How to Lose Weight After New Years.

A lot of people make New Years resolutions to lose weight and while many do accomplish this goal, in the end most of these people fail because they aren’t able to maintain their results. This is really a major fault most diets have, but through the following method, you’ll likely never have to worry about this again.

If you’re looking to lose weight and maintain your results, whether for New Years or just in general, then a dieting technique known as calorie shifting should be more than enough to get you there. This is a method of eating which pretty much violates every known dieting “rule” ever created. 

When you begin your resolution to lose weight on January 1st, start by doing the following things:

1. Eat more often everyday. By often, this means anywhere from 4-7 meals a day.

2. Drink more filtered water daily. 8 glasses is the recommended amount. 

3. Eat 2-3 hours apart. 

4. Make sure each meal you eat has a different amount of calories. Usually by eating 2-3 hours apart, you’ll feel fuller/less fuller each time you eat so you won’t have to worry about this.

5. Only eat until you’re almost full. 

Most of these tips are more than enough to get you going on your quest to lose weight after New Years. In fact calorie shifting is what you’ll be doing if you follow all 5 tips. What exactly is it though?

It’s just a form of “random” eating where you just keep mixing up the order/amount of what/how you eat. This approach in spite of seeming chaotic is actually beneficial because it will make your body increase it’s metabolism. Done properly, this way of eating can get you to lose a pound a day, sometimes more.

Ideally you should avoid eating anything that is unhealthy. By unhealthy, this means any sort of fast foods or meals with ingredients such as white sugar, white salt & white flour in it. More details

This form of abstaining will provide extra benefits in that it will help the body stop taking in foods that damage it’s health, thereby helping functions such as digestion, circulation, metabolism, fat burning, sleep. Improvements in those fields will also lead to not just short term weight loss, but long term results as well. 

It isn’t easy to stop eating the foods we love so much, so instead of quitting it cold turkey like most people do, try lessening the amount you eat and substituting the difference with healthier foods. Gradually increase the amount of healthy foods you eat and decrease the amount of unhealthy foods you eat. You should do this in 1-2 week intervals. 

As for calorie shifting, this can be done either way. This guide to calorie shifting is most recommended if you want to experience the most flexibility and best results. Either way, if you implement just calorie shifting, abstaining from unhealthy foods or best of all, both, you’ll not only lose weight and full fill (no pun intended!) your New Year’s resolution, but you’ll probably never have to diet again. 

Do you a successful way of losing weight after New Year’s you’d like to share? If so, let us know!


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