-carb foods. As you progress further into this diet, it becomes easier to handle, but on the flip side, the weight loss results greatly diminish.

Thought it has a lot of fans, the Dukan diet also has a lot of critics, namely doctors and some institutions which do not recommend doing it citing health concerns. While there are side effects to the Dukan diet, there is no unanimous verdict on whether it’s safe or not. You can lose weight with this plan, but there are better alternatives as you’ll find out.

How it works:

There are 4 phases to the Dukan diet plan. In addition to following these phases, you must also do the following each day that you’re on this plan:

1. You must eat 2 teaspoons of oat bran (first phase). This helps with curbing hunger.

2. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day. This helps with digestion and weight loss.

Phase 1: Attackdukan diet phase 1 attack

This is commonly known as the Dukan diet 7 day plan. The reason being is that this phase is very short (7 days). Though it’s difficult, it’s also the phase where you’ll lose the most amount of weight. Typically 1 pound or more a day is what the average is here.  Sometimes depending on how much weight you need to lose, the attack phase can last 10 days, but never any longer because it may become unhealthy.

In this phase you can only eat protein (and oat bran). There are a number of examples, but fish such as salmon, lean meats such as chicken and eggs are the most common foods you’ll be eating in attack. More details on phase 1. It isn’t an easy phase, but the results are great.

Phase 2: Cruisedukan diet phase 2 cruise

In this phase, you alternate protein only days (phase 1) with protein/vegetable days. There is again no limit to how much you can eat day. Usually the fact that you’re not consuming carbs and eating so much protein is the reason you’ll lose weight.

Although in this phase, results greatly diminish. On average users lose about 1-2 pounds every single week on this phase. The cruise phase lasts until you reach your weight loss goal. From then, it’s onto the next phase…

Phase 3: Stabilizationdukan diet phase 3 stabilization

Though it gets easier in this phase, it will be the longest you’ll have to go through. Stabilization will last for 5 days for each pound you lost during the first 2 phases. So as an example, if I lost 10 pounds during phases 1 and 2, stabilization will last me for 50 days.

There is more flexibility here though. You will continue to eat in a phase 2 fashion, but now everyday you are allowed to add 2 servings of bread, cheese and 1 serving of fruit.

However, this is the phase where you will likely not lose any weight which is something most dieters don’t know until they try it. This phase is meant to literally stabilize your results and maintain them, which is good, since most diets go through a yo-yo trend anyway. Never the less, it’s a fact you should know!

Phase 4: Consolidationdukan diet phase 4 consolidation

Technically the diet ends with stabilization. This phase is really meant to last for the rest of your life. It isn’t difficult. The only rule here is this:

You can eat anyway you want, but once every week, you must do a phase 1 style diet and eat only protein. Dr. Pierre Dukan, the inventor of this plan recommends Thursdays, although the choice is completely yours.

Usually weekends are not a good idea since you’re more bound to relax and eat more loosely on those days. Just a suggestion.

dukan diet 4 phases explained

Note: The Dukan diet offers an official website where you can record/manage all your progress and see how long you should be on each phase. You can actually do it on your own, but this is an extra way to keep track of things.


  • You can lose weight with this diet, though most of it is during the attack phase.
  • Does help provide a short/long term solution.


  • Has a lot of critics in the medical field saying it’s unhealthy.
  • Not very flexible.
  • Very long diet. Can take months to complete. 
  • Does have side effects: Constipation, tartar build up. 
  • Was not used by Kate Middleton. This is a debunked rumor. 
  • Not recommended for people seeking short term/little weight loss results.
  • I personally like high fat diets as opposed to low carb ones, since they help with fat loss (And weight loss).

Want a simpler diet that is faster and much more lenient?

Dukan Diet Score:

2 stars

2 stars our of 5. You can lose weight, but it takes a very long time to do. It’s also difficult and controversial. See the #1 rated diet that is much shorter and easier to do (3 weeks).

dukan diet score breakdown

Conclusions on the Dukan Diet:

In all honesty, I believe the biggest reason are so excited about this diet is because they though Kate Middleton tried it.

The Dukan diet has been around for decades, but it was only when rumors spread that she may have used it that this diet really took off. As you already know, this is NOT true. 

Taking that out of the equation, let’s look at what we know: 

  • This diet does work. Though results are really only in the first phase.
  • This diet is very long, restrictive and demanding. 
  • It has enough critics in the medical field to think twice before trying it. 

Now when we look at it that way, the cons out weight the pros. This diet works, but I feel it isn’t worth the effort that it asks for. There are much easier ways to lose weight and keep it off for good without going through this kind of diet. Many times low-carb diets like this usually don’t end well, meaning most people go back to eating the way they did. 

Plans like the Dukan diet force people into a lifestyle they aren’t used and it’s no wonder sooner or later it ends. However, even though you do get to eat however you want by the end of this plan, it’s quite difficult to get there as it can take months.

The truth is, the only real benefits of this plan are that you do lose weight at first and it’s a long term solution, but aside from that, the rest is just not worth the effort. I personally recommend trying a much better, much more flexible diet that’s rated #1 on this site. Learn more.

The Dukan Diet 7 Day Plan Review. A Very Simple Plan Explained.

dukan diet 7 day plan reviewThere are 4 phases to the Dukan diet. The first phase, also known as the 7 day plan is where you experience the biggest weight loss results and it is this phase that this review will cover.

However, if you examine this phase, you’ll see that it’s really nothing more than just eating a lot of protein and oat bran. But we’ll get into details on that…

Here’s what you need to know:

The 7 day plan in the Dukan diet is known as the “Attack phase”, where you basically have to follow 3 rules:

1. You must eat only eat protein for 7 days.

Details: There is no limit to the amount of protein you can consume. Typically lean meats, fish and eggs are what compose the majority of your food list in this period.

However, what you need to know is that:

A) This phase doesn’t always last 7 days. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, the attack phase can last anywhere from 5-10 days. Usually 7 is the average amount.

B) You can lose up to 1 pound or more a day on the attack phase which sounds incredible, but it can have side effects…

C) A lot of people may experience constipation and tartar build up from all the protein consumption during this period.

Generally this happens when you eat a lot of protein so it’s not exclusive to the Dukan Diet, but low carb plans in general. Even a recommended diet like the 2 week diet also has this issue, but the difference there is that their first phase is a lot shorter.

2. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day during this period. 

This is not only healthy, but it does help with the side effects you can experience in the attack phase. It basically helps the food digest better.

3. You have to eat 2 teaspoons of oat bran everyday.

Oat bran is something you’ll need to eat everyday that you are on the Dukan diet, whether it be the attack phase or the other 3 phases. This is a food that when eaten expands in your stomach, thus giving you the impression that you’re feeling much fuller.

Though during the attack phase it won’t really make that much of a difference since there is no caloric restriction on how much you can eat, because oat bran possesses a high satiety number, it’ll help later on the diet.

A lot of people tend to think that just because the Dukan diet helps you lose a lot of weight during the first 7 days that it’s an amazing plan, hence they try it. But it’s really nothing more than just consuming protein in large amounts.

If you do this on your own, you too will experience results. There’s no magic to this.

What you also need to know is that as you continue with the Dukan diet, 2 things will happen:

A) The length of time you’re on this diet will GREATLY increase.

Phase 2 can last for several weeks, while phase 3 can last for weeks and even months at times.

B) The amount of weight you lose will GREATLY decrease.

During Phase 2, you may experience 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week while in phase 3, the weight loss results are basically non-existent because phase 3 is really a stabilization phase, not focused on weight loss. More details on the other phases.

This can be extremely discouraging to a lot of people. The Dukan diet, even though it gets results initially becomes pretty difficult to deal with as it goes on. Not to say that’s bad, but usually diets that have little room for flexibility and last a long time are unsustainable in the long run.

You can certainly try just the 7 day plan of the Dukan diet and forget the other phases as well, but there has been speculation among medical doctors that consuming so much protein may not be healthy for you. Hence, the side effects.

The Dukan diet does work, but the truth is there are much better, healthier and shorter alternatives available. The #1 recommended diet on this website is one those options.

There are also less strict plans like Eat Fat Get Thin in which you will be able to eat foods that are HIGH fat and even high protein to lose weight. It is also a great plan that I find to be one of the best I’ve reviewed.