Is The Red Tea Detox a Total Scam? A Real Review You Can Trust.

Ok so if you’re visiting this page, chances are one of two things:

1) You heard about the red tea detox, probably saw a bunch of review sites, blogs and/or videos praising it and want to know if it’s a total scam or actually real.

2) You never heard about this detox but you saw me recommend it from another diet/diet product review I did and you want to know if this is a plan that can really help you lose a lot of weight, quickly.

Here is the short answer:


The red tea detox (it’s a cleanse too) is powerful, very powerful, but it is not for everyone.

There are many diet plans, cleanses, detoxes and various other weight loss methods I’ve reviewed, but this one may be the most effective in terms of weight loss.

The problem however is that it can be so effective that it may not be healthy for those who are on medication or have health conditions that would make this a problem (do NOT do this plan if you’re pregnant or nursing), so if you’re either of these people, I don’t recommend the red tea detox. If anything, let your doctor know what it is (read this review first, and let them make a decision. Get a second opinion.

How powerful is this detox/cleanse? Let me put it this way…

It’s probably the most powerful acting plan I’ve come across. You can lose the most amount of weight with it, out of all the plans I’ve seen.

The reason why is because this plan combines 2 things: 

1) An actual detox/cleansing stage where you drink red tea and water for about a week. You can drop at least 10-15 pounds easily during this time. At the same time though, you will not be eating for these 7 days.

2) Afterwards, there is a 2 week diet stage (14 days), where you eat differently every few days, but you still drink the same red tea during this time. In fact, this 2 week diet is something I’ve already reviewed previously and recommended (it can help you drop 16 pounds in 14 days), but when I reviewed it, it was not connected to this plan. It is now, and frankly, it makes it even more powerful as a result.

So overall, if you do the entire thing, it’s 3 weeks long, aka 21 days.

What happened was that the creator of the Red Tea Detox combined their plan with the 2 week diet to create the hybrid we have here and it’s a powerful one.

So this is basically a cleanse + a diet. And you’re saying I can drop 20 pounds or more right?

If you have 20 or more pounds of weight to get rid off, then yes. Some people may be fine with just 10, but this plan will do the trick. However, let me make something very clear:

-You don’t need to do both plans. You can JUST do the detox, then eat clean after. You will not be eating for 7 days with this option, so it is radical.

-Or you can do the 2 week diet portion of the overall plan and drink the tea, then eat clean there. This is more of a moderate version, but still very powerful.

-For the best results, do both plans (they are connected so you don’t need to figure it out, it’s laid out for you).

If you’re healthy enough, but need to drop 20 or more pounds, do the entire thing. 

Let’s talk about the first part of this plan: The actual red tea detox.

So this plan is getting a lot of attention and as someone who has never heard of it, but has done different cleanses and detoxes, I was curious. So I actually did buy the eBook (it’s over 130 pages).

So the review you are reading now is actually legitimate and not just some fake pitch. I am recommending it, but I am not recommending it to everyone (remember what I said above about it not being ideal for everyone).

Here’s what you need to know:

For 7 days you are drinking this red tea that you have to make yourself (You can actually order it from inside the eBook, aka online). You are drinking 6 cups of this stuff daily, for 7 days.

Here is how this causes a lot of weight loss to happen:

1) The first thing is that it cleans out the system (body).

It clears out your system of toxins, waste and restores your digestive system, thus making you drop a lot of weight in the process. As someone who has experienced this in another form, I can tell you it’s real.

2) Not eating for 7 days is really the big part of this.

Let’s not kid ourselves, not eating for 7 days straight is going to make you lose weight and a lot of it. But adding this drink to your fast is actually fueling the weight loss further, as it resets the body, helps it work faster and this propels results. 

Can’t eat for 7 days? Here’s how the red tea is said to help in that regard:

The ingredients you include to make the drink itself is said to suppress hunger and make you feel fuller so the fast doesn’t feel as bad as you may think. Personally, I know from doing this type of stuff that on day 3, things get pretty easy.

Ok, so what’s the recipe/ingredients?

There’s about 7 of them. One of them is rooibus tea. Then there’s also a spice called saffron and a bunch of other things like ginger. You can also use sugar substitute such as stevia (and other ingredients for flavor). There’s basically a combination of spices and herbs in this drink. This cleans out and speeds up the body’s metabolism.

Recipe instructions are inside the eBook, but you basically boil about 7 cups of this stuff together and drink it 6 times a day as I said. Then the next day, you prepare another 6 cups, and do that for either the 7 days you’re on this detox OR the full 21 days if you include the diet plan you go on post detox that I’m about to talk about now:

Now we will talk about the second part of the plan: The 2 week diet.

I’ve done a few articles on this plan and have said it works very well. It combines 4 very good ways. Here is the explanation:

With this part of the plan, instructions, food lists and charts are provided. It’s honestly not a difficult plan to do and after you’ve done the first phase (if you elected to that is), this remaining 14 day plan is very simple to complete. You will probably not even feel hungry a single day.

So overall, this is the plan summarized:

-Drink 6 cups of red tea for 7 days (no eating).

-Complete the 14 day diet while drinking the same thing every day.

You can choose to do one of these plans on it’s own OR you can do both, for a complete 21 day “reset” to get the best weight loss results. But remember, if you’re not healthy enough to do this, don’t. Talk to a doctor please.

So there it is, the full review of the red tea detox. I hope I have answered your questions as I know how vague the other reviews are. If you have anymore, do let me know. Here’s the link to the diet plan itself if you want to do it.

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