Lipo Diet Review. How Does it Work?

Today’s article will cover everything you need to know about the Lipo Diet.

There are so many diets available on the market in today’s world of online access and we love taking a good look at all of them and giving them either our seal of approval or as big thumbs down.

So let’s get started taking a look at this program by seeing where it came from, what it is, how it works and lastly if it is safe to use and at the end of the article we will give you our thumbs up or thumbs down on whether we believe it is worth giving a try.

We feel our readers deserve all the information that is available when starting a new diet program and we are happy to be their go-to place to get that information so let’s go add one more review!

What is the Lipo Diet?

Claims of a breakthrough in science and technology which has made it possible for controlled studies supporting this diet, the results being the discovery of how to unlock the secret of losing weight without exercise and pretty much being able to eat anything because of a process called lipolysis.

The creator of this diet claims lipolysis is a natural process that can occur in the body that releases stored fat from the body’s fat cells and burns it for energy.

This program through the correct food choices can switch the body’s ability to do this on thus burning fat for fuel.

According to the founder, the reason most diets fail is this switch never gets turned on thus the body is not in fat burning mode.

Exercise is actually not good for you!

The author of this program believes no amount of exercise will help a person whos switch is turned off to lose weight and he points out if you think about it just how many calories have you burned exercising and ending up gaining weight?

Well, you are not alone, and this is another mistake people make in choosing a way to lose weight.

By turning this switch on it leads to quick and healthy weight loss and a path back to good better health that is not based on hours of exercise and starving the body of foods.

Where did this diet come from?

This is a weight loss program developed by author Russell Eaton and is explained in detail in a book he has written called “The Lipo Diet: Rapid Weight Loss by Eating More and Doing Less”

The author claims that a high-carb, high-calorie high-fat diet can unlock the body’s natural ability to burn fat through the process of lipolysis.

He is against any programs that fast or use the term healthy foods as his belief is that many self-claimed healthy foods are actually bad for your body.

He has created a step by step diet that he walks you through in his book that if followed will guarantee results and is delicious all at the same time and the reviews he is getting on this plan have been nothing short of outstanding.

Does this diet work?

According to the reviews, not only does it work but it is the easiest way to lose weight quickly and not have to go hungry or work a daily exercise program to do it and many are calling it the miracle diet!

The author goes on to claim exercise programs not only do not work they also make you ill and fat and do nothing to improve your health.

He notes that you should eat more, not less of the right foods and your body will respond by burning excess fat right out of the gate without fasting periods or diets filled with undesirable tasting foods such as raw greens and the likes.

This diet is also coupled with a few of his supplements you should be taking along with following the menus to achieve a healthy body, and throw away all of the rest because he claims they actually harm you instead of heal you.

He goes as far as claiming you can extend your lifespan to well over 100 simply by a few lifestyle changes pointed out in his book.

Is this a safe program to follow?

We have scoured countless reviews of this program and read many of the claims and we can not find one report of any harm associated with using this weight loss program.

Actually, what we found was just the opposite, with many people who have used this claiming miraculous results!

Our Take

We think to the concept of turning the body’s fat-burning switch on to kick-start a weight loss program is an awesome concept!

Add in all the delicious tasting foods you get to eat that are necessary to turn this switch on and not having to work out endlessly to lose weight very attractive!

Because we could not find any negative reviews and in all the reviews we did we found nothing but praise we have to give this diet a big thumbs up and recommend at least taking a good look at it by reading the book and making up your own mind from that point.

As with any diet or lifestyle change, always recommend running it by your doctor before starting a program and remember, everybody is different and not all programs work for all people so an open mind is very important when choosing a program for you and giving it time to work is always essential.

A final thought

We have enjoyed reviewing this program and hope we answered any questions you may have had involving this topic.

We covered who created it, how it works and any safety concerns reported and hope in your weight loss ventures this information helps you in choosing your path to better health.

Now it is your turn!

We always want to hear from our readers so give us your opinion or ask any questions you still may have in the comments section and happy dieting!

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