GOLO Diet Review. Here’s What Makes This Plan Special.

golo diet reviewGOLO is a “new” diet plan that approaches weight loss solutions not from a typical eating less or counting calories strategy but from maintaining a hormone in your body, insulin under a particular level so your body can steadily burn of fat.

Does this weight loss strategy work? And is it really that special?


How does GOLO work?

Overall this plan has you eating healthy, 0 additive foods that are generally low carb and the few foods you eat that do have carbs don’t really raise your insulin levels much.

The point is that by eating low carb and eating healthy in general, you lower your insulin levels to a point where the body will start to burn excess fat deposits. Basically GOLO works in a similar fashion as any low carb diet out there. But there people do often have problems eating this way which is why this particular plan has 3 parts:

The 3 part system of this weight loss plan explained:

Part 1: You eat in the actual low carb approach. They call it the “Metabolic Fuel Matrix” where they say you eat foods that are supposed to fuel your body and burn fat. All I really think this is based of the foods I saw is just the low carb meals that don’t give your body enough carbs/fat so it burns the ones in your body to maintain energy.

That burning is what’s the fuel in my opinion. But in my personal opinion there’s better, less cutting calorie type ways to burn fat and that is actually eating high fat foods. It’s crazy but if you check out this method, you’ll see how it works.

Part 2: You take a supplement called “Release”. It contains a high number of potent and natural ingredients including garcinia cambogia extract I believe that help your body reduce cravings.

Often one of the biggest problems low carb users experience is hunger and cravings for something with sugar. This can really cause a lot of people to quit these types of plans early on, but this supplement helps the fat continue to burn of and helps reduce the cravings for the bad foods and stabilizes insulin levels.

Part 3: They offer a membership to help provide services such as motivation.

Does this plan really work?

This plan does work because it uses the low carb approach to losing weight and through their release supplement helping you maintain that type of lifestyle.

Eating low carb has been proven to work. The less sugar/carbs you eat, the more weight you will lose. I have personally experienced this when I decided to eat less carbs and consume less sugar (here’s how I did it).

It is absolutely true that insulin levels can be connected to fat and eating more and more sugar can impede metabolism to burn off all the calories it needs, causing more fat storage to come about and the more they do this, the harder and more dense the fat gets, making it harder and harder to lose weight, especially as you age.

In short, GOLO turns the clock backward and implements an eating style that reduces fat getting added on and begins to attack the ones you already have.

What are the average results? How much do people lose on GOLO?

The average span of this plan is 90 days to a year. In 90 days, average results are about 20 pounds or slightly more. 

Is this plan good for diabetics? 

In many ways yes, although you should analyze the food list first and SPEAK to a doctor prior, this plan does focus on regulation of insulin levels, therefore helping in the area of diabetes prevention.

Should people who have diabetes do this plan? Again, a doctor would be able to tell you this better, but this plan is good for lowering sugar/insulin levels. 

What kinds of foods will people on this plan eat?

All you really have to do to see all the foods on this plan is go to their site and look at the intro video that shows all th dishes. Basically:

Mainly vegetables, meats, whole pasta, a little bit of bread, apples, basically mainly foods that are low on sugar and those that are such as fruits are in small amounts not to boost insult levels too high.

There is also no counting of calories on this plan as I saw. It appears to be strictly based on making sure you don’t consume too much sugar, regular insulin and eat health, a formula that will help you drop pounds and be healthier.

Is there any exercise plan added to this program?

There doesn’t appear to be shown on their which is surprising considering that exercise can also be very beneficial for lowering insulin levels and burning fat.

You may want to consider adding a light exercise plan if you plan to do GOLO. Maybe a light walk, a jog and/or cardio/strength regiment that helps burn extra additional fat.

GOLO diet score:

3.5 stars

3.5 stars out of 5. Even though they try to make it look very special, this is really in my opinion more of a traditional low carb diet. The only real thing that’s special is their “Release” supplement which should not be take on it’s own but used alongside the diet to work.


Conclusions on GOLO:

Is this an excellent diet plan? Pretty much.

Is it really that unique and the first time this kind of approach is used to lose weight? Not really, there’s a lot of diet plans that are similar and used supplements to contribute to helping people lose weight.

But what is good that even though it isn’t that special, it still uses a strategy to losing weight that does work, it’s just that many people have trouble keeping with it which is why they offer their supplement and support plan to help you.

Overall this is a great plan and possibly even better for diabetics or those close to being diabetic. 

Would this diet be the best to use though? Well for weight loss purposes alone, there are faster ones that aren’t “crash” types.

For example, the 2 week diet is almost identical at targeting fat like GOLO but they mix up the strategy to get faster weight loss:


Both eating plans can provide incredible results and are truly healthy. GOLO is more centered around steady and long term weight loss which is great, but if there is a need for you to lose weight faster, the 2 week diet will do that. They are both basically the same in what they aim to get rid of: Fat. 

17 thoughts on “GOLO Diet Review. Here’s What Makes This Plan Special.”

  1. This is interesting! A new diet plan that I am sure most of us especially me have never heard of. Most of the time when it comes to losing weight or controlling one’s diet, we never really think of our hormones and this is a great diet plan that I might try it out! Counting calories is definitely NOT my thing and I tend to just eat what I want

    • I am not a fan of counting calories either Rab, but at the same time, having no limits on what we eat or how much of it is a risky play here too.

    • I cut out pork. I trim off all chicken ft and skin. I limited almost all sugars. I stopped all carb drinks. I stopped all dairy Iimit all foods as far as portion. I eat chicken, fish, beef. Beef is 96 percent fat free. I treat myself once a month to something special. My colestrol dropped from over 300 to 170. Stopped most all snacking.

  2. I’m very confused as to what to do now. I purchased the ‘Release’ product, however, the tracking on it says it won’t get here until Monday. I understood by the information provided I would get it faster. Where do I get the food plan? My purchase describes 1 item in my purchase of ‘Release’, no mention of paperwork or food plan.

  3. All you need is to eat healthy foods and not over do it with 1 hr a day of exercise you will lose weight and you do not need any Pills or any other money grabbing product..Dr.J

  4. Upon your mention of garcinia cambogia extract, I went to Google searching to find out what that is, and discovered that it is called hydroxycitric acid or HCA. Then I read on to learn of some of the side effects and was shocked to learn that it can cause joint pain (no thank YOU!), severe diarrhea or dysentery, etc.

    • I am not familiar with those specific side effects of the garcinia product Trish, but I will also look at that research. All I have heard is that it MAY be able to aid in weight loss, although my research has shown it has little effect unless used with a proper, healthy lifestyle, making it kind of useless and if the side effects are real, then that makes it far worse.

  5. Wow interesting. I know a female friend who is attempting to lose fifty pounds in three months. She counts calories all the time. She even carries this little scale with her all the time so she can weigh how many “grams” she is eating. I have always been impressed, because if I was in her position, I would’ve given up a long time ago considering all the work that has to be done. On the other hand, GOLO doesn’t seem to have that problem, because it’s eating based on nutrition instead of numbers. I will recommend this to her.

    • I think your friend may be too focused on the smallest aspects of weight loss (scale, checking every gram, ect…) and while GOLO may be one solution, another one may be to just focus on the basics of eating well and not worrying so much about the numbers.

  6. Thank you for the review! I understand how low carb diets work – and it appears that this GOLO approach is solidly in that camp. One thing in particular troubles me, can you provide more information regarding this special hormone? To me, ingesting hormones is something that should only be prescribed by a doctor. Is there any information regarding the safety of this hormone?

    • You don’t inject any hormones into your body with the GOLO diet Andy, you simply maintain it (insulin) on a safe level so it doesn’t get out of control and lead to fat adding up.

  7. I have never heard of GOLO – and boy do I need to lose weight – it sounds great. I always seem to start a diet plan enthusiastically but by Day 3 my carb addictions start kicking in … I don’t think I am alone in start, stop, start, stop … I also think that once you start seeing progress it motivates you to continue, maybe I should give it a try.

  8. I have heard many people saying that reducing sugar intake is important for anyone who wishes to shed a few pounds. So I wasn’t really surprised at this approach of lowering insulin levels.

    However, I have to say that the supplements they provide, together with the motivational support, makes this whole package rather attractive. I’m sure some people will find their service to be beneficial.

  9. Hello here. Interesting article. I never heard about this particular program. Everything that works for people and does not harm them is a new option which could be tried.We never know what could work for one or does not show positive results for next human being.

    As I know that cravings are the worst part for everybody who wants to lose weight. If this mentioned supplement can reduce cravings, I think that everybody would be happy. There are a lot of temptations around, especially on Halloween time.

    I wonder if this Golo diet has an evaluation for safety from health professionals. Some people who are obese have much more problems, not just weight.

    • I believe there are doctors who have approved this diet Nemira, though I am not sure how many have. Since there’s a lot of “diabetic” friendly plans in GOLO, I’d still tell them to go over it with their doctor/s.


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