Slim Fast Drinks. Do They Really Work?

For many years Slim Fast has produced some great products to help people lose weight. From drinks to energy bars and a number of other products all aimed at helping people shed the pounds. Their drinks are the most popular. But do they really work?

The answer is yes, but the truth is these drinks on their own are not enough to provide significant weight loss results. A lot of people who try Slim Fast drinks do so without actually making any changes to their current diet/s. In those scenarios, the Slim Fast drinks which contain protein and a number of other ingredients will do very little and in some cases nothing to aid in weight loss.

What is good about the drinks is that they are also meant to be meal replacements and are very satisfying when you eat/drink them. They also contain a low amount of calories, which sounds contradictory because most people will believe they’ll go hungry. However this is not always true since Slim Fast products contain high satiety ingredients which basically have few calories but a high satisfaction value meaning you’ll feel full for longer.


Should you try Slim Fast drinks?

I believe Slim Fast drinks, though good, are not really worth investing too much time & money into if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight because again unless you plan on making drastic changes to your current diet/lifestyle, you won’t do much but scratch the surface of the problem.

However, if you live a busy lifestyle and don’t really have time to plan meals, you can certainly substitute a few daily meals for these drinks and odds are you’ll see some results. Around 1-2 pounds a week.

Additionally if you workout, Slim Fast drinks can also be beneficial as a post workout meal/drink since they carry protein which is absolutely essential to muscle building. I honestly wouldn’t do it. For me a post workout meal should be walnuts and an organic fruit juice. As for meals, instead of a protein shake or Slim Fast (which are almost the same), a meal high in protein such as salmon is perfect.

Is Slim Fast good for those who need to lose weight quickly?

Probably not. Weight loss results with Slim Fast if everything else stays the same are minimal. If you make changes to your diet, it’ll help supplement results, but even then the majority of weight loss will come from the dieting changes itself, not the drink/product.

If you’re seeking to lose weight quickly, you can make some immediate and simple changes through the methods listed here. This will start you off on the right foot.

As for any type of specific diets you can try for faster results, I would recommend the #1 rated diet on this website due to it’s speedy results and massive flexibility.

To conclude on Slim Fast, they work, but the price tag of using them will add up so in that sense I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can afford it.

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