How to Lose Weight in 2015 And Permanently Keep it Off!

Weight loss goals are probably right up there with fitness goals when it comes to the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but in 2015, how do you plan to lose weight? If you’re thinking of doing something standard, I advise you rethink it for the moment, at least until you read of a strategy you could take that may very well make sure you never have to diet again.

Try this:

One of my goals this year has been to do a master cleanse. The aim isn’t to lose weight, it’s to get healthier, but for those seeking weight loss results, you’ll find this does the job. In about 5-10 days, you can drop over 10 pounds, get rid of bad food cravings, have healthier skin/hair and that’s just the start. 

Now one of the reasons I will personally be doing a master cleanse is because in 2015, one of my resolutions has been to become healthier and ripped. I’m not an overweight guy. I am 5’11 and weight about 180, but I do have some stubborn belly fat around the waist that needs to go and while I can try fat burning foods and other diets, I am not in the mood for long term changes and I do not like most diets.

A master cleanse is great at getting rid of that fat. It is also great at really resetting things and helping your body regain it’s health potential. I did mention you’re going to stop having bad food cravings. When I did the cleanse, the though of eating anything unhealthy (fast foods) made me nauseous. What better way to insure you don’t fall of the wagon when you’re done?

Is the master cleanse for you? If you are on medication or have some sort of medical condition where fasting or limiting food intake is very dangerous for you, do not do this cleanse. Instead you may want to consider something easier like the Every Other Day Diet where it’s much easier to lose weight and have a flexible way of eating.

How long?

If you decide to do this cleanse, try to stick to it for at least 3 days. 10 days is usually the longest you should do this for. I’m going to go for 5 due to certain time constraints I have. 

What to do after the cleanse:

You can consider most of your weight loss resolutions and fitness goals handled once you complete a cleanse because it isn’t just the cleanse’s initial effects that will show, but it’s the long term results that will also count. 

1. You’re going to hate eating bad foods and crave good ones, thus you will maintain your results and a healthy body.

2. Your weight will continue to go down or maintain what it should be at your age/height/weight since you’ll be eating healthier/

3. Things you do afterwards to be healthy and/or exercise will have an even better effect since your body will be cleaner from the inside. Nutrients will absorb better. Metabolism will increase. Energy levels will stay high.

So really after the cleanse is done, you’re really going to have an easier time moving forward. Think of it this way: 

After most diets are done, a long term plan is also set and this is where most people quit. The lifestyle changes are just too much to handle (although they are healthy!). With a master cleanse, your body is going to crave the healthy lifestyle so it will be that much easier to maintain.

If there’s anything specific you should/shouldn’t do after the cleanse, it’s this:

1. Eating unhealthy foods in large amounts. If a craving ever comes up, make sure it doesn’t happen more than a month (you probably won’t need to worry about this at all).

2. Try to stay away from unhealthy ingredients such as white sugar, flour and salt. 

3. Try eating organic. 

4. Drink more water.

That’s really is.

For non-cleansers:

Cleansing may not be for you and if that’s the case, try to stick to a different diet, maybe something like I mentioned above. But in addition to that, make a habit of doing some of the 4 things I just mentioned. It’ll go a long way. 

Also I’d avoid doing any fad diets. The mindset there always seems to aim for fast results even though they usually preach the opposite. Instead focus on gradually lessening the bad foods/ingredients/lifestyle choices in your life and adding more and more good choices.

Walk more. Exercise more. Add more water into your life. These simple things add up and overtime your body will get used to it. In fact, like with the post cleanse effects, it’ll crave it. It’ll take longer to feel it, but it will happen. 

The problem is that people try to make changes in a cold turkey fashion and this makes them quit within the first month. So don’t set your goals too high because there’s more chances of them failing. Make small changes and let them slowly add up and overtime those small goals whether it be just walking more everyday or drinking more water, whatever you do, it will add up and you will see and feel the changes.

2015 shouldn’t just be a year where you set a single goal and make it happen. It should be the start of a journey where you aim for constant self improvement and that is never a journey that really ends so focus on being a better you and doing things to make that happen and weight loss will follow as will a better you! 

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