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Want to see a fat loss plan that puts the 10 cheats into 1 powerful diet? It can help you drop 1-2 pounds of belly fat, everyday. Here’s how:

While it is true that each fat loss cheat you’ll get, when implemented can help you drop 1-2 pounds weekly, it is also true that the more cheats you use together, the faster results you get and it doesn’t get any better than combining ALL 10 cheats together.

Here’s the 2 week fat loss plan that uses ALL 10 cheats together & helps you drop 1-2 pounds DAILY, not weekly:

The name of this plan is the 2 week diet. Here is how it works:

It’s only 14 days long. If followed properly, you can drop 10-16 pounds of fat. That is an insane amount, but all made possible because this plan utilizes the fat loss cheats, together, as one powerful acting plan.

There are 4 phases to it and I will briefly summarize each one:

Phase 1 is only 5 days long. In it you will be eating low carb foods and drinking a lot of water. This combination acts as a fat burner of epic proportions as eating this way actually feeds your muscles and causes fat to get burned in more rapid levels. 

On this phase it is entirely possible to drop 5-7 pounds of fat.

Phase 2 is simple a 1 day fast. While not eating for 24 hours can be tough for some (if you’re taking medication, talk to a doctor), it is made easy with this plan as it recommends a way to “cheat” this process by timing your fast in such a way that you sleep through a HUGE chunk of it, making the rest easy to finish.

Phase 3 is my favorite and it’s 2 days long. You will be eating specific kinds of HEALTHY fatty foods which contrary to popular belief will actually do the following:

  • Speed up fat burning in the body.
  • Speed up circulation.
  • Speed up metabolism.

All of these 3 things will create a fat burning effect like nothing else!

And finally there’s Phase 4, which is quite possibly the easiest approach to dieting you’ll ever see. It’s only 6 days long and you will literally be allowed to eat ANYTHING you want and I mean absolutely anything. 

But you may be wondering how exactly does eating anything cause fat loss? Well there’s a secret technique this phase uses called BMR which will ensure you can eat whatever you want and lose fat in the process. I was astounded when I learned about it…

Click here to check out the official 2 week diet page.

One more thing I want to mention…

You can totally do this diet using the 10 fat loss cheats you are going to be getting but if you are in a hurry and want results NOW, there’s 2 things I want to mention:

1) This diet will help you maximize all 10 cheats right now. 

2) It’s currently discounted if you get it today ($10 OFF), so I strongly recommend it if you’re in a hurry to get going quickly.

This is an awesome, powerful plan which I’m sure you’re going to love! 

Official 2 week diet page ($10 off).

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