5 2 Diet Review. How Does it Work And is it Worth a Try?

5:2 diet reviewThe 5 2 diet is very straight forward. But there are a lot of people looking for an honest review of it. So if you’re looking to try this plan, everything you need to know about it is here.

The basic info on the 5:2 diet:

Essentially it is a plan where you eat anything you want for 5 days and “fast” for the other 2, but despite fasting carrying the “no eating” context, here, it’s actually allowed, just not much though.

This goes on for 1 week and you keep repeating this regiment until you reach your weight loss goal.

It is recommended to do the fasting days a few days apart to make it easier, but some prefer to just get it over with and do their 2 day fast consecutively. When it is said you can eat anything you want, technically it is true, but it is recommended to eat healthy foods to adopt some sort of new lifestyle and not just depend on the fasting.

It is very important that to note that during the fasting days, you can eat no more than 500 calories. This really doesn’t count as “fasting” because technically the very word means to not eat anything or abstain from particular or every food/drinks altogether. But at the same time this approach to weight loss still delivers results. Reasons why explained further below.

On the 2 fasting days, you may end up eating things such as 1 serving of fruits or a salad. Hard boiled eggs are also allowed. First timers will likely find the first 2 weeks of this difficult to maintain especially if they tend to eat a lot during the other 5 days, but it is something you can get used to.

Does it really work?

Yes. Intermittent eating and/or fasting is almost guaranteed to deliver results and not just in the weight loss department. There are also health benefits including improved stamina, mood, skin clearing up and more. I’ve done intermittent fasting and only ate once a day before. It DOES work.

But as for the 5 2 diet specifically, it works for several reasons, but the 2 most important are these:

1. The very act of fasting is a sort of procedure that helps the body cleanse itself. A lot of what people eat, especially in the western world has been proven to be unhealthy. A lot of foods people eat do not digest properly and stay in the intestines, not being able to digest, decaying and affecting overall health.

A fast helps rid the body of these sorts of things. Although you can’t completely get rid of these problems by doing the 5 2 diet for a few weeks, if you maintain this type of lifestyle, it will gradually improve overtime. If you wanted to fully cleanse the body quickly, a diet such as the Master Cleanse would be a better option.

2. You are doing what’s known as calorie shifting. It is basically a form of changing up your eating habits. In the 5 2 diet you eat a certain way for a few days, then switch to a low calorie approach to eating. This surprises your body and makes it increase metabolism and fat burning, and as long as you keep repeating this approach, you will keep the body going through the calorie shifting reaction and keeping metabolism high.

Though in the 5 2 diet, calorie shifting isn’t exactly taken to it’s full potential, it’s still contributes to the weight loss. A diet like the 2 week diet is an example of a plan which does realize the full potential of this technique.


  • Flexible plan.
  • You get to eat anyway you want 5 days out of the week.
  • Does help provide weight loss results. Results vary though.


  • Some say the book isn’t necessary to do the diet because the instructions are honestly simple.
  • The fasting days can be difficult for some. One thing I can recommend is to stop eating after 6 and sleep on it, so time passes easier.
  • If you have any conditions or are taking medication, consult with a doctor before trying the 5 2 diet. Fasting and extreme dieting in general is NOT recommended for anyone with medical conditions. 

5:2 Diet Score

3.5 stars

3.5 out of 5 stars. Pretty good flexible diet. It does work, but fasting may not be for everyone. See #1 rated diet.

5 2 diet score


It does get results and if you have no problems with your health or aren’t taking any medications that could be affected by this diet, then you can certainly give it a shot. If you do however have any medical issues, please consult with your doctor before trying it. 

Fasting is not a new concept and it has been proven to work in the improvement of health & weight loss. Although health is the primary focus of fasting, it will automatically lead to reduced weight because it will improve overall body functions including metabolism so it’s a one thing leads to another type of approach.

There are critics of fasting, but as someone who has personally done it, I can vouch for it working wonders if you do it right. But it’s not for everyone and you should definitely do your research before trying it on your own.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you wish to truly experience the benefits of fasting, I would instead recommend the Master cleanse. It’s difficult to accomplish, but it provides a lot better/faster benefits if you can get through it.

The 5 2 diet’s results do vary, so if you’re in a hurry to lose weight, this is not the kind of diet that’ll get you there. It’s more of a long term solution. If you need fast results and flexibility, I would recommend the #1 rated diet as it possess both of these qualities.

But I’d like to hear from you. What do you think of the 5:2 diet?

GOLO Diet Review. Here’s What Makes This Plan Special.

golo diet reviewGOLO is a “new” diet plan that approaches weight loss solutions not from a typical eating less or counting calories strategy but from maintaining a hormone in your body, insulin under a particular level so your body can steadily burn of fat.

Does this weight loss strategy work? And is it really that special?

How does GOLO work?

Overall this plan has you eating healthy, 0 additive foods that are generally low carb and the few foods you eat that do have carbs don’t really raise your insulin levels much.

The point is that by eating low carb and eating healthy in general, you lower your insulin levels to a point where the body will start to burn excess fat deposits. Basically GOLO works in a similar fashion as any low carb diet out there. But there people do often have problems eating this way which is why this particular plan has 3 parts:

The 3 part system of this weight loss plan explained:

Part 1: You eat in the actual low carb approach. They call it the “Metabolic Fuel Matrix” where they say you eat foods that are supposed to fuel your body and burn fat. All I really think this is based of the foods I saw is just the low carb meals that don’t give your body enough carbs/fat so it burns the ones in your body to maintain energy.

That burning is what’s the fuel in my opinion. But in my personal opinion there’s better, less cutting calorie type ways to burn fat and that is actually eating high fat foods. It’s crazy but if you check out this method, you’ll see how it works.

Part 2: You take a supplement called “Release”. It contains a high number of potent and natural ingredients including garcinia cambogia extract I believe that help your body reduce cravings.

Often one of the biggest problems low carb users experience is hunger and cravings for something with sugar. This can really cause a lot of people to quit these types of plans early on, but this supplement helps the fat continue to burn of and helps reduce the cravings for the bad foods and stabilizes insulin levels.

Part 3: They offer a membership to help provide services such as motivation.

Does this plan really work?

This plan does work because it uses the low carb approach to losing weight and through their release supplement helping you maintain that type of lifestyle.

Eating low carb has been proven to work. The less sugar/carbs you eat, the more weight you will lose. I have personally experienced this when I decided to eat less carbs and consume less sugar (here’s how I did it).

It is absolutely true that insulin levels can be connected to fat and eating more and more sugar can impede metabolism to burn off all the calories it needs, causing more fat storage to come about and the more they do this, the harder and more dense the fat gets, making it harder and harder to lose weight, especially as you age.

In short, GOLO turns the clock backward and implements an eating style that reduces fat getting added on and begins to attack the ones you already have.

What are the average results? How much do people lose on GOLO?

The average span of this plan is 90 days to a year. In 90 days, average results are about 20 pounds or slightly more. 

Is this plan good for diabetics? 

In many ways yes, although you should analyze the food list first and SPEAK to a doctor prior, this plan does focus on regulation of insulin levels, therefore helping in the area of diabetes prevention.

Should people who have diabetes do this plan? Again, a doctor would be able to tell you this better, but this plan is good for lowering sugar/insulin levels. 

What kinds of foods will people on this plan eat?

All you really have to do to see all the foods on this plan is go to their site and look at the intro video that shows all th dishes. Basically:

Mainly vegetables, meats, whole pasta, a little bit of bread, apples, basically mainly foods that are low on sugar and those that are such as fruits are in small amounts not to boost insult levels too high.

There is also no counting of calories on this plan as I saw. It appears to be strictly based on making sure you don’t consume too much sugar, regular insulin and eat health, a formula that will help you drop pounds and be healthier.

Is there any exercise plan added to this program?

There doesn’t appear to be shown on their which is surprising considering that exercise can also be very beneficial for lowering insulin levels and burning fat.

You may want to consider adding a light exercise plan if you plan to do GOLO. Maybe a light walk, a jog and/or cardio/strength regiment that helps burn extra additional fat.

GOLO diet score:

3.5 stars

3.5 stars out of 5. Even though they try to make it look very special, this is really in my opinion more of a traditional low carb diet. The only real thing that’s special is their “Release” supplement which should not be take on it’s own but used alongside the diet to work.


Conclusions on GOLO:

Is this an excellent diet plan? Pretty much.

Is it really that unique and the first time this kind of approach is used to lose weight? Not really, there’s a lot of diet plans that are similar and used supplements to contribute to helping people lose weight.

But what is good that even though it isn’t that special, it still uses a strategy to losing weight that does work, it’s just that many people have trouble keeping with it which is why they offer their supplement and support plan to help you.

Overall this is a great plan and possibly even better for diabetics or those close to being diabetic. 

Would this diet be the best to use though? Well for weight loss purposes alone, there are faster ones that aren’t “crash” types.

For example, the 2 week diet is almost identical at targeting fat like GOLO but they mix up the strategy to get faster weight loss:


Both eating plans can provide incredible results and are truly healthy. GOLO is more centered around steady and long term weight loss which is great, but if there is a need for you to lose weight faster, the 2 week diet will do that. They are both basically the same in what they aim to get rid of: Fat. 

How to Lose 1 Pound a Day Effortlessly. These Methods Really Work!

If you’re wondering how to lose at least 1 pound a day, there are a number of ways to do this, but only a few of them are actually effortless.

One such way is through a method of eating which allows you to eat pretty much anything you want, but at the same time causes your body to raise it’s metabolism. If done right you can lose weight, even while you sleep.

This method is called calorie shifting.

Though it goes by other names, the technique remains the same. Through it you are basically consuming a different amount of calories for each meal you eat. At the same time, you must never eat until you’re full. As a reference eat every meal until you’re 80% full, then stop. Utilize this for every meal you eat and you’ll essentially be calorie shifting.

How can this method of eating actually get you to lose 1 pound a day? Well if done correctly, calorie shifting causes your body to raise it’s metabolism by tricking it into doing so. When we mix up the way we eat, we essentially prevent our body from ever expecting how much we’ll be eating the very next time.

This uncertainty makes the body naturally raise metabolism and keep it high. The result? Weight loss. And in some cases, more than 1 pound a day. Take into consideration that you’re not really making any changes to what you’re eating and you’ve got a weight loss approach that’s really one of a kind and not really a form of dieting, yet you ARE losing weight.

Sure you can try exercising or going on some sort of calorie restrictive diet and those work, but the main issue with those traditional methods is that they are really unsustainable in the long run, hence why most diets end up failing. They put the body through an ordeal it isn’t used to and since most people jump into a new diet without preparing the body correctly, there will be a backlash from it.

Now with this method as it was mentioned earlier, there are NO major changes. Of course it’s important to strive to be healthy and avoid those foods which are obviously bad for you (fast foods, fried, ect…), but nevertheless the secret to losing 1 pound a day lies with how you eat, not what you eat.

And that is why calorie shifting is really the way to go, especially if you live a busy life. I’d certainly recommend using a professional guide if you’re going to try this approach to weight loss to make sure you get it right the first time, but you can also try it on your own and see how it works out for you.

There are certainly other ways you can lose pound a day, but effortlessly? Unlikely. 

Update: More methods of losing a pound or more a day!

So after reading an interesting diet book called the 2 week diet, one thing I learned about was a topic of dieting known as BMR. Now the full explanation of this “eating technique” is explained in that link, but how does it relate to dropping that extra pound everyday? 

Well it’s very simple, you’ve heard of eating less calories as one of the easiest ways of dieting right? Well that’s what BMR is, but it is a much more precise calculation of it basically. 

To drop that pound or extra pounds you don’t need, you can simply eat less of what you normally do daily and as a result have less calorie intake, which leads to more weight loss dropping.

But it’s easy to mistake this and eat say 1 portion less out of 5 daily portions that you eat. To be more precise and make this work, you need to identify the BMR you personally have, then eat about 10% less.

While I recommend you read up on BMR to have a number attached to your weight loss goal, all you really need to do is eat 10-20% less than you normally would daily. 

One way to make this work better is to spread out the amount of meals you have, so rather than having say the normal 3 meals a day, make it 6 or more, eat less overall throughout the day than you normally would, but what this method will do is it’ll prevent you from every being SO hungry that you force yourself to binge eat and feel bad afterwards. 

If you can do that, than losing weight is going to come much easier and faster than you can expect and that extra pound you didn’t need will melt off. 

Of course if you need to lose more, then there will come a time when you need to either eat even less or resort to other natural ways of dropping the weight. If you require something like that, then I can only recommend you try the 2 week diet as it’s one of those natural, yet extreme weight loss methods that work rather well. 

And here’s another good method (eat fat, I’m not kidding):

After reading Eat Fat, Get Thin, I discovered that there are many HEALTHY fats that exist in the food we buy and eat and if you properly know which of these to consume, what is going to end up happening is that your metabolism is going to get raises, thus causing more weight loss.

I’ve had times that where by employing the strategy of eating healthy, fatty foods, I’ve lost weight, and I didn’t have to cut calories or anything like that. The method of eating fat to lose weight is legit folks and this book shows the proper way it’s done.

5 Easy Steps to Burning Away Belly Fat Fast.

Burning away belly fat actually has a pretty simple solution that isn’t talked about often enough because people and industries love to complicate the subject and make it sound like it’s a lot more difficult to do than it really is.

Following the same steps you will learn about here personally made me drop several pounds of fat weekly and this is not an individual case, it’s something that happens to everyone who follows these steps because the rules for fat loss are the same for everyone. So it is absolutely possible to see these types of results:

5 steps to burn away belly fat fast

Here is what you’re going to find out:

  • Why fat really gets produced in the body and the secret to stopping that production. 
  • How to drop 20 or more pounds of excess fat in the belly (and all around the body).
  • 10 foods that speed up metabolism and cause fat burning to go into overdrive. 
  • A clear plan laid out for you to do so you can finally start dropping those pounds very quickly.

Now back to the topic:

For the most part, the key to getting rid of belly fat FAST and having that flat, six pack stomach you always wanted comes down to having a proper diet that actually destroys the fat in your body and forces the body to turn it into energy.

The key is knowing how to take that bad stuff that’s in your body (bad fat) and make your body use it as FUEL and if you follow the 5 steps laid out here, you will accomplish it. Doing these things has personally made me drop 5 pounds a week and in some extreme cases (if you need to burn even more fat, faster, 20+ pounds in 3 weeks is absolutely possible). So let’s do this:

Step 1: The secret to why belly fat is produced and how to actually get rid of it.

As long as you understand step 1 to this whole problem and take healthy actions with the information you’re about to find out, you’re going to successfully burn as much fat as you want to in your body. Whether it’s 10, 20 or more pounds, it doesn’t matter, as long as you understand WHY this problem is happening, you will know how to fix it.

Thus we have step 1: Understanding where this problem even comes from. Fat accumulates in the body for various reasons, but the most common are:

-You eat before bed.

-You eat bad foods loaded with carbs and other substances such as white flour, starches, sugars and other ingredients (dough, sodas, chemicals) and so on that the body generally has a hard time burning away. Much of these types of foods are then transformed into fat and stored in the body. 

Now a certain level of fat is good for the body to have so it can use it in case you’re starving, but in this case, we’re talking about an excess amount of it, so much so that it is causing health issues.

-You overeat, more than your body needs and the excess calories get turned into fat and are again stored in the body.

The problem is that with these 3 things alone, people can easily amass a few pounds of fat every single week without even realizing it and after a period of a few weeks and months, the signs start to show. The scale shows bigger numbers, you start to feel less energy and if you have honest friends, they are going to point it out.

It’s a problem that is SO easy to get into and have it get out of control, and so hard to switch back to when you don’t know how to reverse it.

But the key to reversing it is simple: Do the opposite things that originally caused this problem in the first place. So:

  • Stop eating at night. 
  • Stop overeating. 
  • Stop eating the bad foods which cause this problem in the first place, ESPECIALLY foods loaded with sugar. If you cut that, you will not believe how much you start losing. Here are tips for how to cut sugar out of your diet.

What’s going to happen IF you do this…

is that the body will start to burn away the existing fat in your body, especially your stomach and you’re going to see some RAPID weight loss results from this. You’re basically going to turn your body AGAINST the bad fat in it and cause it to destroy it, turning it into energy and feeding the body.

Step 2: Determine how many pounds of fat you need to drop.

A single pound of it equals about 3,500 calories. So if you need to drop 10 pounds, then you need to essentially burn off 35,000 calories. That’s a WHOLE lot, but this simple equation is extremely UNREALISTIC.

This is because there’s more factors in this whole thing such as what you’re eating and how many calories those foods have WHILE you’re trying to drop those same 35,000 calories. Eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong things can essentially keep you in an endless cycle of 0 results.

With the above recommended plan, 1-2 pounds of fat daily = 3,500-7,000 calories burned everyday, and it’s quite simple to implement. 

Step 3: Eat fat NEUTRAL foods. Aka foods which won’t make you fatter.

Simply put, there are good foods to eat and bad ones.

Good foods involve eating the types that feed the muscles, the organs, fuel the body and increase metabolism.

Bad foods involve eating the types that make it difficult for the body to digest it, make it store the food as fat and cause problems and the worst of which are those loaded with sugar.

Clearly if you’re trying to drop weight, you’ll want to eat the good foods and I can tell you that if you do, it will not be uncommon to drop 5 or more pounds a week doing it. Also, you can eat almost as much of them as you like, they simply will NOT cause you to gain weight or more fat (as long as you don’t over eat that is).

The 10 superfoods that burn fat:

  • Grilled salmon.
  • Avocado.
  • Grilled chicken.
  • Vegetables without starch.
  • Flaxseeds.
  • Herring.
  • Cod liver.
  • Walnuts.
  • Buckwheat.
  • Eggs.

And here’s addons for the foods above to improve results:

  • Coconut oil.
  • Cayenne pepper.
  • Flaxseed oil.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

Using these oils will greatly improve your metabolism.

You can eat the above foods in any order and greatly see weight loss results. For increased results, eat less calories per meal as this deficit will only help speed up metabolism. 

eating before bed

Step 4: Stop eating before bedtime. 

Just a few days ago I wrote an article talking about the increased weight loss results I got by simply not eating before bed and going to sleep hungry (here it is). While this is a tough thing for many people to do, consider the following:

Going to bed hungry means your body has NO foods to burn and thus it will use the fat in your body and get rid of it that, several 100 calories of it. And the more you initially weight = the more you will burn from this.

By literally sleeping (doing nothing essentially), you will be burning fat on auto pilot. 

This step is so underused but it is one of the easiest and most powerful to burning a lot of fat quickly.

Step 5: Adding exercise to the mix.

Exercise on it’s own is not enough to lose belly fat. In fact, it means almost nothing if you’re not properly eating to supplement it, and this is why I left it for step 5.

However, when you use exercise in accordance with the other steps, you’re actually going to get even better results. Here’s what I mean:

Consider when you don’t eat, have an empty stomach and go for a run. You’re going to burn off calories directly from the stomach fat in your body. So time easy workouts (a simple walk or jog) on an empty stomach so it has a bigger effect (do not do this if you’re on medication and require food).

Do weight lifting regiments as lifting DOES help build muscle at the expense of the body burning it’s own fat to fuel it. Eat protein rich meals afterwards though.

The basic idea is that when you’re either hungry and do a workout OR eating the GOOD foods and combining it with exercise, you’re basically ATTACKING the inner belly fat from 2 ends and having a far more powerful effect on it.

Bonus: A supercharged fat burning plan. You can drop 1-2 pounds every single day.

I’ve mentioned several times in this post about a diet plan that’ll help you drop a pound or more a day, but now I want to explain what it is in case you are interested to know more:

I’ve read and tried various plans that help you burn belly fat. While a lot of them are good, the one I want to share with you here is arguably the best for a few reasons:

1) It’s 14 days long.

2) You can drop 1-2 pounds of literal FAT every single day if you follow it.

3) The plan is one you can customize so you can make your own meal plans (they are easy to set up).

4) It provides immense health benefits besides just belly fat burning, but also reduction of major health risks such as heart disease and more.

5) The plan attacks fat from 10 different points. Each point is known as the “2 minute ritual”. The more of these “rituals” you do, the more fat you’ll burn, hence why it’s possible to drop 1-2 pounds a day. One of the rituals is the eating plan I’m about to explain to you…

So what is this plan? It’s called Lean Belly Breakthrough.

In this plan, you eat in a customized way for 14 days.

You are provided a LARGE list of foods to choose from, ranging from all categories, meat, protein, vegetables, fruits, carbs, ect… 

You pick out which meals you want to eat, are given a particular caloric limit to stay within daily and eat 3 times a day, but you make sure those 3 meals you have are done within a 10 hour time frame.

The remainder of the time (which will be during sleep) is when you’ll burn even more calories and fat.

This is one of the 10 rituals that’s part of this plan and it’s VERY effective at dealing with fat burn. In addition, the above 5 steps are also part of this diet, but they are done in a more accelerated method to improve results further.

If you are in a hurry to drop belly fat, I highly recommend the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

Here is the official site.


How to Burn Fat While You Sleep. The Simple Secret Revealed.

Here is the secret: Go to bed hungry. You’re not going to believe how awesome this trick works. But allow me to explain it:

Believe it or not, every single day and night, even while you sleep, your body is already, actually burning fat. During the day it does it faster, because you move around more, you’re more active and this requires more energy to be used up, thus it only makes sense to assume that during the day or whenever you’re active, your body is going to work more, and once again, this will require that it uses more calories and fat for fuel.

However, during night time, the body is in rest mode, but still burning fat, just in a much lesser level. It just doesn’t need to do as much when you’re relaxed, that should make sense too.

Given these 2 scenarios, one would think that they don’t need to do anything to burn fat while they sleep, but they would be wrong. Very wrong in fact, because most people make a terrible mistake which actually piles on the weight during this time.

What is this mistake? They eat before bedtime…

If you want to gain weight, there’s really no better way to do it than to eat before bedtime. But hold on Vitaliy, didn’t you just say that the body burns fat already, even while you’re sleeping?

Yes I did, but here’s what you need to understand:

Imagine that you ate a big meal right before bedtime. Now your body will be spending the majority of the night if not the whole night and even the following day burning off that food you ate, and most of the time, it won’t be able to finish ridding itself of that one meal before you’re already onto your next, which means you’re now going to have excess food in the body.

Here’s a quick numbers example:

  • Let’s say the average person burns 300 calories a night.
  • But before bed, they ate a big meal that amounted to 1,000 calories. 
  • By the time you wake up, that’s still 700 calories worth of food in your body that hasn’t gone away. 
  • Then before you wait for those 700 calories to get used up, you eat another meal, one that has another 1,000 calories.
  • Now your body will have to burn off 1,700 calories altogether.
  • And on and on this issue is going to pile up.

With this simple formula, it’s easy to see how excess weight piles on over a short period of time. Now let’s take that example, but exclude the bed time meal.

  • Again, we will use the same person who burns 300 calories a night.
  • Before bed, they don’t eat anything. Thus they will drop 300 calories and if they have excess weight in the body, those 300 calories will come off that existing weight, so you will be losing a part of that.
  • Repeat that for about 12 days and you’re going to lose 3,600 calories, which equals 1 pound of fat, doing something as simple as sleeping.

See how differently that went? And all because you didn’t eat at night. It makes a huge difference, and a lot more quickly than you think…

How many calories do you burn when you sleep? You’d be surprised…

You’d have to determine your BMR for this, but it’s somewhere around several 100 calories per 7-8 hours during bedtime, and it’s also determined by your starting weight, so someone who weights 200 pounds or more will get rid of more calories during their sleep than someone who weights 150 pounds.

But in any case, it’s a serious parameter to consider if you’re already having trouble with weight and need to drop it. Also consider the fact that it’s hard enough to not eat, but when you sleep, you’re not going to care about it, so it’s a way of putting your body on autopilot, letting it work for you, and you don’t have to suffer from cravings.

But if cravings arise before bed, here’s what you can eat:

You need to eat small snacks that are basically neutral foods and won’t cause weight gain. Here’s some personal options I use when I have this problem:

  • Walnuts with a cup of water.
  • A tablespoon of flaxseeds and a cup of water.

It’s not exactly a fine dish by any means, but it doesn’t have any carbs, and it will only aid my body in burning fat because it has high fat to begin with. So if you suffer from having major cravings before bed, try these foods and see how you feel. It may take 15-20 minutes for you to feel their effect, but by that time, you should already be in bed, trying to get some shut eye. 

Believe me, the other option in eating what you want is only going to cause a problem that can easily get out of control if you use the above reference I did.

And in the worst case scenarios, if you succumb to your cravings (it happens to us all), eat what you want, then the only 2 options would be to sleep later and feel hungry again OR burn off the calories the next day through an exercise and/or skip a meal through something like intermittent fasting.

You have to try and avoid falling for that craving, because the alternative is just worse in every way imaginable. If you fall to it:

  • You will fall for it more and more, and this will only cause weight gain to happen more quickly.
  • You will lose extra sleep trying to wait until you get hungry again to go to sleep.
  • You will skip a meal the next day and feel miserable doing so.

And that’s because you couldn’t hold on. It’s just not worth it. Do your best to go to bed hungry and make it a discipline. On just that alone, you’re going to see some remarkable weight loss results and in a much faster time frame than you think.

The ONLY time you can get away with this is if you have medical conditions or health issues that require that you go to sleep with a full stomach. If that’s the case, then you have to follow through with that, but I would highly recommend you speak with your doctor and try to change your diet around with their supervision.

So really, the whole key to this article and question is just to go to bed hungry, that’s it and just let the body do the rest. I have a whole eBook on these types of tricks to help you lose weight and you can find it here.

And the next day, when you wake up, I promise you, that craving is going to be gone and you’ll be proud of yourself for sticking to it!

Additional tip…

If you’re NOT allergic to it, take a teaspoon or tablespoon of coconut oil OR flaxseed oil. This is something I learned from this awesome dieting book.

These oils contain healthy fats that raise metabolism, so while it won’t add to your calorie count before bed, it will help speed up metabolism while you sleep, thereby helping you lose even more weight during that period.