What Can we Expect From Dr. Phil’s 20/20 Diet?

You may have heard, a new diet book is hitting the shelves on January 6, 2015. It is the 20/20 diet written by Dr. Phil and it’s getting a lot of press behind it. It may kick of the year as being the first big diet being advertised. 

Update 1/8/14: 

The diet has been released and so has the official review! Click here to learn everything about the 20/29 diet!

With not too much information being released, all we really know right now are a few things:

1. It’s Dr. Phil so the information is probably going to be good. Generally he has a good reputation on bringing good info to the market and I’m pretty sure this time around won’t be any different. 

2. It’s probably going to mostly be focused on healthy eating and exercising (or least to that extent). Most of the good diet books really deliver on that broad message. The Doctors Diet was one of those examples of another hyped diet that in the end just made the most obvious message clear (eat healthy and exercise).

3. Specifically, Dr. Phil’s book will focus on 20 specific foods (20/20 foods) you will have to eat to improve health and lose weight. I’m personally curious to read about these foods. 

This isn’t the first diet book that talks about powerful foods to help us lose weight. One particular example was J.J Virgin’s The Virgin diet where she listed 7 foods you need to avoid in order to improve health. With Dr. Phil, it’s going to be foods we need vs ones we don’t. 

One detail I did read about was that the 20 foods may have good impact on your body’s heat production (called thermogenesis). It just means these foods are going to increase fat burning and if my guess is correct, these ingredients and foods/ingredients that might make an appearance:

A) Cayenne pepper. This pepper is known to increase heat in the body and cause more calories to burn.

B) Flaxseeds. I really hope Dr. Phil’s book will mention this product. It’s a super food and greatly helps with digestion and weight loss.

C) Red wine. Drinking it in small amounts can be good for your health but it also raises the body’s temperature. A few years back a huge diet pill hit the stores called resveratrol which was an ingredient found in red wine that helped with weight loss and increasing the body’s temperature. However, when I reviewed it, I said it was really hyped and you could get better benefits from just eating healthy. 

Most of the diet products we see being released every year have a lot of hype behind them but then they just diet out in popularity and a new one comes out promising to be the solution to all our diet worries. 

Whatever we’ll see in the book and whether or not the foods I mentioned will be in there, I can’t wait to see what’s inside and once it comes out, I’ll be sure to offer up a review.

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