Day 3: Master Cleanse Update!

Today I woke up, drank the usual salt mixed with water and waited to see how I would feel. Normally when I wake up, I don’t usually feel hunger until about 2 hours into waking up. So now a little over that time has passed and honestly, I don’t feel that hungry.

I predicted that day 3 would be much easier than the previous 2 and fortunately I was right. There is very little hunger and my cravings aren’t that big either. This is really the motivation I needed to push into the next few days I have remaining on the master cleanse. 

Today will continue in the same exact way the previous 2 have:

Start off with the drinking about 2 liters of water mixed with seal salt. Check.

Then drink the lemon mixed with maple B syrup, water and cayenne pepper. 

I have to say the drink itself would be fine, but the biggest challenge of consuming that is the cayenne pepper. Even though it’s in small amounts, it still gets annoying to drink after awhile. Without the pepper, this would be easy to do, but it’s also a key ingredient in the mixture so it’s just something I have to overcome. People who like spicy foods won’t have issues with this. 

I have also noticed that I feel clearer, both in body and mind. I have also noticed that my focus has improved as well as my stamina. Falling asleep has also become simpler. Also, I feel as though my hair feels stimulated. It’s a strange, but comfortable sensation that’s hard to describe, but hair growth was also a goal of mine throughout this cleanse. I just hope that my senses aren’t something else.

What about weight loss? Well I have lost 4 pounds in the last 2 and a half days. It’s not something I was aiming for from the very start, but I’m hoping those 4 pounds have been on the waist where I’ve been trying to get rid of that fat for quite sometime. 

As you may have read in a previous post, I have an upcoming event to go to on Saturday, so I’ll be cutting the cleanse a little bit short and eating my first, light meal starting Friday night.

One thing I’ve also added to this cleanse is taking “steam showers” before bed. Basically what I’ll do is cover up the bathtub and insulate the steam so it creates a sort of steam room, sit there for about 20-30 minutes, take a hot shower and head to bed. The extra sweating has definitely added to the detox effect. This is an optional side of the master cleanse and if you’re not someone that enjoys this, remember, you don’t have to do it.

I’ve preoccupied myself with work and errands to run all the way until I finish this cleanse and as I’ve said earlier, this has really helped distract me and now that the cleanse is starting to get easier, it’ll be that much more likely that I’ll be fine all the way through day 5 (hopefully no jinxing it!).  Stay tuned for the next day’s news! 

Update: Day 4 is up!

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