How Diets Are Rated on This Website. rates diets on a 5 star level. There are many diets in the world which are considered good simply because they help you lose weight, not taking into account other VERY important factors such as health, if it provides long benefits, how easy/sustainable it is and more.

When you add these factors into the picture, suddenly most and by most I mean 99% of them start to lose their hype. And that’s good because people need to know what they’re buying or trying as well as spending money on before they do it. That’s exactly what this website does. 

It not only picks apart the most popular diets, but also goes in-depth letting you know if they really are as good as they claim. Thus the rating system. Here is how it works:

The best possible score a diet can get is 5 stars. The highest possible score each category can get is 1 star. Half stars are also included if they somewhat do what the category seeks to find out. 0 stars are awarded if the diet doesn’t fit with the category.


The categories:

Fast results: Does the diet get you fast results or not? If it gets fast results, it’ll get 1 star.

Long term results: Will the weight stay off once you lose it? Most diets’s results are lost and all the weight comes back. What’s the point of Yo-Yo dieting and going in circles. If the diet reviewed provides long term results, it will get 1 star.

Length of diet: Is the diet a short one/long one? The shorter the diet, the more odds it’ll get the 1 star score. 

Safety: Is the diet healthy? Are there side effects? If it’s safe and healthy, it will get 1 star.

Flexibility: How simple is it the diet for people? Most diets require some major hardships. If the diet reviewed on this site is very simple to do, it’s awarded 1 star.

Which diet was rated 5 stars?

Out of all the diets reviewed on this website, only 1 was given the highest rating: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

Star Breakdown:

FLFI 5 Stars

See why Fat Loss 4 Idiots was rated 5 Stars.

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