The Great Health Benefits of Drinking Salt Water.

I’ve had many experience & health benefits after drinking salt mixed in with water and I’d like to share that with you today. There were 2 separate occasions when I had tried this and the results were “spectacular”. I put that into quotes because while you’re going to experience a lot of positive things from doing this, you’re going to want to be near a bathroom and that’s really the only con to this.

But I’d like to help shed light on the many benefits of drinking salt water and the first is that:

It helps with weight loss. The main purpose of this site is to help you with your weight loss goals. Drinking salt water aids in this because it washes away most if not all of the undigested food in your body. This helps “clean out the system” and allows you to function better. Not only that, but…

It improves metabolism. A clean body is a well functioning body. Digestion increases and with that so does metabolism and circulation.

It cleanses the body. One of the 2 times I drank salt water was when I was performing a master cleanse. Part of that regime required that I drink about a liter of it every morning. This ensured my system would be cleaned out thoroughly. 

I have also done a similar cleanse, but one which involved a different approach, but at the same time there was still the element of drinking salt water every morning.

In those 2 experiences, I saw tremendous results. I lost weight. I had healthier skin. My taste buds changed for the better in the sense that I had less cravings for bad unhealthy foods and more. 


Is it safe?

The only time I can see there being an issue is if you’re diabetic or you have some sort of allergy towards salt. In either scenario or if you’re unsure, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure maximum safety. 


Depending on your size/weight, this will determine how much you have to drink. I am 5’11” and weight about 190 pounds. I drank about a liter every morning of this stuff and really did the drink. Use my credentials as a reference for when you try this. If you weight more, drink more of this stuff. If you weight loss, drink less.

Usually the salt/water composition should be about 1 tablespoon for every cup of water. It’s not the tastiest thing to drink, but it works very well. Just make sure to stir the drink very well so all of the salt vanishes. 

What to expect:

About 30 minutes after drinking it, you should expect to have a sudden urge to run into the bathroom. This is completely normal and a sign you did it correctly. The process of cleansing yourself of all this stuff make take a few hours meaning you’ll be in and out of the bathroom several times. 

This means that if you live a busy life, this kind of approach to health improvement may not be very convenient so you’re going to have to choose days when you’re not busy to do this kind of stuff.

As for how many times you should do drink salt water for, it really depends. When I did the master cleanse, it was 10 days. When I did the alternative cleanse, it was 3 weeks. 

If you’re just getting started, aim for anywhere for 3-5 days as a start and see how you feel. Then you can do this in moderation if things are looking good. 

I prefer you use some sort of natural salt, like sea salt. I don’t like the traditional iodized ones because there are absolutely no health benefits to them. Buy the more expensive one as it will help you better in the short and long run.

What about using this in combination with other cleanses?

When I tried this, I used it during a cleanse. Can you drink salt water on your own and forget the cleanses or is it better to do it together? This is another question whose answer is, it depends.

If you’re looking to see major changes in your body and want to experience the full power of a cleanse, I’d recommend doing it fully. The master cleanse is one option. 

If you’re just looking to experiment and see how things go, then you can absolutely just drink the salt water and see where things progress from there. 

Usually with traditional cleanses, you’re looking at things like fasting, being VERY strict with what you can/cannot drink and other things that may make life very difficult for you in the short run. However if you can get through the cleansing period which can be anywhere from 3-10 days, you will experience remarkable effects.

But on it’s own, drinking salt water is still an excellent way to get all of the benefits mentioned above. If you have any questions on this method of weight loss/health improvement, please let me know in the comments section below.


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