Does The Noom Diet Really Work? Everything You Need to Know.

Today’s article is going to be focused on the Noom diet and it’ll be explained in simple terms that everyone can understand.

It seems that many of the articles we have been researching lately on the latest diet fads and trends are confusing and it is hard to get the whole picture of what we are reading and by the time we are done with the article we are more confused than when we started reading it so today we will keep it simple.

With regards to the Noom diet, it just so happens that this particular program is both easy to use and easy to understand. You will be able to monitor your whole diet on a day to day basis or right down to an hour to hour basis if you wish by using the diets very own app.

First lets start out with the basics of what it is…

What is the Noom Diet Program?

The whole idea of the program is to change your bad habits associated with eating and overall health and wellness to good habits that will create the results you are looking to achieve.

This program was founded by Artem Petakov and Saeju Jeong, a couple of mobile health coaches who developed this program to both lose weight and keep that weight off by not only concentrating on the eating side of dieting but also focusing on the mental side.

So many people fail not so much at losing weight but at keeping it off once they reach their target weight. In other words, maintaining results is where it’s truly toughest. This program looks at both sides of the table.

They assign each member their own personal health coach to help guide them through the process of living their program.

You will be using an app with this program that not only records all of your activity but gives you access to all of the program’s features.

This app is the heart of the program and works on both Android and iOS and is also chat based so you have constant access to your coach and others.

You can find the Noom app at Google Play and the App Store (here is a direct link).

The food you will be eating on Noom is put together by a team of experts consisting of registered dietitians and nutritionists and chosen with only good eating habits in mind and it is all color coded to account for the calories and carbohydrates associated with each food choice.

Two types of Noom diet plans…

This program offers two types of diets, one called the Healthy Weight Program and the other is known as the Diabetes Management Program.

Having these two separate programs teamed with professionals makes this a win-win situation for close management and success of your goals.

Let’s take a closer look at each one and see what they are all about.

1) The Healthy Weight Program.

This is based on color-coded foods that keep track of the calories, which are the whole basis of how this diet works. If the body burns more calories than it takes in, you lose weight, it’s the simplest concept of weight loss known to date.

You will have a daily budget assigned to you that you must be careful not to go over when picking your food for the day whilst still picking up foods that make sure you don’t go over a certain caloric count.

2) Diabetes Management Program.

The exact opposite is the focus with this program as instead of concentrating on the calorie count it focuses on the carbohydrate count which is key for people with diabetes to lose weight in a healthy way and maintain that weight loss.

Now, off to a part of any diet that makes it or breaks it for most people!

What kinds of foods can I eat while on the Noom diet?

Before we dive into that let me ask a couple of questions.

Diets have to be fun and the food has to taste good for them to work, right? And everyone would love to be able to eat a little of everything they like, correct?

Well, since this program is set up by burning more calories than you take in, all you have to do is stay within your preset goals and you can eat pretty much whatever you like!

Well, to me this is the coolest part of the Noom diet, as you pick your foods from the color-coded list and you stay under your limit and you are set to go!

Just follow the plan and add the right colors in the appropriate places and your body will do the rest, now how can you beat that?

How do you keep track of everything?

This is the coolest part, the app will do all of the work!

It will keep track of everything you eat and keep a calorie count and even give you professional feedback on every single pick you make, making future selection suggestions and the likes.

Your only job is to stay within your goals numbers!

What do we think?

We strongly recommend this program for anyone who wants to eat a little bit of all the foods they like and change their thinking on what a healthy lifestyle is.

We also recommend this program for people dealing with diabetes as it can really help having a live coach to talk to and help you through any questions or concerns you may have.

We give this one a definite thumbs up and hope you will give it a chance to change your life!

And it gets better yet!

The Noom Diet has a trial available so you can take a look at all it offers and see if it will fit into your lifestyle.

Why not give it a 14 day trial for one dollar? You can then choose if this is something that will work for you! After the 14 day trial, it’s $45. 

Thanks for stopping by!

We are always here for you to reference the latest diets along with the old mainstays and we are always ready to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on the latest trends and we hope this article will help you understand the Noom Diet.

As always we want to hear from you!

Please leave any questions or comments you may have in the comments section below!

Eat To Live Review. Is it That Serious?

Today’s article is going to review the Eat to Live book and how serious it’s advice is for real life.

As always we are always trying to stay on top of all the programs available and popular on the market for losing weight and keeping it off.

High calorie, low calorie, carb free or loaded with carbs, the choices are overwhelming but in a way that is a good thing because everybody’s bodies are different.

I know you have heard the following saying over and over and that would be because it is true, but here it is anyway: “What works for one person may not work for another”

That being said maybe this diet program may be the one that does it for you so let’s go take a look at what it is, where it came from and whether or not it is safe to use.

What is the Eat to Live program?

This is a 6-week program that stresses high protein foods and low calorie counts.

The program boasts not only weight loss and maintenance it also claims better cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure (DASH is also good for this), and a healthier heart.

This program is meat and dairy free for the first six weeks and is low on sugar and carbohydrates and oils.

This does not seem to leave much left when you first read that but in reality, there are plenty of foods allowed with this program.

Where did this diet come from?

The program was designed from a book written by Dr. Joel Furmen back in 2003 so it has been around for quite a while and built up a pretty good track record of good reviews.

It is called a nutritarian diet by the author as he claims by eating more of the right foods you will never feel hungry while losing weight. It is more of an eating pattern than an actual diet.

It is a combination of a cookbook and a diet plan similar to the South Beach diet in that it stresses you must follow a lifestyle change to achieve the results you are looking for.

How does this plan work?

It is a 6-week eating plan that will allow you to eat all kinds of different foods. The following may be eaten in unlimited quantities:

  • Raw veggies.
  • 4 or more servings a day of fresh fruit.
  • 1 cup minimum of any style beans.
  • Steamed or cooked veggies of any style, mushrooms, onions, green beans, carrots, and the likes.

The following may be eaten in limited quantities:

  • 1 tablespoon a day of flaxseed.
  • Half an avocado.
  • 1 ounce a day of seeds and raw nuts.
  • 1 cup of starchy veggies.
  • 1 cup of whole grain.

What is not allowed on this diet for the first 6 weeks:

  • Any processed foods.
  • Any oils (high fat ones are best).
  • Any animal meats.
  • Any dairy products.
  • No snacking between meals is allowed.
  • No alcohol.

After the first 6 weeks, you may reintroduce in small amounts the restricted foods in the list above excluding the processed food. These should be avoided forever.

Many people continue on with the established eating plan one weened off the restricted foods.

Keep in mind if you follow this path you must introduce a good daily multivitamin to ensure you are getting the proper amount of vitamins per day that you may have previously gotten from the dairy and meat products.

Is this a safe diet and is there anything to watch out for when using it?

All very good questions to be asking and in doing research on this program we did find some concerns to discuss.

While most people end up bouncing from diet to diet by tackling this one you must make major lifestyle changes and when you do this you tend to get a whole new outlook on eating and that is the goal of this diet program but you must also be careful when you are modifying your whole food intake.

This diet promises a quick way to lose 20 pounds (six weeks maximum time frame) but it is not a diet for the long haul.

The food and drug administration has daily calorie and nutrient requirements for people and this diet will come up short on meeting these requirements.

While most nutritionists and even the FDA are gearing people toward a more plant-based diet as being the way to go this diet is way too restrictive for using long term.

You can modify it after you finish the program by adding some of the restricted foods or you can keep it purely vegan and pair it with a good multivitamin this diet and then it would meet your nutritional needs.

Also worth noting is people dealing with any kind of bowel issues may have a hard time with all of the fruits and beans and even with some of the vegetables that are required eating in this diet.

One last thing is the cost and time required for meal prep.

It does run a bit higher for the food costs than your average meal and it does require a bit more time in preparation, but we feel it is worth the health benefits you will experience.

Our Word…

We are going to call this diet a vegan diet if ever one existed and we are going to give it a big thumbs up with conditions.

It is important to have an open mind and give yourself the whole 6-week program to adjust your body to a new way of eating and that can sometimes be very difficult, especially if your diet is heavily meat and dairy.

Let your body react and give your taste buds a chance to try this and you may be surprised just how fun this kind of eating can be!

There you have it!

We hope we reviewed this diet plan in a way that both answers your questions and gets you familiar with what it is all about.

We know there are always more questions so please feel free to leave any you may have or just leave us a comment below in the comments section!

Happy dieting!

How to Lose Weight Fast in 2019. Do These 5 Things Right Now.

If there’s a top 10 list of what people want to achieve as their New Years Resolution in 2019, it’s to lose weight. But 99% of them are doomed to fail. You won’t be in the 99% after you read this (and do these 5 things I’m about to explain)…

In 2018, I learned how to lose weight in very unorthodox ways and have kept it off. I went from weighing 186 to 170 using these 5 things, and to be honest, I wasn’t even using them to their full potential. Had I done so, I would have dropped even more weight.

In 2019, I will be using these same 5 methods to their fullest, to reach my goal of 160 pounds, which can be done (in my case) in 30 days or less.

Here are the 5 methods (countdown):

Now you can use all 3 methods together or separately. But I will also recommend an optional diet plan that incorporates all of them together for the best results, if you’re the sort of person who prefers following a specific plan:

5) Just walk.

I can’t begin to tell you how much walking does for fat burn. It literally raises your metabolism and keeps it high, burning away calories, and fat (even after you finish walking). Just start walking for 30 minutes a day at least.

I literally force myself to walk to places I would usually take an Uber to now and it adds up to weight loss benefits. Walk more = lose more weight, it doesn’t get simpler than that.

Consider that your body burns 2,000+ calories a day if you do nothing. Now if you add a 30 minute to an hour walk to that, you may end up burning 1,000 calories, not from the actual walk itself, but from the calorie burning that’s going on during the walk and AFTER that adds up to that. Do that ever day, and guess what, you will have lost several pounds in a week (no gym required).

4) Cut the sugar (not cold turkey, just by 50%).

Anyone who does research on weight loss knows how cutting sugar helps in that regard. But the problem is most people can’t do it due to it’s addictive nature. Now I’m not telling to cut it cold turkey, but I am telling you to cut it by 50% for starters. 50% less means you will lose weight.

And if you intend to eat sugar, make it raw honey, not actual sugar and eat it BEFORE you go for a walk or workout, that way you will be burning the energy in the walk and not letting it set in and turn to fat, which is what happens when you eat sugar and do nothing.

3) Intermittent eating (once a day).

Only do this if you’re healthy enough. If you’re taking medication or have specific medical conditions that REQUIRE that you eat throughout the day, do not do #3. 

If you are healthy enough, then you can definitely get amazing results from eating once a day, which is known as intermittent fasting.

This was one of the ways I personally went about losing weight in 2018 and I managed to drop several pounds a day in the process, yes I said several pounds.

The idea is this: If you have excess weight (fat) to lose, intermittent fasting is going to have you burn that excess weight and fat on the daily, since you won’t be eating, so you won’t be starving because the energy is going to come from the existing fat, weight in your body.

I recommend that if you decide to intermittently fast, to start at night, before bed, so you can sleep through most of it.

Another option is to only have 1 big meal a day and then not eat for the remainder of that day. Also no sugar will help a lot.

One awesome thing I noticed regarding intermittent fasting is how much more FOCUS I have for work. I type and sit a lot, and I notice with 100% certainty that I work faster and better when I am hungry.

If I eat a meal, good or bad, and then try to work, I literally feel like there’s an anchor holding me down. So this method stretches across just weight loss benefits.

2) Go to bed hungry.

A BIG cheat to my weight loss results (and anyone who does this too) is to never eat before going to bed at night. I make sure to time my sleeping patterns such that I am very hungry before bed (or my stomach is just plain empty).

Most people take 4-6 hours to burn a meal they ate in their body. So if you eat a regular meal, time it at least 4 hours before bed, so by the time it comes around, you’ll be hungry, then just hit the hay and you WILL be burning fat while you sleep.

Do this for a week and you WILL be dropping SEVERAL pounds of fat and because you’ll be sleeping through it, you won’t be suffering.

And if you eat a big meal, give yourself 6 hours to burn it before you hit the hay.

1) Do the 2 week diet (the best of all weight loss worlds).

If you’re the sort of person who loves to follow a diet plan, you’ve got to try this one, mainly because it not only combines the above 4 methods to give you their added weight loss results, but because it’s also very short and incorporates other, unorthodox ways to drop weight that I’ve also used throughout my experiences.

Here is how it works:

You go through 4 phases:

Phase 1: For about 4-5 days you only eat low carb meals (no calorie counting, eat until you’re full). So you eat a combination of vegetables, protein foods and drink water. You can drop several pounds in this time.

Phase 2: 1 day fast. Consider this an intermittent fast and it will add to the weight loss results you got from phase 1.

Phase 3: 2 days of eating high fat foods and this is where I can lose people, but this is NOT what you think. You are eating omega 3 foods (considered HEALTHY fats) that literally raise metabolism and add to the weight loss.

I’ve been using this cheat throughout this whole year to eat delicious foods knowing that I’m throwing gasoline on my metabolism fire.

Bottom line: You eat the foods in this phase, you will increase metabolism and lose weight, not gain it.

Phase 4: The last few days of the 2 week diet are the EASIEST you will ever find in ANY diet plan. This is because you can eat whatever you want, but you simply maintain 1 rule: Eat under your daily caloric limit.

This phase has a formula for you to use to determine what you burn daily. Once you do, just eat less calories than that and you will continue to lose weight. It literally doesn’t matter what you eat during this phase, as long as the calorie count is lower than your daily amount.

5 methods in 1 diet plan, that’s the 2 week diet:

Furthermore, this plan already incorporates not eating before bed, walking daily and the other methods above to just put it altogether for one major weight loss plan to truly jump start your New Years resolution in 2019.

You can definitely follow the guidance I put above, and even do the individual methods on their own, but I would recommend getting the official 2 week diet plan so you get the best possible weight loss results, a specific list of foods and better understanding of why this works so well and naturally, get the best results from the plan altogether.

 Happy New Year and may 2019 and these tips help you reach your weight loss goals!

Lipo Diet Review. How Does it Work?

Today’s article will cover everything you need to know about the Lipo Diet.

There are so many diets available on the market in today’s world of online access and we love taking a good look at all of them and giving them either our seal of approval or as big thumbs down.

So let’s get started taking a look at this program by seeing where it came from, what it is, how it works and lastly if it is safe to use and at the end of the article we will give you our thumbs up or thumbs down on whether we believe it is worth giving a try.

We feel our readers deserve all the information that is available when starting a new diet program and we are happy to be their go-to place to get that information so let’s go add one more review!

What is the Lipo Diet?

Claims of a breakthrough in science and technology which has made it possible for controlled studies supporting this diet, the results being the discovery of how to unlock the secret of losing weight without exercise and pretty much being able to eat anything because of a process called lipolysis.

The creator of this diet claims lipolysis is a natural process that can occur in the body that releases stored fat from the body’s fat cells and burns it for energy.

This program through the correct food choices can switch the body’s ability to do this on thus burning fat for fuel.

According to the founder, the reason most diets fail is this switch never gets turned on thus the body is not in fat burning mode.

Exercise is actually not good for you!

The author of this program believes no amount of exercise will help a person whos switch is turned off to lose weight and he points out if you think about it just how many calories have you burned exercising and ending up gaining weight?

Well, you are not alone, and this is another mistake people make in choosing a way to lose weight.

By turning this switch on it leads to quick and healthy weight loss and a path back to good better health that is not based on hours of exercise and starving the body of foods.

Where did this diet come from?

This is a weight loss program developed by author Russell Eaton and is explained in detail in a book he has written called “The Lipo Diet: Rapid Weight Loss by Eating More and Doing Less”

The author claims that a high-carb, high-calorie high-fat diet can unlock the body’s natural ability to burn fat through the process of lipolysis.

He is against any programs that fast or use the term healthy foods as his belief is that many self-claimed healthy foods are actually bad for your body.

He has created a step by step diet that he walks you through in his book that if followed will guarantee results and is delicious all at the same time and the reviews he is getting on this plan have been nothing short of outstanding.

Does this diet work?

According to the reviews, not only does it work but it is the easiest way to lose weight quickly and not have to go hungry or work a daily exercise program to do it and many are calling it the miracle diet!

The author goes on to claim exercise programs not only do not work they also make you ill and fat and do nothing to improve your health.

He notes that you should eat more, not less of the right foods and your body will respond by burning excess fat right out of the gate without fasting periods or diets filled with undesirable tasting foods such as raw greens and the likes.

This diet is also coupled with a few of his supplements you should be taking along with following the menus to achieve a healthy body, and throw away all of the rest because he claims they actually harm you instead of heal you.

He goes as far as claiming you can extend your lifespan to well over 100 simply by a few lifestyle changes pointed out in his book.

Is this a safe program to follow?

We have scoured countless reviews of this program and read many of the claims and we can not find one report of any harm associated with using this weight loss program.

Actually, what we found was just the opposite, with many people who have used this claiming miraculous results!

Our Take

We think to the concept of turning the body’s fat-burning switch on to kick-start a weight loss program is an awesome concept!

Add in all the delicious tasting foods you get to eat that are necessary to turn this switch on and not having to work out endlessly to lose weight very attractive!

Because we could not find any negative reviews and in all the reviews we did we found nothing but praise we have to give this diet a big thumbs up and recommend at least taking a good look at it by reading the book and making up your own mind from that point.

As with any diet or lifestyle change, always recommend running it by your doctor before starting a program and remember, everybody is different and not all programs work for all people so an open mind is very important when choosing a program for you and giving it time to work is always essential.

A final thought

We have enjoyed reviewing this program and hope we answered any questions you may have had involving this topic.

We covered who created it, how it works and any safety concerns reported and hope in your weight loss ventures this information helps you in choosing your path to better health.

Now it is your turn!

We always want to hear from our readers so give us your opinion or ask any questions you still may have in the comments section and happy dieting!

The Obesity Code Review. A Real Solution?

What is the actual “code” within the Obesity Code book? Is it a pill? Is it a special diet? We’ll discuss that in this review.

We like to dive into anything that is weight loss related and this book has been getting a huge buzz so we thought we better take a good look at it and share it here with our readers.

So, just like reading a good book by the fireplace, kick back and get cozy and let’s take a look at this book and see what it is all about!

Who wrote this book?

This book was written by Dr. Jason Fung, MD and covers his ideas on the causes of obesity and how to combat this by eating the right way.

By using the correct eating habits to balance hormones in the body, which the author claims is the main cause of obesity and the inability to control one’s weight, one can get the desired results without using any fad diets or wasting any time or money on exercise programs that do little to nothing in controlling one’s weight in a healthy way.

Insulin will be one of the main players in this book and we’ll will get into his reasoning about weight loss and hormones next…

All diets are useless without the proper knowledge!

This is stated by the doctor and according to his beliefs, all diets are a waste of time if you do not understand how the body works.

Dr. Fung is a nephrologist and is also the leading expert on fasting and whole food diets and he has put together a program called Intensive Dietary Management that tackles insulin resistance and obesity.

This program involves intermittent fasting to manage type 2 diabetes and obesity and has had wonderful results in the doctor’s clients.

What does this book teach and will it help in dieting?

Dr. Fung has determined that insulin resistance is the cause of many illnesses in the world and having out of balance hormones leads to all kinds of problems in losing and maintaining a desired healthy weight.

Together they are responsible for many illnesses and many overweight people and both could benefit by balancing a body’s hormones.

While the health benefits are a wonderful claim and we respect all the doctor has done in this field we want to concentrate on the dieting benefits that this book creates in this review and will leave the medical claims to the medical websites.

He goes on to say that if a person is dealing with gaining weight easily or cannot lose it or keep it off once lost even on low carb diets, is a type two diabetic or is obese and can not seem to lose weight at all regardless of diet this book is a must-read.

What this book teaches is how certain foods affect the body and how just dieting and exercising is useless for obese people, they need more knowledge and he backs up his teachings with plenty of research.

The idea of eating less, eating healthily and exercising and you will lose weight and keep it off is going more and more on the back burner due to so many people who are doing just that and getting no results or worse yet gaining weight!

He takes the readers hand and walks them through diet after diet and points out what will work and what will not work and the reasons why in a way that makes this read exciting and fun.

This book is not so much it’s own diet plan but a plethora of information that the reader can apply to just about any diet and make it work for them.

He does offer a couple of weeks of sample diets to get started and the eating plans he does suggest are extremely healthy when compared to most diet plans.

He has written a book that is science-rich and should be read before you start any type of dieting to get an understanding of how hormone balance can affect your outcome.

Is Fasting good for you?

Fasting and dieting are quickly gaining speed in the diet world.

When the body fasts it stops burning glucose for energy and starts burning fat with no negative effects and this is exactly what we desire when we are dieting, to burn fat.

Going to one meal a day has been shown to speed up the metabolism and burn fat much more efficiently than eating 3 meals a day.

This book preaches no snacking, skipping breakfast and periods of complete fasting to keep the body in high gear.

Is this a safe way to lose weight?

The information in the book coupled with just about any diet is as safe as any other plan we have checked out.

There is so much information on what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat it that it makes it easy to put together a healthy diet plan for every individual situation.

There are no apparent risks besides the normal risks of any lifestyle change to watch out for. 

Of course, you should always consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet and make sure you get his or her approval, especially if you decide to fast while on some sort of medication (be careful).

While there are a lot of options for this, if you want a diet that will direct you through fasting as well as other proven to work dieting methods, we suggest the 2 week diet.

Our Take

While the connection between insulin resistance and hormonal balance has been studied for years the work Dr. Fung has done in relation to dieting and these studies are leading to success in his client’s weight loss programs every day!

His thinking is outside the box of normal diet plans and we believe coupled with the right foods for the individual he has a winning combination and we give it a big thumbs up!

There you have it!

We have covered what the Obesity Code is and what it is all about in relation to dieting and how safe it is to use.

We hope we answered all of your questions but feel free to leave any you might still have in the comments section below!