How Tom Arnold Lost 90 Pounds in 9 Months.

Recently it was announced that Tom Arnold, comedian/movie star, lost 90 pounds after having his first child at 54 years old. Stories like these are very inspirational to everyone who is currently struggling to lose the weight and in this post, let’s take a look at how he lost 90 pounds.

When interviewed, Tom said what was most inspirational in him taking the steps needed to fix himself was his son. He weighed nearly 300 pounds when his son was born and realized if he was going to be around his kid longer, he would have to make some serious changes, and so he did.

Tom began using the elliptical every single morning and eating a healthy breakfast that contained chia seeds, a super food which is said to increase in size once you eat it and helps you feel fuller. Additionally Tom also said he stopped eating sugar and bread altogether. 

This in combination with overall healthy eating and maintaining this habit ended up with 90 pounds being lost in a period of 9 months. Not bad at all considering how many people hit a weight loss plateau after a short time of dieting! Tom Arnold proves that when it comes down to it, the traditional approach to weight loss, aka healthy eating + exercise is the formula which always works. 

Anytime a story like this is mentioned, it brings hope to many people who are also struggling with the same problems Tom was and still is. And it is also true that there are much faster ways to lose weight than with the traditional approach, however in Tom’s case, it was the safe method of doing things which was just gradual weight loss and nothing too extreme. With patience and will power, his results are fantastic!

If you are aiming to lose weight right now, one of the best things you can is start here and utilize the 5 tips ridiculously simple, yet extremely effective methods recommended. They will help you start losing weight without adding anything difficult into your daily lifestyle.

When it comes to eating habits, I’m a proponent of gradual change. Most experts recommend cold turkey approaches to dieting or basically cutting out everything you’re doing and starting anew from day 1. I believe this leads to a “backlash” effect since our bodies are so used to eating the way we did before we start dieting and once we try to put them on a new path, they will eventually retaliate and force your body to go back to the way it was before you dieted.

This could materialize in the form of stronger cravings, weight loss plateaus and overall a much more difficult time maintaining the diet you’re on. This results in many yo-yo effects where most people just quit after awhile. 

Now don’t get me wrong. You absolutely should eat healthy and live healthy, but to get there, especially if you’re currently not living the healthy lifestyle, you should transition into it. Start with the 5 tips, then slowly eat less harmful foods and more healthy foods. 

Eventually the body will re-adjust itself and you won’t have the backlash effect. At the same time you will maintain results and live healthier. 

As for exercise? There’s another major component. For those of you who are NOT very active to begin with, start with something simple like walking. 30 minutes a day is a good place to start. Don’t power walk or jog. Just walk. As you become more and more used to it, increase the time/distance you walk. You can also try other activities such as swimming and simple jogging. Whatever you do, start off light and gradually increase the intensity at a comfortable pace! One step at a time! 

And on that note, just remember that when it comes to dieting and improving yourself, one step at a time will accumulate to incredible results, just like in Tom’s case! 

Do you have a weight loss story similar to Tom’s you’d like to share? If so, please leave it below in the comments section.



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