A Unique Way to Drop 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks & Why it Works.

Look, let’s be honest, there’s more than one way to drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks but with all the options out there, I’d like to give you one that is:

  • Unique. I’ll bet you haven’t seen this approach done yet and it isn’t boring.
  • It’s simple. Really it’s not hard to follow.
  • You can literally at what you want towards the end of it.
  • It gets easier and easier. Because it’s short and evolves as you get closer to finishing the 2 weeks, it gets easier, WAY easier.

So what is this plan? It is literally called the 2 week diet.

I found out about this diet over a year ago, and the things this particular plan taught me really changed my outlook to dieting and weight loss. I have used many of it’s tips to lose a good amount of weight. For reference, when I began trying out it’s guidelines, I was at 186 and now I am at 170.

Now this plan is indeed 14 days long, and has 4 phases to it. I personally didn’t need to drop all that much weight, so I only used 2 of the phases to get the results I did, but if you want the FULL, 10 pounds in 2 weeks effect, follow all 4 phases. 

Here is how the 2 week diet helps you drop 10 pounds:

So before I get into the 4 phases, let me explain that this diet is unique because it actually mixes together 4 different, yet proven ways to lose weight. As I said earlier, there’s more than one way to lose 10 pounds, and while there’s a whole bunch of bad ways to do that are unhealthy, there’s also good ways.

What the 2 week diet does is, it combines 4 of the best and proven ways to lose weight and you go through each method every few days. 

Why this works:

Not only does this process on it’s own work because you’re already doing something that is PROVEN to work, but there’s also an added weight loss benefit to changing your dieting routines and that is the “metabolic confusion” benefit.

The best way to explain this effect is this:

MOST diets lose their effect the longer you do them. This is because even though you may be doing things like cutting calories, eating low carb meals, drinking more, water, whatever the case is, the longer you do ANY of this stuff, the less effect it has on your weight loss results, because the body gets used to this and the more used to it that it gets, the less effect it has.

This is one of the reasons why MOST diets, even the best and most popular ones out there start by giving you awesome results, then as you get deeper and deeper into them, you’ll notice the weight loss results lessen and lessen and even get to a point where there are no results happening anymore.

Why the 2 week diet doesn’t fall into this trap and keeps the results coming…

Because this diet plan changes your actual eating routines every few days, you don’t let the body get used to any particular style of eating (remember, there’s 4 phases, spread across 14 days, each is unique in it’s own way).

As a result, each time you switch to a new phase, your body is basically getting a new fresh start on a new diet, and thus those initial, HIGH weight loss results, keep coming in each time you switch to a new phase, which happens every few days.

This means that through this diet plan, you are not stagnating or seeing less results, they KEEP coming in.

It’s possible to drop MORE than 10 pounds in 2 weeks with this method.

Everybody’s result varies. Through this diet plan, whatever your starting weight, how strictly you follow this plan (it’s not hard), will affect what type of results you get.

While average results are around 10 pounds in 2 weeks, sometime less, there are people who have a bigger starting weight may actually experience more weight loss results with this plan. Usually, at least 6 pounds or more is guaranteed for most.

Ok, let’s cover the 4 phases of the 2 week diet:

Phase 1: For 5 days, you’re eating low carb foods and drinking water. It is also recommended to go to sleep on an empty stomach to keep the weight loss results going throughout the night.

There’s a rotation of days where you only eat veggies to days where you eat a combination of protein foods and veggies, but this is only going on for 5 days, so it’s not that tough.

Note: If you’re taking medication, have health conditions or your eating routines require that you eat sugar and stuff like that, talk to a doctor beforehand to get their thoughts on this.

Phase 2: You literally FAST for 24 hours, which means no food for this day (day 6). This is where that trigger happens and the body, which was getting used to eating in a phase 1 routine, gets surprised by this change up.

A fast will help you keep good weight loss results going and the trick to doing this, as the 2 week diet suggests is to stop eating around the evening, so you sleep through most of the fast and thus don’t have to experience hunger for a longer period of time, you’ll literally sleep through a chunk of it.

Phase 3: This is one of the phases that actually made me drop a lot of weight and it’s the most controversial one. For just 2 days, you eat healthy, high fat foods.

Now we’re not talking burgers, fries, pizzas and other high fat foods, we’re talking HEALTHY high fat foods: Fish, turkey bacon, flaxseeds, things with omega 3’s (food for metabolism).

Men eat 1,500 calories daily while women eat 1,000 calories daily on this part of the plan.

The foods you get to eat (a list is provided) are healthy in that they speed up metabolism and actually keep the weight loss going. I wasn’t a believer in this one until I tried it and yes it works.

Phase 4: For the final 5 days of this diet, things are SUPER simple. You are allowed to eat ANYTHING you want (yes even bad stuff, though you should try to avoid that) but the key is…

You are given a formula of how many calories you need to eat daily (BMR) and all that you want to do is eat UNDER that amount. It doesn’t matter what foods you eat, so long as you don’t go over that BMR amount.

Mine was 2,100 calories daily, so as long as I kept my food intake under that, I was still losing weight.

This part of the diet is simple because it literally has you losing weight the most proven way possible: Burning more calories than you take in.

So as you can see, these 4 methods each work on their own, but mixed together as they are in this plan, make it an even more powerful effect. See before and after pictures.

Details on the author of the 2 week diet.

The man who made this specific plan is a personal celebrity trainer named Brian Flatt and his whole philosophy on weight loss is to get rid of the excess fat in the body as soon as possible, because it “weighs” you down in the most literal sense and causes health issues.

Getting rid of it quickly helps the body restore itself and return to functioning better and his plan helps you do that without getting bored and keeping the results going.

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