Fat For Fuel Review. How Special is This Plan?

Today’s article will review Fat For Fuel. Many people are talking about this diet program and calling it a miracle worker.

One of the reasons why is that it claims to fight some major diseases while giving more energy and enhancing brain health. These are hefty claims and we were immediately curious about doing a good review of this product and see if what they are claiming could be true.

We will take a look at where it came from, what it is, are the claims made true and is it safe to use and then give you our thumbs up or thumbs down on this product.

So let’s start with where it came from.


Where did the Fat For Fuel diet come from?

This diet was born in a book called “Fat For Fuel” written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O who is the founder of one of the most popular health sites on the web.

He is also the holder of one of the largest mailing lists for his newsletters and has a huge following, so word has spread rapidly about this plan.

He focuses this book on the ketogenic diet, which consists largely of fats instead of carbohydrates and he uses this diet as part of his new program called Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy or MMT for short.

Without getting into too many medical terms, MMT is based on using ketones for fuel that the body produces by eating fat, rather than using glucose that the body produces from free radicals when eating carbohydrates.

He claims this leads to better brain health and more energy and even boosts the ability to fight off cancer.

He also believes that this is the only diet anyone who is dealing with type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity or dementia should be eating.

What is The Fat For Fuel Diet?

As we mentioned earlier this is a ketogenic diet and what we mean by that is these types of diets avoid all starches and sugars, they limit the intake of protein to very modest amounts and they create calories out of mostly fats.

When the body is low or out of sugars it normally burns for fuel from carbohydrates it will start to burn fat and this is called an accelerated metabolism, which is what makes this diet work.

These types of diets were first used in treating epilepsy and grew from that treatment into being famous around the world such as the Atkins diet and similar low carb diets have grown to.

The kinetic diet Dr. Mercola refers to in his book uses less protein and more fat than the other low carb diets and he states the benefits from this are huge.

What benefits will I experience from following this diet plan?

According to his book, and we have touched on these three claims earlier but let’s get a bit more into them here.

The first benefit comes from the Ketones created by using fat for energy.

By using these instead of glucose that is created by eating carbs and sugars you will simply starve the cancer cells from the source it uses to grow and this has many clinical studies attached to it to substantiate this claim, in other words, this claim is true.

The second claim the good doctor makes is still under investigation in trials and studies but some interesting facts have been determined.

In studies in professional athletes, the results show more even and consistent energy levels by athletes who use this diet over a diet that has sugar and carbs in it.

The studies find that the sharp spikes in sugar consumption and carb consumption lead to the coming down effect, which is defined as fatigue, and on the doctor’s diet these spikes do not occur, thus leaving the athletes more level in their energy levels.

The third major claim was a more healthy and alert brain could be expected by following this diet plan. We also reviewed a good diet program with similar focuses, and that is Grain Brain.

This was studied by a group at UCLA that chose 10 people who were dealing with a memory problem and studied them as they changed their diets to a low carb or no carb high-fat diet.

The results were remarkable showing 9 out of 10 participants with improved memory skills.

This is a topic that is getting much research working with early dementia patient and it is believed that this process could even be reversed!

Is this program safe it use?

This is always the most important question with any new eating habits and with this program, it is a wise question to ask.

The reason we say this is because whenever your body switches from burning glucose for fuel to ketones it affects how you feel.

People can get what the industry calls Keto flu in the first four to seven days. You will feel similar symptoms to the regular flu and it passes quickly. The best way to deal with it is just like you would with the regular flu, get plenty of rest and know it is going to pass.

It is not uncommon to experience this and many people often get discouraged during these few days and actually give up on the diet thinking why would they want to do something that makes them sick but trust that it will pass and be worth the wait.

As with any change of lifestyle always get your doctor’s OK on any changes you may be panning in your life and also remember not all diets work for all people and sometimes you have to search yours out, we hope you have found that right one in this program!

Our View:

Many major medical facilities are preaching a change in diet towards a more kinetic diet that will enhance better health in people and we agree and give this program a huge thumbs up!

Well, that’s about it!

We have covers what it is, where it came from and how it works and we also covered any side effects to watch out for and now it is your turn!

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment please do so in the comments section below!

Happy dieting!

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