Day 2 of The Master Cleanse. The Highs, Lows And More.

Well I’m basically halfway into day 2 of the master cleanse and I’ve got to say, I’m not nearly as miserable as I originally expected. Last time I did this cleanse, day 2 was the worst. 

This time around, I honestly feel fine. Hunger cravings do pop up pretty often as I expected, but they aren’t nearly as bad as last time. In fact I feel like it’s rather easy to handle them. I either work or sleep pretty much. If I was to give these 2 days ratings from A-F, I’d say yesterday felt like a C and today also feels like a C. 

One major mistake I’ve made is leaving food in the fridge and easily accessible in general around the kitchen. The smell of food and even the though and even hearing a word you’d normally associate with food is enough to jump start the cravings.


Why am I not feeling the major cravings?

It could be because I’ve done this cleanse before so I’m used to the experience of feeling hungry and how to deal with it.

Or it could be because I have very erratic eating patterns. I may eat once, twice or many more times depending on the day and how it plays out. I believe not eating pretty much for an entire day many times before has better prepared me this time around.

Now that I am pushing to day 3, I would expect things to improve since that’s what happened the last time, but I’m not going to be too optimistic and hopefully there will be no negative surprises.

Technically as I move into 3, it should get much easier and all the way through day 5.

Coming off the cleanse and doing it properly: 

Earlier today, I was invited to a brunch Saturday which is the day after my cleanse ends. However, this interferes with my plans as I was planning on easing back into a full meal type of lifestyle.

Usually after coming of a cleanse, it is important to not stuff yourself right away. You should have several days (up to 3) before you get back to the old ways. Because of the recent invite, I’ve decided to stop the cleanse Friday night and have a small meal, then a light breakfast the next day, followed by the brunch, during which I will not stuff myself and only eat until I am somewhat satisfied. Usually this is not recommended, but we’ll see how things play out. 

When you come off the cleanse, very light meals are recommended. What are some examples of light meals?

  • Oatmeal.
  • Salad. 
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking water.
  • Fish (in small amounts).

The key is to ease back after the cleanse through small portion eating until your body gets used to it’s old ways and the irony of saying that is that after the cleanse is done, you’re not going to want to eat in your ways.

Another thing I’d recommend for people going through this cleanse is to try and avoid stress. It’s so imperative as stress really makes us want to eat. I know it isn’t easy, but if you can avoid confrontations or other things that trigger the stress, you’ll be much better off and likely to finish the cleanse successfully.

And that’s it for day 2. Day 3 can be found here!

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